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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

14.6. Effectiveness of advance advance capital

To evaluate the effectiveness of the advance capital advance, it is entirely the success of the most frequent (integral) indicators. Partial indicators characterize the effectiveness of vicerious okremich virobnichih resources - as zakosovuvanih, so and living. The water hour for the additional help is to recognize the effectiveness of the additional contribution to the largest resource with the method of increasing the scale of the virobnitz.

There is a fall in the economy of the period and the total value of the frequent indicators of efficiency in the okremich of viral resources in case of an active period of complete identification in the group.

1. Indicators of absolute effectiveness of virology . It’s stinky to characterize the effectiveness of the main resource of the country — land and land — to increase the value of the gross product, pure product, commodity product and the allowance for the physical area of ​​the city.

2. Vnodnosny indicators of efficiency vikoristannya zastosovuvanih resources . Prior to them, to introduce funds for the delivery of the main virological funds, funds for the revolving capital, primary productivity, and land grants, which are to be included in the value of the gross production, as well as the production of land.

3. Indicators of effectiveness of living virological resources . As a friend of a group of indicators, it’s also possible to characterize the economic situation. Among them, the most important are the following indicators, such as salary (gross output, share of actual pay fund), amortized yield (gross output before amortization), material and other expenses, gross turnover, profitability as a result of a profit to the sum of all current vitrates, activity for the sale of products.

4. Indicators of effectiveness of the add-on contribution from virological resources . Characterized by the same economy, the amount of water available gives you the opportunity to pay, how much money will be available when you receive additional contributions from the warehouse in the warehouse in advance capital. Tsi indicators completely dokrahovuvati for mid-term data based on incremental values. Among the most important indicators of practical groups are the following: before:

some effectiveness of the additional contribution to advances capital (How):

some effectiveness of the additional contribution to the advance capital

de middle obligations oversized gross output і middle obligations oversized gross output - Mid-term oversight of the virobnitsva gross output from 1 ha of silly-gospodar gifts at the same time as the base and base periods (mid-term and fully deductible for periods of 3-5 rockets); AK1 and AKo - the average amount of advance capital paid per 1 ha of sylskospodarsky yields for the specified periods. For a similar methodology, the effectiveness of the additional contribution to the main and werewolf capital is signaled;

the number of efficiency of the additional precision viral compartments is calculated for the increase in gross output up to the increase in precision vitrates for the virological companion;

a certain amount of profitability in the case of supplementary current vitrates is seen as an increase in income from the first period to an increase in vitrates for sales in Denmark.

Partial indicators can be seen even more often than not for the gross output and income, and for the lower types of the igneous effect - pure, end and commercial products. ЇЇ Save your money and give it a stink, on the one hand, to characterize the aspect of performance of virobility, with a higher degree of efficiency and function, you can see more of them, but it’s different. So, the oath of virobnitsva of commodity and end products, pure products, a little time to lay down the obedience of virobnost of gross products. In addition, the amount of remaining energy for the annual indicators of the effectiveness of vikoristannya zastosovuvanih and living resources in advance capital - fund-, land-, amort-, material delivery is also very small, there are a lot of price cuts.

Vodnochase, oskіlki virobnichі vitrati yavlyayutsya him dobutok largest avansovanih virobnichih resursіv on koefіtsієnt їh turnover, over Visoko rіvnya pokaznikіv efektivnostі vikoristannya zastosovuvanih virobnichih resursіv slіd chekati for іnshih odnakovih minds i vischoї efektivnostі vikoristannya spozhitih resursіv i dodatkovih vkladen in zbіlshennya rozmіru avansovanogo kapіtalu.

Said I can help you to see the most significant indicator of efficiency - the normal amount for advances in capital, in which I can see all the various indicators. This indicator is called the profitability of the advanced capital (assets). Yogo completely rosrahovuvati for chotirma varіantami.

First option:

rate of return on advances capital

de OP - operating lane; AK - advances capital. This indicator characterizes the efficiency of operational activities, and does not include investment and financial activity. From now on, on the basis of which it is possible to judge about the stage of rationality of the vicariousness of viral resources, the main part of the business, the way I save the most part of the income and by the way the state is donated 7 *.

* 7: {For the purpose of achieving a more economical view of the number and index of the indicator (Nak1), there are several possible modifications, which have changed the value of the AK for the financial inclusion, and to make it possible to incorporate more

Another option:

rate of return on advances capital

de PO - a little bit before opodatkuvannya. In general, as we have already seen, to find the image of the income is not less than the number of operating, and the second type of investment - the second and the second, the second, From now on, Denmark is an indicator that I can judge about the effectiveness of sound business activities, which includes operations, investment and financial care.

Third option:

zvichaynoї dіyalnostі pіdpriymship

de LP - leasing payments; ABOUT - the main borg at the warehouse of leasing payments, but the total amount of depreciation, the financial lease is laid out on the lines of the cinnamon branch of the Oblast leasing; PR - interest paid for the loan and the highest interest paid for the benefit of the interest capital, for example the interest paid for the interest of the provincial government; SP - insurance payments.

This indicator is indicative of a potential rate of return, so that you can win a loan for a mind, but you need to turn a loan and don’t need to pay a loan for them, don’t have to pay your first payment in full. Yak bachimo, the indicator N (3) is much more significant for the analysis of the effectiveness of virology.

The fourth version:

zvichaynoї dіyalnostі pіdpriymship

de PE - a clean sidetrack of business. Dani is an indicative testimony, a little bit of extra money, I’m going to get lost in the orderly business, I’m holding on to the leather hryvnia of the advanced capital. In Kintsev rakhunka indicator Nak (4) characterizes the effectiveness of func- Not less important is that furnishings, and that the testimony should serve as one of the main criteria for the promotion of public offerings on the exchange.

Informativity of the indicator normi advances for advances to capital for understanding the assets in the assets of agricultural enterprises for land. A water hour is significant, moreover, the indicator is an indicator of interpretation, a specific economy and dynamism, and it is important for a greater trend of efficiency in the economy.

Significantly, too, in the minds of the market and the competition of leather goods, the dealer is reluctant to gain a margin of advances for advances I can’t keep up with the average price. In general, as long as the return on investment is low, the opportunity for the patient is competitive, there is no possibility of bankruptcy. First and foremost, with a normal rate of return on advances, capital on a quick start can accelerate the development of virobility, at the same time, hello re-reinstatement, completion of the investment in the first half of the year.

Another pervasive indicator is the norm for the allowance for the capital capital, which may be seen in the reference to the pure balance for the capital capital. The skin of enterprises is encouraged to maximize the use of resources, the indicator is yak for progressive cooperation and effective resources, as well as the ability to get the most out of the capitals at the time of tidying up the new market capitals.

For a weakened vivchenchennya reasons, it’s important to absorb the effectiveness of virobnostva, it is important to increase the speed of the cutaneous resources of the advanced capital for the accelerated rate of economic growth. The goal is to expand through the previous cooperation in the effectiveness of the future and the remaining resources, as well as through the index of the growth of the resource in the country:

richna productive

de Ppr1 i Ppr0 - primary productive pricing, borrowed from the city-wide virobodnichestvo, more than one from the first and base period; Zv1 and Zv0 - payroll at the named period; Фвід1 і Фвід0 - the fund is the delivery of the main virological funds to the official sign at the first and the base period; Av1 and Av0 - amortization in a given period; Phob1 and Phob0 - funds return of working capital at the stars and the base period; M1 and M0 - material delivery at the specified period; Vob1 and Vob0 - production of gross product vitrate for servicing of household goods by third-party organizations; Chz, Cha, Chm, Chop - often at the top of the vitro virobnitstv a regular period of time pay, depreciation, material vitra of working capital and vitrat to pay for the services, on the other side of the organization.

Viddachu tsikh vitrat for gross product (Vob) rozrahovyut for the formula:

oath of virobnitstva gross product production

de VPi - an oath of virobnitstva gross production of goods of the second period; ВТопі - vitrati for payment of services, by the third-party organizations in the i-th period.

An indicator of the growth of the visually effective efficiency of the virological resources of incentives is so that there is the possibility of visibility of the introduction of the form of the rivals. Take the contribution directly proportional to the part of the lived resource in the larger vitrates of the virology, as well as the level of efficiency of the available resources. The water hour of the given indicator is wrapped up in proportion to the growth of the pet's living resources at the rosette on one unit of the gross output.

In this way, more importantly, more effective efficiency of virobnosti should be saved less than that, if temp. Growth indicators of efficiency of vacancies are more likely to be more expensive than other resources. Logic prompt indicator F is such that it is fallowable in an economical situation in a variety of ways. The increase in the effectiveness of virobnosis is only a little less if F> 1. If F <1, the price is lower and the role of the most significant factors of virobility is important. For example, for penalties for the specified methodology, the F indicator for the group of state thanks to the administrative district was allowed in the middle period in the middle for the three remaining periods the lower efficiency of the advance capital, the same for the two years:

F = 0.356 + 0.059 + 0.291 + 0.027 = 0.733.

From now on, the most pervasive effectiveness of virology decreased by 26.7% (0.733 - 1 = 0.267). The smallest contribution to the form of indicator F in these state institutions is to contribute labor resources and material circulating funds (35.6% and 29.1%) and minority funds - basic legal funds and post-service third-party organizations (5.9%). Succesful introduction of resources through non-rationality of viktor є lack of, what has called for a lower level of inefficiency of virology.

As for the very resources and the kind of world, they have poured into the index (for our house a decrease) the indicator of the irrelevant visual effectiveness of the virobnitz, signify for the formula:

) indicator of the incognitive effectiveness of virobnitstva ; ) indicator of the incognitive effectiveness of virobnitstva ,

de PVі - pitoma of the wagon of the ith resource in the first (third) indicator of F is equal to the third baseline (1 or 100%); Ві - a contribution of the ith resource to the form of indicator F, Чі - a part of the surviving ith resource in the available vitrates of the laboratory.

In our application, the visibility of the influx of factors at the rate of lower indicator F gave the following results:

- 0.267 = 0.356 - 0.362 + 0.059 - 0.103 + 0.291 - 0.504 + 0.027 –– 0.031 = –0.006 - 0.044 - 0.213 - 0.004.

Mostly, the biggest interest in lowering the lower-level, one-sided effectiveness of virology was done by the circulating (21.3%) and the main virobnic funds (4.4%). Obviously, the polichenny vikoristannya the very same resources і will need to come especially respect in these enterprises.

For the greater effectiveness of the advance payment of capital, the most important is the greater degree of formality, and the higher level of integration is more optimal when there are more structural elements. It is important also to speed up the turnover of resources and the new world of social and organizational factors.