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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

10.7 Efficiency of the main virological funds

The effectiveness of mainstream virological funds and their effectiveness in kiintsev results significantly lies in the nature of these funds in advance minds in the minds of a particular business, as well as in their individual camps. The character of the main virology funds is evident for a small number of indicators. Most importantly, they have a certain turnover, which is known as the largest amount of depreciation of the main virological funds up to the middle one, and the period of turnover is the same. In Sіlskogospodarsky enterprises, the indicators for remaining rockets became more than 0.0476 and 21 rivers.

Shvidkost turnover of the main virological funds with the development of science and technology progress and success in virobnitsvo upward trend. Independently on those who are capable of showing the tendency in the state gratitude (divided by the last gallows of the state gratitude) are all connected, all the same, there were agrarian government gains to increase the positive results. Aje masa is a product that has been twisted for a singing period, dear to rozmiru, gained by the extension of one revolution, multiplied by the number of such revolutions.

Agrarian enterprises have an important time to quickly take advantage of the reach of science and technology progress at the capital-friendly galleys of the first sphere of the agro-industrial complex, the result of a kind of new technology with a short line of practical importance. Shvidkіst turnover of fixed assets, such a rank, with the transition to new designs in fund-creating goluzy iz skin leather workshop cycle technical re-selection of the tendency to zrostannya. Short-term triviality of the cycles leading up to a higher turnover of fixed assets, and later, until the quickest conversion of these advance resources to life, so that you can re-create the product. To characterize the rukh of the main stocks of victorious and such indicators:

  • kofitsynt zrostannya (Kzr) - presentation of the sum of the main events on Kinets rook to ix of the season on the ear of rock;
  • some vibration vibrate (Sq) - an official report on the vibration for the main rick of the main events to the sum of all the main events on the ear of rock;
  • koofitsіnt onovlennya (Ko) - introduction of reintroduction of the main interests for the balance sheet to the balance sheet of all main interests for the main fate). Among these indicators існує тісний взємозв'язок. Obviously, Schr> 1 for think, if Ko> Kv, i napak. Yakshko suma vibulih fund_v dorіvnyuvatim sumі re-introduction, then KZr = 1;
  • koofitsіnt of full-fledged communication (Ksv) - presentation of the main cards of the main interests, who have reached out with a stretch of rock, until the first news of all the main ones for the cob of rock. This indicator will help you to judge about those who are often a part of the newly discovered main problems of Vicoristan on the basis of simple creation, and the yak - on extension. Vin Akumulyu in its own meaning kofofitsіnta vibuttya (Sq) and growth (Kpr). In a formalized viglyad zv'yazok midzhimi with several factors can be taxed as follows:

Ksv = Kv + Kpr; (1)

CRC = • koffitsіnt of a succinct vіdtvorennya (2)

de ОФкр і ОФпр - main funds vіdpovіdno on the cob i kіnets roku.

For this reason, we’ll get into such a mess, let’s see a viaduct, as long as the main funds, we’ve come out with a stretch of rock (OFn), we’ve gotten more money for the main funds, we’ve shaken with a stretch of rock (OFV). Oskilki OFF> OFV, then OF cr> OF ave.

Otzhe, vihodichi s formula viznoznachenniya To pr, whose indicator will be greater than zero. Sounds:

Kv + Kpr = fixed assets (3)

Oskilki OFcr can be written by the form OFcr = OFcr + OFc - OFc, then viraz (3) when you look:

Kv + Kpr = fixed assets

Otzhe, Kv + Kpr = fixed assets = Ksv.

Remember, if ОФн = ОФв, if you need to be safe, it’s easier to complete the main funds, Ор кр = ОФ пр, and Кпр = 0.

So rank

Kv + Kpr =

Mathematical analysis of the problem, if you need to be asked for the most important reasons, as well as for the given deposits (more details about the div .: Andrіychuk V.G., Bobrova O.G. 7).

Thus, when analyzing the odds of Ksv, you need to take your brother to the point of respect, but in the minds of expanded vision, if Kpr> 0, the odds of vibrating characterize the renewal of the main incidents, and the fact that they are more frequent. For the minds of the audited meeting of the main concerns of Ksv Akumulyu, the negative impact of the growth and the image of the actual level of the main concerns are negative. Riznitsya Mizh Kv i Ksv vidobrazimatime vidnosnuyu need in the main troubles, for what would be reached õh simpler vidtvorennya. As a matter of fact, to protect yourself more simply is easier to do, then Ksv = Kv, such a rite, the odds of a more complete workout are less important than the main ones.

About the camp of the main virological funds, you can judge from two indicators: several factors (Cz - the one sum of the primary bids) and the first part of the bets. This indicator can be shown in the following way: Kn = 1 - KZ. What is better oddity and lesser oddity, less can you learn more for the most basic victories.

In the minds of the marketplace news, the particular relevance of nutrition is the economic efficiency of the main virological funds. It is important for agrarian enterprises to know how the gross product is valued, the amount of advance advances, including the majority of main funds, took a lot from the other. We can do this by the way, having identified such economic indicators:

Funds - the presentation of the main types of products up to the first mid-school types of the main virological funds. In the minds of inflation, if at a lucid pace, you pay attention to the signposted prices, as well as the capitalism of the business, you can fully recognize the value of the product, valued at current prices. Fundraising has been insured in this way, although I don’t have to rely on it, all the same, I’m characterizing economically more efficiently the main viral funds, lower gross production, which is more valued.

According to agrarian enterprises, funds for the delivery of the main virological funds are stable, they are due to a lower level of state donations, they are equipped with different resources, different levels of storage, and there are a lot of warehouses. Shukayuchi reserves of increased assets (IF), a view of the memory, and for an economical look, you can get to know how much less products are needed to keep pace with the increased availability of equipment and supplies. If you have too little funds, give me the opportunity to supervise the high rates of financial redevelopment (IF oz) over the rates of increased productivity and efficiency (IPF), to the level of IF> I p. For the sake of law є on the basis of mathematical deposits, it is up to the first І пп = Іф з • Іф від. Zvіdsi Іф від = І пп: Іф оз. Because of the high level of investment, more funds are needed less than the maximum, as long as the productivity is higher than the average rate of return.

Fund_stk_st is the most important indicator of fund_products, tobto Фм = І: Іф від. Vin ukazu, skilki bulo vikoristano major virobnichih funds for virobnitstva one hryvnia products. From the complete complex mechanization and automation of virology, which can be done for stable development of the economy, you will have to change your mind for less fund-raising, and that means, for financial issues.

The integrated indicator of funds and returns is indicated by the formula:

Integral indicator of funds

de іf vіd - the index of the fund’s returns, which will give you more information on the indicator of the fund’s returns on the base period; Івп - Інссrough gross (commodity in current prices) products. Winnings shall be deducted for the whole appearance of the hectare of the Silkospodarskiye ugyd at Zvitny Rotsі for Denmark, an indicator at the base Rotsі. Establish an integrated indicator of funds and returns for evaluating the effectiveness of the main virological funds for knowing how much funds are reduced. The tendency to increase the integral indicator of the fund’s yield and read more about the positive infringement of the resources of the country, and the main tendency is to put the reduction of the need for reduction and reduction of the cost of the inventory, and the reduction of the cost of the inventory.

The intention of the lines of payoff is to be seen as a part of the business of the middle school of the main virological funds of the Ukrainian government, the designation of the operating income of the business, observances of the basic business. Potentially domagatsya, so that you can see the indicator of lesser bills and not having overdone the number of bills, for which the pay-as-you-go rate is up to the double bank interest rate.

Polypresence of the main virobiotic funds in Poland means that for the largest quantities there is no need to produce more products, moreover, there is no need to know more about the fact that you need to know more about this.

We are important in directly increasing the number of victorious viral resources є the establishment of the optimal ratio between the main circulating assets of the virologic and the direct assets, the level of development of the head of the fund and the main fund available to them.

Failure of working capital funds, especially feed, burning, kindling, lack of spare parts, spare parts is slowly decreasing the effectiveness of the main assets, negatively affecting the results of state donations. From the side, lack of safety, care for the good people didn’t give you the opportunity to carefully solve the problems, but also the results of virobnitsva.

There can be access to the complete structure of the main virology funds. Zbіlshennya vartostі bіlsh of active interests at the razrahunka on one unit vartostі less active (passive) interests to the optimum rivnya significantly noticeable effectiveness vikoristannya znaryad pracі. It is important to establish a rational relationship with power and working machines. If there are instances of plowing, plowing, cultivating, boring, unsupported working machines and a tractor, it’s impossibly rational to drive a tractor park, so it’s also impossibly effective to call a technician if you take care of it a little.

In short, we’re able to re-select the right way, re-select the right way, try out the new technology, and make new technology more productive. It is especially significant for the polls of the main virobiichnyh funds and higher efficiency of virobnosti ma ososuvannya new technologies virospuvannya sylskospodarnyh cultures, utrimannya thinness and processing sylskiospinodod. Necessarily absorb the specialization and the combination of virology, as well as the progressive form of the organization of payment for the right to pay, the right to pay the personnel for the second time.

At the current stage (2002 p.) From established institutions of state granting in the countryside, to function in ambushes of private power, there has been a chance to learn more for the main victories of the region. The reference hair attendant shall not be allowed to use the technical equipment, if it is equipped, the vehicle will not be transported victoriously. In these minds, for the most important part of the city, the main concerns, ahead of the technicians, it’s important to kindly expand the system of technical service at the base of dealer points, carry out maintenance and repair work more on the basis of technical and technical equipment. diagnosis.

W viniknennyam in rezultatі Agrarian reform znachnoї kіlkostі agrarian formuvan vіdnosno Malih rozmіrіv (fermerskih Gospodarstwa, TOV, NKVD Gospodarstwa of priєdnanimi Statewide dіlyankami (shares), scho funktsіonuyut without stvorennya yuridichnoї individuals) vazhlivo rozvivati ​​mіzhgospodarske vikoristannya tehnіchnih zasobіv, SSMSC Je odnoosіbnoyu chi spіlnoyu vlasnіstyu. Zavdyaki such form of technology zrosta є є ень ан зав зав ан ан ан ан ан ан сл сл сл сл сл сл шую шую шую шую шую пост пост пост пост на на на на. Роб. All in all, it’s economically visible to the technician who’s been wearing hair, don’t have to pay extra income for donating technology, and to reduce the need for mechanical work from the government. It’s economically more expensive and more technical, scraps of small and small businesses are much more expensive to manage buying and acquiring the most important technical interests, all of which are tidy up and down.