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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


15.1. Understanding and investing. Jerela Investment

At the meeting and foreign practical practice, there is no single point of view for understanding investment . You can see two approaches to the interpretation of categories and categories - extensions and extensions. Thus, in economic literature, it was seen in the largest number of SRSs, as well as in practice of the state donor understanding of investment, by the day, it was reduced to capital contribution from the simpler and wider expansion of main funds. This is also the name of the category of investment that is characteristic of certain foreign authors (for example, Campbell R., Miakkonell, Stand L. Brue. Economy (translated from English), vol. 1, p. 136). During the water hour, a number of economies understand and invest, I look more and more broadly, more and more often give them additional contributions from the forensic and reverse funds in the process of state subsidiary activities (div .: Castle E., Becker M., Nelson A. Farm. Effective. : VO. Agropromizdat, 1991.S. 172). Protein in practical activities of foreign companies, in economic literature in Kazakhstan, the call for investment is more difficult to interpret, if you have to increase the cost of them, please take care of them.

For the minds of the market economy, this is also a treaty of investment investment. Pridprimstvo with the method of gaining a little money, you can donate your money to working life, to adding technology, possessing, increasing the number of items, and to adding the most valuable banks, and making important contributions. In Ukraine, in official documents, secrecy, in the Law of Ukraine “On Investment Duty” (1991 p.), It is understood that investment itself is understood in such cases: investment - all of the most important, , as a result, a side effect (income) is reached, but a social effect is reached.

The main direct investment is the contribution of money to the rudder and the non-rugged mino (weekly work of the week, equipment, social sphere, ownership, setting up, and consolidation of the current assets); pribbannya aktsіy, regionіgatsіy, іshshih іnnіh іnernyh papіrіv, tsіlovі groshіі (bankіvskі) contributions; profitable activity of intangible assets (science-and-technology products, know-how, intellectual values, important rights); a little rest at the capital enterprises and the most important May complexes (daughter enterprises, the last state ones).

Vidovdno to rozlyanyutih straightforwardly invest and classify on these three groups:

  • virological investments - investment in virological resources: main areas and items;
  • financial investment - deposit of money from the main account, bank deposits, deposits, profitable payouts;
  • ntelektualnі іinvestitsії - deposit of funds at the site of ntelektualnіy moisture. If you want to invest in a new technology at the same time, then you can call it an investment.

On a national scale, the priorities are for investment and development, and a certain, multiplier effect. Zavadyaki to such an effect of the delineation of the indicated gales is a positive influence on the economy of the growth of the total galleries and virobnitz. To the galleys with a multiplicative effect, to bring the state gratitude, as well as the best galleys of the agro-industrial complex.

Agrarian enterprises with the method of efficient function and health and investment, which is a combination of practical and practical investments. Being a subdivision of such dyalnosti, agrarian enterprises, you can independently identify them directly, see the liabilities of the investee, and also take the decision about the contribution of the energy, interest and the main news. The stink can be played as a depositor, a creditor, a buyer and a participant of an investment investment.

The meaning of the terms, through the organization of the accounting department, is consistent with the international standards of understanding of investment and financial statements. P (C) BO 4 “Sounds about financial results” is interpreted modified. Zokrema, investment, I want to be seen as such, which is connected with the sale and sale of non-current assets, and also from these quiet financial investments, I do not have a warehouse.

Yak bachimo, here the investment activity includes in itself and the realization of non-current assets. To enter behind the weary rosum of this understanding. Vіdpovіdno to such traktuvannya іnvestitsіynoї dіyalnostі to її napryamіv, zgіdno of vkazanim standard krіm pridbannya mainly zasobіv, nematerіalnih aktivіv, aktsіy, oblіgatsіy, tsіlіsnih Mainova kompleksіv toscho, vіdnosyat nadhodzhennya penny koshtіv in viglyadі vіdsotkіv for advances penny Costa that poziki, nadanі іnshim sub ' Act of state donation, as well as pennies for the form of dividends, turn of position, terms of forward and forward contracts, options, and also pay for such contracts (for a quiet contract , as it is laid down for basic business activities). Such a penny is not necessary to direct a direct presentation until an investment has been made, and the song is further specified. For that reason, in the fabulous material on the subject of investment, there is a need to take a look at the tired, weary understanding, so that it can be economically efficient.

In the process of investing in business, you can re-invest in and re-invest the cost of retaining the form of income of the co-investment project. Reinvestment can be directed towards the sake of the physical and moral importance of the main interests of the cob investment project, the modernization of technological installation, and the investment of new programs, which will help to protect the competitiveness of productiveness.

Power Mauger regulyuyuche vplivati ​​on іnvestitsіynu dіyalnіst of companies carrying out kreditnoї that amortizatsіynoї polіtiki, nadannyam fіnansovoї Relief from viglyadі dotatsіy, subsidіy, subventsіy, Budget pozik and takozh podatkovih polіtikoyu Shlyakhov diferentsіatsії sub'єktіv i ob'єktіv opodatkuvannya, podatkovih rates i pіlg toscho.

Agrarian enterprises can be welcomed for individual licensees for investment and for the boundaries of Ukraine for open voltage. The most important of them are the establishment of residential enterprises with foreign legal and physical persons in the territory of the country, private areas at the foreign and domestic enterprises, as well as the extension of the international cordon, as soon as possible to Ukraine. We are important for the direct investment of households between the borders of Ukraine бан dandy for the cordon of unseparable and ruinous lane, akci, regional and other important countries, legal and natural rights.

Rzrіznyayut tak dzherela fіnansuvannya іinvestitsіy : power, posichkovі, zuchenіі і budgetary.

Prior to the current agrarian subsidiaries-investors, we need to bring in a lining, cushioning, penniless need for realizing the vibration of the main herd, and the virus of the most important reasons, of the main concerns.

Pozichkovі dzherela financials are represented by regional posits, bank and low-cost loans, and loans - by cash, which are used to sell shares, buy and sell out-of-town people and legal entities.

Budgetary investment asbestos to be recognized by the state often and for the implementation of important important projects for the development of the state thanks, for example, to the melodious people. In addition to the name Dzherel financial investment, investment can be done in good faith, sacrificing legal and physical features.

The majority of the values ​​of the financial investment are formed in the process of financial business, as a result of the construction of the warehouse and the warehouse of the capitals and capitals. Before takoї dіyalnostі, zokrema, vіdnosyat possession penny koshtіv od rozmіschennya aktsіy that od іnshih operatsіy scho zumovlyuє zbіlshennya Vlasna kapіtalu, possession penny koshtіv in rezultatі utvorennya borgovih zobov'yazan scho zbіlshuyut pozichkovy kapіtal (vzyattya loan oblіgatsіy Key infrastructure, vidachu Bills). The water hour of the warehouse price є the payment of grocery bills for early repayment of the loan, the payment of dividends of groshima, the wickup of the previous payment and the offer.

The actual value of the investment is to lay down the investment potential. Winnings are indicated for a net surplus, amortization of the assets, interest and recoverable losses. A clean move, taken at once with shock absorption, is called a groovy flow of consumer goods.

The meaning of the terms and conditions of investor-investor relations, which is clearly described in the Ukrainian legislation, may be required to invest for a cordon exceptionally for a round of balances, reserved and accounted for at the same time.

W metoyu zaluchennya dodatkovih Jerel іnvestuvannya for zdіysnennya Progressive structural peretvoren in ekonomіtsі Ukraine, pіdvischennya tehnіchnogo that yakіsnogo rіvnya virobnitstva, zmenshennya require of companies in energonosіyah i sirovinі, lіkvіdatsії іsnuyuchih disproportsіy i defіtsitіv at the market of Ukraine, rozvitku її bearing-down eksportnogo potentsіalu priynyato law "About Reigning programa keeping foreign investments in Ukraine ”(the chest of 1993 p.), so that we can pass on the stimulation of the contribution of foreign capital to the priority economy gates and for rakhunok nadannya podatkovih pіlg i INSURANCE garantіy schodo nayefektivnіshih іnvestitsіynih proektіv.

The range of such priority areas for foreign investment is the agro-industrial complex. Main directly in such іnvestuvannya qiu scope Je vprovadzhennya visokoproduktivnih tehnologіy viroschuvannya sіlskogospodarskih cultures that utrimannya thinness, nalagodzhennya Key infrastructure efektivnosti hіmіchnih zasobіv tvarin i Zahist Roslyn, do updates that modernіzatsіya on bazі novіtnіh tehnologіy of companies pererobnoї th harchovoї promislovostі, Key infrastructure obladnannya for maslozhirovoї, m'yaso- dairy, food-grinding, groats and cereals and bakery products, minis-shops of farmers' state hospitals, development of the Silkospodarsky machine-building, with rovinnoї bazi for virobnitstva tari that pakuvalnih materіalіv.

The main forms of direct investment of foreign investments in the agricultural sector of Ukraine є targeting of residential property; creation by an international investor of the most powerful subsidiaries (file); the laying of licensed land with the required rights, with the right to acquire the right to new technology for the production of goods; Arrangement of uncontrolled packages of equity transactions - emails (portfolio of foreign investments); Arrangement of controlling packages of shares in business enterprises (direct purchase, in the process of privatization, exchange of shares for shares).

Foreign investment is required to ensure that you are already in the right place for the most advanced resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies, and that you have to lower the cost of energy supply in a single production base in Ukraine. Important for the foreign investors, as well as those for the production of products, are set for their fate, but compete for the international market.