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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

13.3. Amortization of non-material assets (resources)

The non-material activity behind the character of functionality and performance at the end of the results of identification and identification of the main virological problems. It’s stinky that I’m going to win and lose the trials an hour by gaining extra income in perspective. They said that they would be economical for depreciation on them. In the umpteenth time, if you don’t have to do this like that, if there is a disruption, the principle is the same as income and vitamins for their possession. Reach at tsim zavischuvatimutsya, and vitrati underestimate. First of all, we are also grateful for having the same new minds, a big gain for a lot of positive and non-material resources, and if you don’t have to deal with it. Please note that, in the case of violent falls, the amount of depreciation on non-material assets is reduced to, on the thought of cost-saving, the second round is vitrified, the fragments of water are often used, and the majority of them are actively used. Obviously, it’s necessary to thoroughly draw an analogy with the main viral funds for this donation, as long as there is no need for repair, repair doesn’t mean that there is a need for amortization.

The amortization of non-material assets is worth a stretch of a string of ix cinnamon vikoristan, ale no more than 20 rock. The skin is independent of the number of lines, vrachovy with all the moral impairment of intangible assets, the legal right of way is trivial, and also the lines of cinnamon victorious are respected. In the okrugs of Ukraine, the upper line of the line is established: in the USA and Canada - 40 cities, in Australia - 20, in Sweden and the Netherlands - 10, in Japan - 5 cities. In accordance with the laws of the USA, Canada and Japan will not be allowed to write off deducted bartosti business reputation.

The specificity of the recognition of the intangible asset, which is depreciated, є those that are not specified, as a rule, cannot be transferred * 2. Otzhe, vartіst, scho amortized on the given resource, dearly, first priority, but reassessed interest. Undertakings, which is amended by P (C) BO 8, independently select the method of amortization of depreciation on intangible assets, vrakhovychi with the whole dynamic, gaining economic vigody on rocks a line of cinnamon vikoristan. At times, if it’s unbecoming to transfer such dynamics, the straightforward method will be victorious.

* 2: { Likelihood of an intangible asset being transferred as an excuse, for example, if there is no need to do any work for an asset , for example, a row of yum cinnamon.

At the end of the skin’s rich business, you can re-examine the terms of the cinnamon victorious intangible asset, as well as the method of storing the depreciation savings, as well as this is possible if there is no need to transfer any other term. Worry, for what you need to fix and cry out for more amortization on non-material resources, identical terms, and generally for the main concerns. It is also important that the memory, in the process of acquiring a non-material asset, is possible to change the corinth. In the whole second time, the change of such a change is included in the stock of vitrates of great rock and overnight at the balance of the amount of such an intangible asset.

It is possible that the law of Ukraine “On the reduction of profit margins” (1997 p.) Reduces the depreciation on intangible assets by using the linear method by stretching out a row of cinnamon vividly, without losing more than 10 times.

Inevitably, the offensive butt of the amortization of depreciation on a non-material resource by the straightforward method. The company has added a patent for the selection of the grub product singularly to the results of the assessment of corinth. The company virshilo vikoristovuvati tsey patent 6 rok_v, p_slya chogo planє to switch to virobnitstvo іnshih types of garchovih products. Vicoristovuchi price, visnacha визmo richnu depreciation rate:

100%: 6 = 16.7%, stars of the thousandth rate of affliction become 16.7: 12 = 1.39%. For your understanding, what’s the profit of a patent to become 11,200 UAH, the amount of depreciation is 1867 UAH, and a month is 156 UAH.

Practitioners of the state duality are not inclusive of hijacking, as long as the non-material resource ceases to be brought back to the public until the redeemable balance sheet has been redeemed. In this time, one-time depreciation of amortization to the first major part of the singing non-material resource and the total amount to be paid to the gross amount of the business.