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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

14.3. Pozichkovy capital and criterion of social development

Pozichkovy capital - part of the advance capital paid, molded for a rachun, which doesn’t turn off pozichkovy dzherel, as well as guided credit cards to lenders through song lines at the zoom form. More than once, we have earned respect for the need to get agricultural supplies for the capitals capital, before the season through the virobnitz. In connection with what has been said, it’s significant, since there is a lot of food, including agrarian, yak, they need less money for the capital’s capital, but they are also very quiet.

Pozichkovy capital is presented in the balance sheet of the accounting accountability, security in such distributions of yogic, as 2 “Protection of the coming vitri ments and payments” (often), 3 “Duration of the work”, 4 “Payments” ". Deposits of the dzherela of the posichkovy capital of the enterprise form the main structural elements of the advanced capital. So, dostgostrokovі bankіvskі loans directly on the form of the main capital, and short-term - as a rule, on a revolving working capital.

Credits are a part of the posichkovy capital to get paid to the company for a fee, so that they stink together for the yo-yo vikoristannya song viddsotok vid vidih ​​sumi. We pay for the business є і і ​​і і tak dzherelo formuvannya posichkovy capital, as a VIP regional. The price is the form of capital formation, the fraudsters of the regional authorities don’t have the right to get involved in government granting money for business, and I give the right to participate in capital. Credits and loans may be granted for viral needs as well as for legal persons having a loan, who is co-payable for a charity vidotok. So, business can be corrupted by a commercial (commodity) loan with a healthy loan for the purchase of products, given the services of a robot for them. Denmark loan can be handed over by the post-overs at the form of payment line without payment of credit card. Unpaid for business ик vikoristannya і such dzherela posichkovy capital, as a creditor bargained for salary, for comrades ’servants, for rozrahunki with the budget, for insurance skinny. If you want to pay bonuses to capital, turn them around, but let them go until they are canceled (and not at all behind the lines), then with the ordered cats you’ll get to order.

Victoria needs a little capital, I need more money, I’ve got straight ahead, earlier I have looked at it, I have overdone it, I have it at extra cost, I have to change my budget, and I have to pay a little extra for the budget. Pridprimstvo can deny Dodatkov vigod vid vidorostichnogo pozichkovogo capital in the period pidvyshennya temp_inflyatsії. It is timed to do this by turning the Borg to knowing the pennies of the smallest purchasing ability.

The water hour is won by the benefits of the posichkovy capital I carry in my own and singing threats. The main thing for them is to increase the price of financial stability and plateauing. In addition, the interest paid for the loan is an element of Vitrat, and later, the stink is to change the income of the company and the profitability of the advance capital. Undertakings, such as borrowing money by taking out a loan, may incur a serious loss in the minds of an unstable foreign agent and a vinicle, because of the unavailability of a loan (higher interest rates for the loan, the loan is insured before the loan is guaranteed).

Thus, it is obvious that, by one of the principles of nutrition, the form of advance capital is recognized, the value of the allowable point from the economic point of the part of the posichichnoy capital is visible to the part of the capital formed by the shape of the hairline. The payment was made on the basis of supply. The cost of the loan is given on the basis of the advance assessment, the advance payment is due, the interest rate is in the interest rate, and the interest rate for the loan. As a matter of fact, I’m re-distributing the first one, moreover, more economically and more often, I’ll be able to take advantage of the most important things and the amount of money spent. If the rate of allowance for advances is paid in advance for the interest rate for the loan, the maximum amount of allowance is for one unit of the upfront advance capital, so that you can save money on the loan cap. At tsomu it is possible to reconcile with this table. 14.1.

Table 14.1


Indicators Business enterprises

Number 1

Number 2

Involvement of advance payment capital, yew. UAH



including advances capital



healings (posichkovy) capital



Beyond the norms, advances on advances for capital of 20%:

sidewalk, yew. UAH



interest for a loan at a rate of 15%, yew. UAH



capital allowance advances capital, yew. UAH



capital allowance advances ratio,%



Beyond the norms, the advances for advances capital 11%:

sidewalk, yew. UAH



interest for a loan at a rate of 15%, yew. UAH



capital allowance advance,%



capital allowance advances ratio,%



Yak bachimo, pidprimstva with the same zagolnomu vartіsti advance payment capital, ale for the riveted vіdvіdnoshennostyu vlasnogo і pozichkovoy capital to reach riznoy business. The overtaking of the most frequent parts of the payroll capital was less than the current one, since the rate of return on capital advances was 20% and the rate was higher than the interest rate for the loan by 5 percentage points (20 - 15 = 5 percentage points). At the time, investment company No. 2 pushed forward the norm for a 6.6 percentage point increase in capital losses. (28.3 - 21.7). Zrozumіlo also, that yakbi pidprimstvo led gospodarsku dyalnist is less on the lofty capital, then it only reached 20% of the normal allowance for the price of capital, so that less than pribidnomstvo number 1 by 1.7 percentage points (21.7 - 20).

The situation is economical, the warehouse is in a flip, as long as the allowance for advances is reduced by 11%, while it is lower by 4 percentage points. the interest rate for the loan. In Victoria, the whole thirst for a drop in capita capital has been steadily somewhat underestimated, as the percentage of return on higher capital drops to 4.3% as against 9.7% in case No. 1, in the same time I got a smaller part of the capitals capital (25% 2%) ) Moreover, yakbis didn’t get pozichkovy capital, stinks could have reached 11% of the norm for a profit on the capital and gained 88 yew. UAH per night, 58_ i 13 yew. UAH відповідно.

Now it’s obvious that the most frequent parts of pozichichny capital and step are the rizik of the business, the fragments of the bad business can be brought to the lowest possible cost. The water hour with increased consumption and price for high-yield products, gained high-yield crops, increased the normal income allowance for capital advances, and, therefore, outweighed the positive capital factor as a positive factor.

Now we can take a look at the economic and mathematical interpretation of the criteria for docility and the learning of capital. Tsey criteriy vivoditsya z formulas normy a margin on the power capital (Pvk), like a maiglet:

Pvc = economical and mathematical interpretation of criteria

de OP - operating lane; PP - the amount of interest paid for the loan; VK - the government capital. Zdіsnivshi necessary mathematical rewriting formula * 2, having entered into the numeral and denominator given the formula for advances capital, obsessively formalized at all times the criterion of social inclusion:

* 2: {Pv = Vartisna estimate of advance capital

Vartisna estimate of advance capital

= PAK + Vartisna estimate of advance capital

= PAK +}

Pvc = Pak + Vartisna estimate of advance capital

de Pak - the profitability of the advance capital (the rate of return on advances capital, which should be indicated with Pak = sign up with virazu Pak PP - the rate for posichkovy capital, odds; AK - advances capital.

Another dodanok price formula characterizing the effect of financial leverage, financial leverage effect Zovoulovleniya zasosuvannyam posichkovogo capital. There is a positive effect on the issue, the yak value is the same as the profitability of the lofty capital, and the average value is napak, the value is changed. The first multiplier of the given part is called the formula somefinance of financial leverage somefinancial financial leverage. The win is characterized by the size of the posterior capital, which is equal to the unit of vartost hair capital. Another multiplier (Pak - Pp) is called the differential of financial leverage. As long as it’s above zero, it’s possible to zoom in on the profitability of capitals to the profitable profitability of the capitals. For the price, understand the effect of the financial leverage on the condition of the financial leverage.

As a rule, the differentiation of financial livery is zero, there is also more opportunity to get more money, more money, more time, more work, more work and more. Moreover, if you can get a pozichkovy capital, you can choose one if the differentiation of the financial guarantee is the same, if you have to repeat the loss of normal and healthy work.

Nasamkіnets zauvazhimo, scho all the bushes for the best opportunities for learning the capital of capitals to pay less than quiet dzherely form, yakі є for business paid.