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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

10.8. Understanding the virological needs, methods, visas and indicators of vikoristan

The skin is more like a commodity lover I need to understand the need, I can handle the most intense load on the bagato of the most important parameters. For more information, see the maximum possible output of products (conversion of syrovini) for the quantity (output, total) in physical indicators for the specified range of agricultural and industrial property, technology, possession.

It has been shown that virological work is necessary for agrarians, and so for industrial enterprises. The specialty is the fact that there are more agricultural products ат bagatogaluzevimi and viral sales for up to 10 or more types of products. The current situation will significantly accelerate the problem of the need for virological work. For the sake of additional economic and mathematical methods and EOM, there is a need for setting up these different tasks for optimizing and correlating regressive tasks, in the algorithm, you can include seeing resources, assigning them to more standard resources. You can identify the results of the most important products of our products. All the characteristic of virobicheskiy need bogatogaluzevyh agricultural enterprises.

However, the omissions of natural products are not different between them, as a rule, they can be found at the highest prices, but due to the high prices they need to be fully aware of them. For you, you can quickly and quickly use a simple method, having prompted the resource model to look:

virobnitstvo gross products

de u - virobnitstvo gross production of industrial products, yew. UAH x1 - average wartiness of the main virological funds, yew. UAH x2 - average performance of revolving capital, yew. UAH x3 - middle price, taken from the state-owned virology department; x4 - groshova otsіnka sіlskogospodarskikh ugіd, yew. UAH

For example, according to the agricultural enterprises of the Kagarlitsky district, the model for 2000 r. maє viglyad:

virobnitstvo gross products

virobnitstvo gross products

virobnitstvo gross products

As a matter of fact, I’ll be given a model to represent the actual resource oath by singing in the given region, then because of the awkward mistakes, it’s obsessed with need. For the actual liability of the products to the normative level, which was signed for another model, a number of requirements for the use of viral products are required. Chim greater win for odin, Tim effective vіkoristvo vikoristovuє their need, and Navpaki.

Inshim pidhodu vimaga нач vnoznachneniya virobnichy otnosti higher educational institutions, agricultural facilities, greenhouses, poultry farms, pig farms, livestock complexes. On the names of virobnich companies, the need for more can be represented not less by a classic indicator - an oath of virobnitz products, but by another singing intellectual resource indicator. So, the need for the greenhouse complex (vegetable factory) is not easy to see through the area of ​​covered soil, say 5000 m2. Having multiplied the normative productivity of vegetables per square meter, for example 30 kg, the obsessively classic indicator of labor type of food production is 150 tons. goal. For normative productivity (for example, 240 individual types of litter), the classic indicator of labor productivity is 24 million. iєt.

Yak bachimo, virobnicha need to lie down in the form of viral area (m2, the number of heads is skinny) and the productivity of crops or productivity. Protein on virobnichnuyu need deyakih pіdpriєmstv to absorb more th factor factors. The mechanism of this kind of glimpse is clearly overlooked when there is a specified viral workload of the livestock complex (specialized food). For such a vicorist formula:


de specialization - virobnichnaya need - an oath of virobnitstvo living masi great horny thinness, c; kіlkіst cattle - kіlkіst cattle; - a number of victories for the complex; - the average likelihood of live masi tvarin, g; some for translating grams at the center - odds for translating grams at the center; That is the period (at the rocks) of the virological and young growth to the healthy age, which is to lay down the average annual growth and live weight of the young growth upon admission to food and winter; Zhv - the masa of young animals is alive at a statement on doroshvuvannya and v_dgod_vlyu, c.

Yakshko, for example, Ck = 1200, Kp = 0.9, Cn = 850 UAH, T0 = 1.5 Ж Zhv = 0.45 c, then for such minds Vp = 3351 + 324 = 3675 c. Persha Warehouse to the result (3351 centners) I characterize I live masu tvarin, won by the bosses of ix of the year. In addition to the mid-growth gain, it is directly proportional to the growth of the oaths of the virology and the sale of living creatures. A friend of the warehouse (324 centners) in the formє need to complex for the cobwebs of live mas of the delivered young stock. З її підвищенням come to terms during the period of the creation of the creature and the freshness of the complex. Yakshcho, say, Zhv = 2.8 c and To = 0.39 roku, then Bp = 11 100 c, the number of other parts is 7750 c.

Violation of the need for a pig-friendly complex is identified one by one prior to the project design need, represented by thousands of goals of pigs, as many as possible sold to shoroku, for example 10 thousand, 12 thousand, 54 thousand. і 108 yew goal. For normative vagi of a single head (with noble knowledge), say 105 kg of weight loss for a classic viraz for 12 thousand. goal in the year on the river becomes 12.6 thousand. c.

Protein design requires a greater number of pigs for home entertainment in real minds, which often fall into place at the same time as the machine tool, and there is also a better way to go. For such minds, the need for pork complex (PBC) (head galaxy and special pork module) can be denoted by the formula:

Vps == PP • Ks • Kk • Zhvg,

de Pp - design for the complex, goals for realizing for the river; Кс - a certain number of holidays for the machine-tool industry, which means that the number of employees is actually filled in for the machine tool at the project machine-tool; Kk - a certain factor of the corroboration of the design need, which should be calculated in relation to the actual number of the turnover of the project before the project; Zhvg - live masa of 1 head of pigs at realizatsії, c.

For example, the project needs to make the complex 10 yew. the goal of realizing the rick, the middle of the number of pigs to the complex was the same as the project structure of the herd (without grunts, main and repair sows) - 7660 goals. Zvidsy designny koofіtsієnt turnaround time of the door to the road 10000: 7990 = 1.23. The real planned rate of turnover is 12 months. for the period of viroshuvannya and v_dodg_vlі pigs to healthy vagi (in months). Riven tsogo indications of fresh to lie down іd mid-leg growth of pigs:

The average likelihood of pigs, g





Period per year up to 100 kg, ms.





Koefіtsієnt turnaround poholіv'ya





In the planned period, the average likelihood increase becomes 300 g, then Kk = 1.09: 1.3 = 0.84, for an increase of 350 g Kk = 0.95, etc. * 6. The main parameters of the complex - Ks, Zhvg - are established with the ability to take advantage of the possibilities, and in the Kintsev rachunka I can help you to really understand the need for real.

* 6: {During the average annual growth of 350 g, the complex will enter the project time.}

The need for a broiler factory also takes shape in low factors. For Ії visnozhennya can be quick with the formula:

The need for a broiler factory

de virobnicha need broiler factory - Virobnicha need broiler factories, tons of live masks; need for one-hour landing kurchat on v_dgod_vlyu - need for one-hour landing kurchat on vіdgodіvlyu, yew. goal; period viroshuvannya broiler_v - period viroshuvannya broiler, days; trivial technological breaks between the landings - the triviality of technological interruptions between the landings by the kurchat kurchat, day; somefinance zaberezhennya pogolіv’ya - a certain amount of savings for the year (signaled as a whole number of broilers until the whole number of brokers is hen when they are planted for virology and vidyuvlyu); live masa one broiler - live masa of one broiler in zalikovy vazі at realizatsії, kg; some for translating tonogram at tonny - odds for translation of kilograms at tonn.

For think about the parameters of the broiler factory Op - 240 yew. Goal., P - 70 days, Tp - 14 days, KZ - 0.9 and Zhvb - 1.6 kg, the need for total production becomes 1,500 tons of live masks.

The main indicator, which characterizes the step of the virological work, is the number of victories (Kvp), which is indicated by the formula:

some cities of vikoristannya (Kvp)

de actual oath of virobnitstva products - The actual oath of virobnitz products; normative (planned) oath of virobnitz products - normative (planned) oversight of virobnitz products.

In addition to the name, almost victorious and such an indicator, as a result, I’ve gained a lot of work on a machine tool, a square meter of cinnamon covered ground, and a hectare of agricultural land. Business enterprises can put before themselves the idea of ​​maximizing a break in the rosette for one unit of virological work. At the annual rate of ownership, for example, it is necessary to ensure that the number of creatures is up to an economically beneficial condition. It has been established that there are more livestock, say, live pigs per year, from 90 to 120 kg, increase their average cost of living, and at the same time, we need to increase the cost of feed on the skin of one of the most important products. Protidiyuyu factor є that the situation, which is due to the best conditions in the living conditions in the collection of live animals, the proportion of vitrates for the brood of the brood and virospuvanny pigs is reduced to two. Thus, if you want to ensure that the pigs are fully provided with such good conditions, you can achieve the most economical effect - a gain on the same machine, and a function on a regular basis.

For a practical solution to this problem, it’s necessary for leather and leather condition pigs (for example, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110,115 and 120 kg) to pay less:

a) sobvartіst 1 cent live masi z urakhuvannyam vartostі staged young animals;

b) a margin of realization of 1 price tag, earplugs to respect not the same price for pork, gained when pigs were processed to freezing condition;

c) the number of days in advance, which is necessary for the attainment of vaginal condition pigs (one-head increment lasts for mid-term increase in vaginal pigs).

On the basis of this tribute on skin options (condition), you can see the live mask on one machine-tool for the formula:

air condition

de View live masks on one machine tool - vikhid live masi on one machine tool; the number of days of pigs to vidovogo vagovo air condition - the number of days of pigs to vidovogo vagovo condition; live masa heads of pigs vidpovidnogo vagovo air condition - live masa of the head of the pigs of vidovo vagovo condition, central

The first multiplier is the formula vіdobrazuє kіlkіst turnover in vіdgodіvelnogo pogolіv'ya on rіk. There’s a change in the average condition of pigs and if you have a shortened line. A side jaw on one machine-tool is followed by the formula:

Sideways on one machine

de a ride on the same machine - a ride on one machine-tool; sidetrack - an allowance for the livestock of pigs for the recoverable option.

The most economical and economical period for pigs to be in such condition, for such an indicator is the most significant.