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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.6.4.2. Accounting balance perіod

The first third proof of the accounting region є balance period. The balance sheet per period is a table, which characterizes the financial stand and the stand of assets and the pass for the period (div. Clause 3.2) and form A.6.6.

Form A.6.6

Accounting balance per period for _________________

The name of the rakhunkіv gospodarskih ob'єktіv

Ears on the cob

Turn over for period

Zalishki on Kіnets







At once

Such a balance is stored at the expense of the dermal bookkeeping (loan) period for the subsequent submission of secondary evidence) of the flow period. Skinny state fact on the end of a good period of time, by Act of Inventory and Audit Visncom.

The methodology of adding balance to the balance sheet was imposed at rozdilі A.7.

A.6.4.3. Forms of accounting

I will prove the accounting region by the type of tertiary є form of accounting zvitnostі. Form an accounting system - a system of indicators that characterize the economic and legal camp at parties, designated by law, or by correspondents, about the results of business. The sound of the interior and the interior.

The sound of the forms is a bit of a bagato. To that point, the okremі technical form is prompted.

At the same time, we will induce a characteristic of daily accounting and financial statements, and briefly describe the financial statements and the most important important forms of financial stability.

A.6.4.4. Characteristics of the corridors and the main range of requirements for information

I. The main corridors of accounting є і і ​​і і нілііні and кірінівнішті підпрімство (company, company). All the people who are known to be the owners of the company for the operational operative care of the youth. I need information about the financial camp of enterprises - about the flow, so about the words. Mayuchi such information, it’s safe to effectively manage your business and accept the necessary management and planning.

II. Aktsіoneri pidprimstva companies, tobogo її valsniki . Stink up, how much efficiently adminstrate your functionality. Ї We need to know, how much can the managers manage the help and the ways and the stink can help the villagers to help for the most powerful consumers.

III. Commerce partners : post-overs, in some kind of business I will hold a comrade on credit, and I will help you buy products, comrade as well as serve servants. Post-school children need mother information about those who want to pay back their borgs; Buyers may be happy that I don’t have a supply chain and I won’t threaten bankruptcy.

IV. Creditors of the company . But you can get a bank, which, if you give me a loan to my mother, I will receive a short-term loan for the exact amount of money (because I want to talk about overdraft - getting a loan is more than a loan, I can take a lot of money for it; we can reinstate the fixed limit), but by donating the offer to the donor poster (the bank needs to be reassured by the fact that the offer is able to pay the percentage and pay off the bargaining).

V. Podatkov system . Ї необ и про мат и про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про мат мат мат мат мат мат мат мат мат мат необ мат мат мат мат мат мат мат мат мат мат.

VI. Service department . Look at the mother’s fault the right to information about the financial mill of the company, the remnants of the past to lay down the skin of them and pay the price.

VII. Financial analytics and consultancy , which is necessary for information for public and public.

Viii. The public is legally entitled to information about business, the share of the benefits to members of the suspension - payers of income, residents, residents, ecologists and employees.

Prove the full view of the regional accounting and informational information at the financial statements for the satisfaction of the informational needs of the public group. Kerivnik pidprimstva potrbna yaknaipovnіsha informatsіya for the adoption of the planning and management rіshen. It’s stinky, obviously, to have “special” access to information about food processing, a fragment of one of the functions and organization of the preparation of all the necessary internal sounds.

Okrіm of management and informational goals, financial soundings, so that proof is issued (and in public) for consumer corridors (standard corridors).

Zrobimo shche k_lka respect.

1. Legislation of the transfer of information on singing information. Legislation vimagayut, abi skin vidkrit akcіonerne pіdpriєmstvo published public accounting and information for your shares. In addition, the government of goiters and citizens to submit a copy of their statutes to the Ministry of Statistics, may they be a representative of the huge number of people who need to know these documents.

2. Subject to the organization of information and the need for the establishment of sub-rates.

3. The Bank may ask for a forecast of pennies of money for the purpose of understanding how to lend a penny to a penny.

4. The soundness of the laws and regulations of the United Nations and the United States of America and the United Nations of America and the United Nations of America and the United Nations of America and the United States of America. Auditors and accountants of private enterprises, as members of professional bodies, governing bodies, and private persons are entitled to the law and standards.

5. Acting companies for bazhenany give special financial information for their services. Tsі documents vіdomі yak zviti for services.

Persh izzh reportedly examined the process of preparation of soundness, spinning at the moment, as if obov'yazkovo slіd z'yasuvati for literate analizuvannya zvіtіv.