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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.6.4. Proof of accounting for the third place: balance sheet and sound form

A.6.4.1. Sutnost accounting

Managing the statehood, as I have already indicated, I will need to periodically go out and give the state thanks for the principle of doubleness (sufficiency). Tsei zahid call balance. Hello in the form of accounting.

On the front of fasting: for what purpose is it necessary to fold and give sound? One of the reasons for the failure is that preparation and management of the flow area, flow area accounting and accounting information, as I wish, may be important to play an important role in the effective management of the business, but the lack of it. Our reason is zoomed in on straightforward development of an ordinary business and accelerated suspension of economic vidnosin. Adzhe sochasnі fіrmi - structures velmi folding. A large part of the business, such as reaching out to the hour of trial and giving distance in a tangible Maybut. It’s stinky that they may have one hairline (the deeds are even greater than the number of years to belong to). Often, the owners of the company don’t take part in the operational management of the company, as a business, but appoint the manager, as the manager of the company. It’s bazhano’s right, the house was served, the show, the show, the success of the house. In addition, the company is obligated to pay the raised taxes (excise tax, dodana ward), to have the right to pay for the insurance: insurance of the benefits, extra costs for the delivery of the baggage. Їx viscity is impotent without the balance of the regional period and special evidence.

The main metadata is that of accounting power - signify the actual results of the activities and the transfer of economic indicators and resources about the resources, as well as the results of the legal situation, which are necessary for the right .

In addition, they seem to be guilty of obedience, so that they’re willing to give information about the camp, what are the most important groups of people, and how much they can do in this way. For clarification, I need to report more carefully to a group of people, so that we can get more information about business. In addition, as well as the nobility, as well as becoming information for members of the skin group.

Accounting system is a system of indicators that characterize the economic and legal camp of activity (active and passive) at the singing date (as a rule, at the beginning of that calendar cycle) and for the minimum week, quarter, month and month result. There is a halt in the name of a parent, group and special processing of a flow accounting area and a final stage.

The accounting sound is stored for the proper corridor. Koristuvachіv accountancy bagato. All the founders, participants, clerks, banks, investors, creditors, state regulatory organizations, administrative tax administration, the statistics ministry are so thin.

The accounting indicators are not the same for winter corridors. To that accountant zvіtnіst podilyaetsya to internal and external.

The internal soundness of the regulation is governed by the currencies of the enterprise itself (the clerks, but the clerks, as well as the newly appointed clerks).

Zvnіshnya zvіtnіst є standardized and voznachaetsya legislation, as well as by-laws, instructions (financial, fee tight).