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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

13.4. Methodical approach to the establishment of market interest rates of non-material assets - the subject of interactive power

In the market economy of great proportions, the commercialization of intellectual power was gained . The most affordable way to do this is to obtain licensing, to give you the right to give sub-grants to the state donation to the city of Kazakhstan, there are intellectual property rights, loss of time, loss of business,

From now on, when the state donated, having filled in the right to an intangible asset, a power of the present state donated, he was guilty of paying the license for the song price. The price of the license is the sum of money, the price is higher (the buyer of the license) the seller of the license is the license.

The price of the license is to cover the entire rights of the public in the Russian Federation, which will be transferred to the license. For this criterion, I see sound, on and off, and license. For the sound license, the license is indebted for itself the right to operate the property of the electoral authority to lay the right to the right of the state with the lower state grants. For an exclusive license, the right to an exclusive service shall be transferred to such an entity, however, under the whole license for its own right to operate. Powered by license to license all rights to a non-material resource. Zrozumіlo, but for the same new minds, the most attractive price is licensing and the lowest - for sound.

In practice, licensed trading is based on two main methods of licensing: based on the main license and on the basis of royalties. Nagoya, in the Law of Ukraine “On the cessation of the benefit of business” (1997 p.) By the law of the 2nd birch 2000 p. apparently, won the winery for corridor, but for granting the right to corridor about intellectual power.

For the first method, the price of the license is marked as a frequent part of the license. With all due respect, we’ll take tilki of a profit, of keeping them in view of realizing products, having been licensed. For tribute to authors (div. Supplement: Novoseltsev O. V. Estimation of market value of intellectual property results, calculation of royalty rates and license prices // Innovations. - 2001.— No. 4-6. - P. 95—103), part licensed lounging between 15–20%, in general I don’t have to revise the preparations for commercial commencement, but I appreciate the fact that I don’t have the right to transfer it to another one, and between 35–50%, I’m ready to go. virobnichnogo vikoristannya, for example technological process, model skinny. For a non-exclusive license, I don’t overnumber a portion of 30%.

After another method, as already indicated, the value of the license is based on the royal base. We have a practical practice роз р роз роз роз роз роз ов ов ов важ пере я я я я я я я я пев я пев я пев я я я я я я сот сот сот сот сот арт ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ре ре ре л ре ре л л л л л л л арт л арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт ост og арт пев арт ост арт ост арт ост ост арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт ост л л св св св св св св практи практи um At that time, the “standard” song rates were added up at the rate of increasing the number of promo words, as if I wanted to publish in the singer’s informational indexes, without any methodical oboruntuvannya. For such minds, the process of arranging license agreements is often accelerated through direct protections and interests of subcontractors - licensing of interest at the highest rate, at the same time, on-the-fly, in min. It is important for the establishment of the price of licensing victorious methodological experience of economics, so that I can help the process of such positive establishment on an active basis. So, O.V. Novoseltsev propounded the methodology of visually valued licensing irrespective of the type of intrinsic moisture and the most important factor. Keeping in mind with the technique, put it in such a way.

Necessarily familiarize yourself with the license price for the form of personalized insurance (royal) see the updated products according to the licensed know-how - new patented technology. In addition, licensing needs for licensing give a loan of 5000 products for a centner price of 60 UAH and a minimum profitability of 0.4, or 40% (R). Oskilki for technological technology can’t but go to vikoristan with the latest sub-grants of state grants, if more than one license, then take up a part of the license in the amount of license (H) becomes 0.16, but 16%. For these minds, the royalt (R) bet can be denoted by the formula:

R = The price of the license for the form of public holiday insurance

Having presented the formula of our latest data, obsessively:

rosemary shchorіchnih vіdrakhuvan

Sounds of rosemary of shining v_drakhuvan royal_ on the basis of licenses become:

MR = V • C • R = 5000 • 60 • 0.0457 = 13 710 UAH.

The managers of the business should take the decision about the additional purchase of the license for the price of 100 thousand. UAH for an uninterrupted line її vikoristannya and fixed payments; royalties and royalties. At the time of the most need for fraud, scho rynopriemstvo earlier rightfully abrogated the right to timchasova granted this license - new technology. Вп вп ад жен ров ров м з з з ало ало з п п є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 products UAH і Підвищити рівень Profitability at 30 percentage points іn іvnіnno її base іnvіnem, whichever is 14%. Vidomo also, which is “standard”, the part of the loan to the company is usually 15%, and the most realistic alternative investment rate is 16% - the deposit is payable on an interest-bearing basis.

On the basis of your tribute to Rozrahunkov, the royalt bid is possible to signify from:

R = Based on your tribute to Rozrahunkov’s royalt bid

de Rp - redistribution of profitability over the base, percentage points; RB - basic profitability,%.

Yakshko in the given formula Based on your tribute to Rozrahunkov’s royalt bid it is obsessed with 0.0313, or 3.13%. Zvidsi the value of generous payments in royalties becomes 500,000 • 0.0313 = 15 650 UAH.

In order to grate the gadgets, which are completely ready to buy a license for a price of 100 thousand. UAH, the required price is the value of the flow rate of the groshy streams in the periodic period of the royalties (PVR) using the capitalization method for the formula:

PVR = R: Ck,

de Sk - naybilsh real rate of capitalization of alternative direct investments invested.

In our application, PVR = 15 630: 0.16 = 97 688 UAH. Delays result less for the price of license. In such a way, to tidy up the gown, since the price of the license has been envied, that is given the proposition of guilt buti vidhilena. To the economy, it is economically possible to buy a license for the price, if the price is lower for the value of the flow rate of the groshy streams of the periodic royalties. In our application, there’s little opportunity to make sure that the price is lower than the rest, less than 97 688 UAH.