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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


9.1. The staff of agricultural enterprises і yogo klasifіkatsіya

Pratsya in the city of gratitude , as in the highest gallows of the economy, - the whole range of people is fixed, it is fixed on the sight and the supply of nature for the satisfaction of its consumers. People, mainstreaming, education, and marketing are an important storage element of productive forces, which are initially invested in the economic development of enterprises and the competitiveness of their products.

Leather agrarian cooperation for singing staff - full-time employees, a lot of necessary physical training, knowledge, practical skills for managing a wide range of technical knowledge,

Kozhne agrarian cooperation can be effective for thinking, if only you need the most professional and qualified warehouse, the staff structure. If you are professional, you will have to look at the type of labor activity, and what is needed for the total amount of special knowledge (machine operator, tractor operator, operator of a thin complex). In the range of professions, specialties can be seen - новид ї уж новид новид з з з з уж уж з з з з з з ом характер ом характер ово ово ово ово ово ово ово ((((((((в в в в в в в ремонт май май май май май май май май май май май май май май май май стер стер стер, при при ти ар ар ар спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец спец ток ток оль оль оль оль оль то то то то то то то то. Agrarian enterprises can clearly see the professional warehouse of their owners, which is enlarged by their different specialization and an unequal step in diversification of virobnitsva. The results of agrarian farming significantly lay down to the staff, so that you can know how to prepare the leather worker before completing professional training (functions). Say, robots beyond the level of qualifications are divided into four groups: high qualifications, qualifications, low qualifications and non-qualifications.

Depends on the basis of the employment of employees (without a fee, but without a fee, the line ıх zarauhuvannya to the warehouse of the labor collective) ıх classify for such categories:

1. Permanent employees - they are, as members of the government, but they will accept a job for hiring trival terms without the exact exact value. The founders (participants) of private enterprises - Sіlskogospodarsky viral cooperation cooperatives, TOV, SFG, command partnerships, partnerships with pre-subsidiary membership, are registered members of the legal entities, and to them are legally registered.

2. Timchasovі pracіvniki - those who are insured to the warehouse of the labor collective of timchasov for a term of up to two months.

3. Seasonal practitioners - those who need to be insured to the warehouse of a labor team for a term of up to six months for the completion of seasonal work.

From now on, the warehouse of labor collectives of private enterprises is formed for the members of the company and the employers with open minds to hire a robot. In the state agrarian enterprises, there are praxivniki є naimanimi and fallowy minds for hire I can be able to get but one day up to the category of permanent, temporary hours of seasonal holidays.

Zagalna kіlkіst pracіvnikіv, yak є in the lists of enterprises, called a regional (list) warehouse. Prior to the regional warehouse, include the following categories of hours, hours, and seasonal holidays, which took one or two days to work, it is irrelevant to be able to visit and forget about time and time.

In order to demonstrate the productivity and characteristics of the scale of profitable labor, the indicator is such an indicator, as is the average performance. There are two options: the average number of staff members in the list warehouse and the average number of staff in the equivalent employment rate.

For another option for such a run of money in the middle region, the number of employees, as well as regular employees, include employees in a post-storage warehouse, they would have started to work, and they would have to pay a little more time, too. For example, robots, yaktsyuyut for contracts for the first time (they are a lot of the ability to hourly work robots), transfer to the equivalent of regular employment (payable to the average payer) employed in the main business. Practitioners, who have accepted a job for part-time jobs, have translated (accepted) with the latest legislation on a non-working day, translate into smart ones as follows: at the given month. The price of the average list for the dates is the number of persons in regular use. Osib, how to get to the bottom of the robot for special contracts, and I don’t try to get hold of the list of private businesses, transfer to smart workers the amount of the paid monthly salary.

The average number of staff members in the list warehouse and the middle number of all staff in the equivalent of the busy hours for the leather month and day. Sokrem, the average number of holidays for one month, the number of days for the entire warehouse for the whole month for the results of the calendar days. The average number of points for the average price is the same as the average value of the total value for the whole month, 12 times higher.

For the appreciation of the productivity in the city government, the price of the middle price and the timeless work in the city hospitality network. For the whole middle of the world, the cost of living in the city should be multiplied by the cost of living in the state budget for the living costs of the household.

The staff of the state authorities in the field of petroleum fallow are in the field of labor and social class membership in such groups:

  • staff borrowing from the Silkospodarsky virobnosti (personnel of the main dyalnostі);
  • Personnel, loans from industrial enterprises;
  • staff engaged in servicing virobnostsvy.

Personnel of the first group should be advised to consult with the employees, consultants, gardeners, repair the alarm clock and the equipment of the voluntary service, transport service and communication.

The personnel of the other group include the workshop staff, workshop shops, carpentry shop, workshop staff, repair technician and transport department, and maintenance service.

Before warehousing personnel engaged in servicing virobnosti, to maintain general warehousing, material and technical maintenance, general servants, as well as major repairs, civil servicing and non-servicing, non-essential

Private agrarian enterprises may be given the opportunity to analyze their staff for the areas of functional and robotic activities.