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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

15.4. Evaluation of efficiency and investment for undiscounted financial and economic indicators

At present, international practical projects, related to investing, take care of the methodology, are included in the “Handbook for the preparation of industrial and economic achievements”, fragmented by the UN (UNIDO). Tsey posibnik recommendє post-construction and mechanization of the development of a techno-economical commission (TEO) for an investment project. One of the most important ideas of the TEO is financially-economical assessment of such a project. There is a final distribution, in some way the overload of the overhead capital, jerela ıh financial support, virology vitriety, pennile streams and financial and economical indicators of the project, on the basis of which you can work on the remaining part of the project.

The largest congestion in practical appraisal of investment projects yielded such financial and economic indicators , as a clear flow rate , internal rate of return , maximum penny rate, rate of payback, rate of loss, rate of increase.

Assigned indicators can be intellectually possible for two groups: undiscounted (simple) and third-party (integrated). Non-discounting - there are indicators that are not required to be paid for the entire life of the investment (the period of the turnover of the active part of the main virological funds), but more than one week on the basis of non-discounting for a factor of one hour. Before them, enter the lines of profitability and the norm of investment investment.

The payback line is such a period (for rock), which is necessary for the presentation of the capital contribution of the investment income (IP), we are obsessed with the goal of the whole project. Yogo for the formula:

Іп = Пч + А, (15.3)

de Пч - a clean income, which means that you can be identified as having a second year of sales of real products (services), a loan to the project, and a surcharge on the loan and with interest on the loan; A - depreciation in fixed assets, introduced into the project as a result of the implementation.

Let’s take a look at the rosette of a row of payback capital-contribution with an oath of 250 yew. UAH (table. 15.1).

Table 15.1



Investment lane, yew. UAH

At that number

Capital investment, yew. UAH

Balance on Kinets Rock, yew. UAH

clean ride




























Yak bachimo, capital investment paid off for chotiri rocky and chotiri month. An investment project is economically large, including pay-as-you-go lines, a significantly smaller service line of the active part of the main virological funds, and also a smaller line of the actually reached pay-as-you-go budget line.

For your mind, how can a project get the same amount of profit slightly, payback lines can be used in the simplest way, by adding capital to the value of the allowance. Yakbi, say, a shy little ride at once with depreciation becoming 73 yew. UAH, lines of payback, expensive 4,4 rock (250: 73 = 3,4 + 1 rick, if not a bit of a damn).

It is necessary to memorize, right up to the viral capitals, to finish the rіznomanіtnі. The price is very clear for non-standard approaches for identifying the final effect on investment, on the basis of which it is possible to break the lines of necessary payloads. In pіdtverdzhenny tsyo induced such a butt. Pіdprimstvo set a meta to encourage the type of sectional-non-cartographic forestry with the first vart_styu 250 thousand. UAH і mіstkіstyu per 1000 tons zberіgannya nasіnnєvoї cartoplі. Wash її zberigannya in cartopleshoves significantly hidden, lower on the entrance area in the piles. From now on, the pre-ecclesiastical effect of such capital deposits of the winery is complicated by the waste of cartography. For a lot of money, it’s necessary to know more than a hundred times the cost of cartography for zeriganny in collars (say, 18%) and for zagribany in cartogas (5%), and I will also have to pay a ton of cartography for more than 200 times. Todododkovy side view of the zabirgannya cartoplі in cartopleshoves (Pk) can be denoted by the formula:

Pk = (Chk2 • Ts - K3 • C2) - (Chk1 • Ts - K3 • C1),

de Chk1 and Chk2 - a clean view of the cartography completed after the completion of the offer at the square at the square and in the cartographic forest. Dwellers Yogo rozrahuvati, spochatku potrіbno viznachiti vtrati kartoplі for Tsikh sposobіv її zberіgannya multiplication obsyagu zberіgannya (1000 tonnes) per vіdpovіdny vіdsotok vtrat of the following dіlennyam result by 100. Zvіdsi pure vihіd kartoplі pіslya completion string zberіgannya dorіvnyuvatime rіznitsі mіzh zakladenoyu kartopleyu on zberіgannya that її vtratami with zberigannі; Ts - price of realization of 1 ton of cartography; KZ - pledged oath for zberigannya cartoplі (the same in both options - 1000t each); С1 і С2 - collection of 1 ton of cartography for the specified options. As a matter of fact, the formula for presenting actual data is obsessed with an additional approach. At our application, there’s: dp == (950 • 450 - 1000 • 231) - (820 • 450 - 1000 • 200) = 27 500 UAH. For all, Chk1 = 820 t, which means 1000 • 0.18 = 180 t, 1000 - 180 = 820 t.

The sound of the lines of payback of a forest-cutting forest for an additional income becomes 9.1 rooks (250,000: 27,500 = 9.10), and for the investment of an income with an increase in the rate of depreciation on a forest-cutting forest, it becomes 3.5%, the cost is 6.9% (27,500+) Investments in Urachuvannyam .

Relocate the indicator line payback capitals to pay attention to the fact that it’s simple for the visitor to pay attention and save money. Protect yourself with an indicator that does not lie in the dynamics of revenue at the time of gaining revenue, but also doesn’t give any idea of ​​the effectiveness of the project’s efficiency when the project achieves a profitable pay-as-you-go row. There is no need for additional support for evaluating the stage of the performance of the singing investment.

An analogous role is played by such a non-discounting indicator, as is the norm of an investment income. There you can go for the skin okremo of taking rik i in the middle for all the rooki okupnosti capitals deposit. As a rule, the investment for rocks is stable, but it is not difficult to beat (between 3–5%), the investment rate can be recognized for one price. In general, it’s typical of our stock, if it’s unfeasible to vibrate a sound pump with a “normal” amount of investment, it’s justified to see the average loan rate as a percentage of the second and second time. In our application, the sum of investment, for the meanings of the period, becomes 305 thousand. UAH (10 + 60 + 75 + 85 + 85), and its average value is 61 thousand. UAH Zvidsy is average norm of the investment in income to the road (61: 250) • 100 = 24.4%.

Yak bachimo, danii pokaznik elіmіnuє іstotnі Oscillations for rokami іnvestitsіynogo pributku, and to judge the dozvolyaє ob'єktivnіshe about efektivnіst kapіtalovkladen at protsesі porіvnyannya rіvnya tsogo pokaznika of factically dosyagnutoyu norm of the Branch on pіdpriєmstvah pributku (vіdnoshennya pributku to serednorіchnoї vartostі mainly Revolving fondіv i) i Percent a rate for a pre-government loan. As a matter of fact, the norm of the investment income is that I am redrawing the indicators, the project is more effective. If the mother is respectful, then for the indispensable index, there are characteristics of shortcomings, and for the index there is a line of profitability.

It is important to remember, that there is more than one given for the rosrahunka of the investment move, buti can not be finished out more accurately through the unappointment of the maybutny. Yak naslidok, investitsyyny side will also be inaccurate. In addition, in the May period, the market for resources can be changed, such as buying and selling a new project, and I will also have a proposal for a comrade who will be able to complete their implementation. All the prized up to winter liability for vitrates on viral obligations, sales on sale and sale price for products, and at first, to winter investment income. Wicked wyclivє, first of all, first and foremost, carefully go to the sale of groceries, penniless vids of realizable products, virology and investment vitrates; in a different way, evaluate the stage of the project in the investment project in the minds of the market uninterestedness, as if it were the future project. For the sake of unintentionality, Much buti has been strengthened, except for reasons, innovative processes, technological benefits, and unsubstantiated moral principles that are possessed of meagerly.

For the assessment of the stage of health and investment project, the rate of free-of- charge rate (NB) is as follows:

Bezbitkovost norm


de bezbitkovost norm - the rate of bezbitkovostі; postіnі vitrati - postіnі vitrati; product sales - wartness of realized products; oath of serpent vitrat - an oath of winter vitrates.

The economy of the indicator of Nb Polyagus is that, in accordance with the decree, for some parts of the oath the realizatsii products are reached without a bit of virology. Yakshcho, say, in our application penniless virichka vid realizatsії products become 800 thousand. UAH, postіnі vitrati - 200 thousand UAH, average annual Vitrati - 350 thousand UAH, the rate of bezbitkovostі dorіvnyuvatim 44.44%. The idea was retained, which means that the project is bezbit-free, if the victorists are less than 44.44% of their work, so that the product will be sold and sold for a total of 355.5 thousand. UAH Itself for such an oath sale to reach a null new approach. Have tsyomu reconfigure such a rosary. The average Vitrati for 1 UAH of sold products is 350: 800 = 0.4375, and the total Vitrati for the oath of realizatsi is 355.5 thousand. becomes 0.4375 • 355.5 = 155.5 thousand. UAH The sum of the permanent and permanent vitrates per capita of the oaths of the realizatsii warehouse is 155.5 + 200 = 355.5 thousand. UAH, tobto dorіvnyuє obyagu sale.

The investment project is invaded with tim nadim, chim less is the rate of zero bit rate. In the case of stable and constant sales, with a stable liability, the sale is an indicator of growth, so we won’t be able to rob the project until it’s lowered for food. The water hour of increasing the number and sales of products with stable constant vitrates and proportional higher numbers reduces the rate of losslessness, and later, changes in the number of times in mind. Zrozumіlo also, whose indicator will be lower for thinking of the increased price for products for the quiet winter vitrats for one product.

The steps of this indicator are to be wondered by the fact that you can evaluate alternative projects for investing in one of the most important tasks, as well as one and the same project for different mod- ern technologies and commercial projects. to bring up to the basic parameters, the norm of bezbit-free values ​​is indicated for such. For example, progressive technology, as a rule, you should secure a little extra vitality without any incentive for a permanent vitrati.

Schlodo our butt, then the Danish Investment Project уже even better, if you have more than 2 times, then 2 times the rate of no-beat rate becomes 88.9%. For quiet permanent vitrats, the project is practically free of bitterness, and most often Vitrati grows 1.7 times - 200: (800 - 1.7 • 350) • 100 = 97.6%.

The analysis of the norms of the free-of-chargeness is completely updated with the data on the profitability of the sale, so that you can see the business in advance to the actual sales of the products. In our sales center, the indicator should become [800 - (200 + 350): 800] • 100 = 31.25% and say about the possibility of regular regulation of the price for the unlimited sale. For the whole project, it’s possible to finish the project, if the project is without a beat, the price for production will be reduced by 31.25%. The need for information is important, especially at the start of the project stage, as long as competition and competition are set for the meta to penetrate your market and conquer your "niche" in it.