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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

15.2. Capital investment of agricultural enterprises

Mid-term investment and investment capitalization. Capital investment of agricultural enterprises - a large number of new living complexes, weekly facilities, equipment, more than one type of property, more extensive reconstruction, more technical, more basic, more basic, small, old .

Yak bachimo, because of the additional capital contribution, go to the simple and widespread basis of the main concern of the viola, the same way to materialize the basis for the increased productivity of the basis for the automation of complex mechanics. The managers of the capital investments are realizing themselves thoroughly forming the suspension of the organization of the virology: the second specialization, cooperation and the combination.

Until 1990 p. In Ukraine, the ostensibly raised oath of capital was retained by the state thanks. Prote for 1991-2000 pp. oaths the capital contribution of a given galaxy through an economic crisis has changed 23 times, and in a razrakhunka per hectare of silnospodospodskih coal has become less than 12 UAH. Tobto through the intensive development of the investment process of the investment process of investment. At the structure of financial finance, the capital contribution to the home (wage) was to absorb depreciation (about 78%). All this was the result of a damped disparity in price and income (through investment) of investment resources. Recovering from 2000 p., In the agro-industrial complex, a whole, including the state thanks, has been trending until the beginning of the investment dyalnost. The oaths of oversight began to increase the capital contribution to the downdraft of new technology, and the whole group was right to take a look at the steepest step of the demolition of the machine and tractor park. Nevidladne zavdannya - close all positive positivity and unravel the distant.

Dependently of the functional-purpose designation, the selection of the virological and non-viral capitals is required. Virological capital investment - a contribution to the primary and secondary distribution of the main virological funds, non - viral education - the vitality on the Zhitlov, communal, poobutov, cultural and educational budvnitsvo. In the public gospodarodstva the main part of becoming virobnicheskі capіtalovladen.

It is also different in value and in good and clean. Valid capital - the cost of capital (invested capital) is simpler and wider the main needs, the pure capital is more important. Kіlkіsno clean capitals investment mean as much as gross capitals and insured shock absorption for singing period. You can smell the mother positively, dignify zero, but the mother can’t mean it.

To economically increase the number of employees, if pure capital investment is more positive, fragments for their minds are more important than the main ones. Chim more important, Tim, for the same new minds, the right to see your own material and technical base, most technical re-selection of virobnitz. For the zero value of the net capital contribution, the more efficient use is more convenient than the simpler process, and for the more significant, the lesser potential of the productive potential (of course, the "running out" of your resources) can be spent.

For the most complete rosy day, the capital contribution is clearly visible in direct and structure. Emphasis is placed on respect for treating such direct contributions, such as new budgets, expanded facilities, and reconstruction and modernization.

Prior to the new weekday, we need to bring up weekly events (poultry factories, broiler factories, cattle and pig complexes, greenhouse complexes), weekly, equipment, and a new project. Rozshirennya of companies vіdbuvaєtsya zavdyaki administration has the following Cherga dіyuchogo pіdpriєmstva, napriklad, budіvnitstvo novih budіvel for utrimannya productivity tvarin young i z metoyu rozshirennya potuzhnostі tvarinnitskogo complex, budіvnitstvo novih a greenhouse already funktsіonuyuchomu hothouse kombіnatі, rozshirennya dіyuchih tsehіv main virobnitstva for pererobki sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії toscho. Reconstruction and modernization of health and safety without the need for new and improved facilities. The main goal is the direct capital contribution - the lack of physical and moral technology, the availability of comprehensive mechanical automation and automation, as well as the competitiveness of the products and their competitiveness.

More extensive reconstruction, modernization and modernization of low overruns, a reduction in the amount of lower capital per unit of lower frequency (more frequent, less frequent, less frequent, less frequent, It is also important that those that are significantly more important are introduced into the process of additional work. As a result, I’ll go through the payback lines, so I need to ensure that they are in good condition.

There are three types of structures that can be distinguished: capital investment, technology and technology.

The overall capital structure is characterized by a percentage of the percentage of the capital requirements (for the use of tractors and technical equipment, the amount of the land, the amount of the land, the amount of the land, the amount Vaughn is guilty of the need for virology and for safety, the proportional development of galuses on the skin of the skin, the rational relationship with the structural elements of the main virological funds.

The capital value is more important than the technological structure, the percentage is the percentage of the percentage of the daily installation and installation work, installation, inventory and project-related work of the total amount of vitrates. Behind the same identical minds, they are more effective in designing, in some large part, there is a lot of active capital investment - setting up, tools and equipment. A close-up of technological structures in total straightforward flow to the short-term line of profitability and investment and funds of the main virological funds.

It is important to vitrify the rational technological structure of the capital contribution in melioration, as presented by the representative office, the contribution in the water supply, the improvement of the reconstruction of the meliorative systems. The sale of bugs of rock in the left part of the capital deposit in melioration (in the range of 75-80%) went directly to the wider area of ​​melioranovy lands beyond the clockwork of new melioration systems and the small number of renewed renovations was small. This has become one of the main reasons for the low efficiency of the victoriousness of the land and drainage of land in most agricultural land and the vibrant land of significant value from the city of Kyiv.

Also, the Galuzev structure has a capillary contribution. There you can see how often a part of the capital deposit is paid, straight to the chorus, for the whole oath. You can see this indicator as a whole behind the gallows of the people’s statehood, behind the spheres and galleys of the agro-industrial complex. Winning is great for evaluating the proportional development of suspension virobnostva as a whole and agro-industrial virobenzosta of the cream. On rіvnі okremih of companies pokaznik galuzevoї structuring kapіtalovkladen (vkladennya in roslinnitstvo, tvarinnitstvo, pіdsobnі promislovі virobnitstva, sotsіalnu sphere) takozh Je dosit vazhlivim, ale tsіnnіst Yogo in analіzі vnutrіshnogospodarskih proportsіy descho znizhuєtsya through dosit temple chastku unіversalnih mainly virobnichih fondіv scho formuyutsya zavdyaki kapіtalovkladennyam.

In the market minds, the demand is adequate to the investment policy, it has been clicked on to secure the temple’s capital contribution. For tsogo neobhіdno zbіlshuvati chastku i rozmіr vkladen on tehnіchne pereozbroєnnya i rekonstruktsіyu virobnitstva for odnochasnogo zmenshennya їh chastki on Nove kapіtalne budіvnitstvo not dopuskati rozporoshennya kapіtalovkladen i zatyaguvannya strokіv Introduction to dіyu novih ob'єktіv, orієntuvatisya not kіlkіsnі, and yakіsnі pokazniki kapіtalnih proektіv It’s important to secure the energy and resource-saving technologies, the larger product range and the contribution to the leather unit.