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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

16.5. Analysis of bezbitkovostі virobnostva i pributkovostі galuzі for the additional indicator of the norm of bezbitkovostі

For such an analysis, the formula of the norm of free-of-sightness is visible in the viglyad:

indicator of the rate of bezbitkovostі

de q - oath of realization, c.

At our application, the rate of bezbitkosti become [900 :: (16 - 6) • 300] • 100 = 30%. Delays result means, that without a bit of grain reach for the yield of 90 centners per hectare of chilled buryakov [(300 • 30): 100]. From now on, it’s possible to take advantage of a critical yield point, as indicated by the graphical method.

At a rate of zero-bit loss and profitability, the galaxy can absorb a few factors: the total amount of vitrates, the standard vitamins per centner of production, the price of realizable yield. Step up in the water of these factors fully signify for the same winter by the same amount, say, by 10%.

With a 10% higher incidence of vitrates, the rate of non-upset stagnation becomes [(900 • 1.1): (16 - 6) • 300] • 100 = 33%, and the critical point of yield is 300 • 0.33 = 99 c. As a rule, for such a reason, so that you can reach the up-and-down virobnosti, the need for up-to-date virology and realizability of 9 cucumbers of buryak (99 - 90).

With 10% higher vitamins, the rate of free-flowing roads is 31.9% [900: (16 - 6 • 1.1) • 300] • 100, and so the free-flow rate is 95.7 centner / ha (300 • 0.319), which Vimagaє Dodatkovaya sale of 5.7 c.

Remember that the rate of losslessness is lower by 25% for 25%, while the critical point is 77.6 kg / ha, which is more reasonable, you need to reach a higher rate of 12.4 thousand times less. basic oath.

It can be seen that, in the same way, 10% of the most important economic factors contributed to the far from unequivocal impact on the critical oversight of the sale and sale. The chaing є is even more important for the managerial staff to take care of the decisions given the tactics and strategic development of the galaxy. The water hour is important for information about winter norms of the free-for-all rate with growing agility and stable significant factors, which are more useful in friendly climatic minds. With our application, when the yield is 10% higher, the rate of bezbit-freeness is 27.3%, and the critical value is 81.9 c.

It’s important to say that you need less money than you need to take a margin, if you have taken an oath to sell the most critical rivie. You can take advantage of it at once with the first single increase in production in the middle of the last year and with the new vitamins. To that, obviously, we’ve got more business, we’ll need more critical sales, and more.

As a matter of fact, to set aside for a measure of access to a viable increment, a gain in realizable products, regular winnings, meals: how much do you need to sell more products, how much are there to be? Schob vіdpovіsti on the basis of power supply, it is possible r_vnіst:

П = q (Ц - 3вц) - PV,

de 3vc - standard vitrati for 1 centner of production.

Increase in profit P is considered to be less than profit in the case of an unobstructed sale of P1 and a profit in case of reaching (basic) impairment of sale П0, tobto П = П1 - П0.

In a flashed view, the formula can be written as follows:

prist sale of products

Zvidsi prist sale of products prist sale of products , for a kind of reach, the necessary income will increase, you can get the formula:

prist sale of products

At our application for a yield of 300 tsukrovich buryaks, we can earn 3,000 UAH per day [(300 • 16) –– (300 • 6) - 900], to Po = 3000.

Yakshcho, say, pidpriyomstvo set a margin of 1 ha for a total of 10 hectares of land for a total of 10 hectares, for 300 UAH, for a reasonable price q = prist sale of products

Shchob perekonitsya at the correctness of the result obtained, here is such a rosary. In absolute terms, the increase in profit will become 300 UAH (3000 • 10): 100, and the virus for realization of pre-paid products - 480 UAH (30 • 16). Zmіnnі vitrati on statements of oath of products production expensive 180 UAH (30 • 6). Zvidsy pririst a little profit - 480 - 180 = 300 UAH.

Mothers are respectful, but they don’t have a great deal of freedom to see the products, and for them they’ll take shape as long as they’re indivisible. We recommend that you, on the front and back, see the types of cereal crops - wheat, barley, viva, zhita. The mechanism of recognizing the critical oversight of virobnitz in such minds is modifiable, especially if through song reasons the financial result for these types of virobnitsva is negative - p_dpriemstvo zaznaє zbitkіv. Todin Vinika Food: What is the oath of virobnostva (sale), what kind of products do you need to reach, so that you can protect yourself without a bit?

For such circumstances, the critical oath of virobnitztva (sale) is reached, if:

prist sale of products (1)

de oath - oath virobnitstva (sale) of the i-th type of product; price realizatsii - price of realization 1 price of the type of product; Zvі – zmіnnі vitrati on 1 price of the i-th type of product; spіlnі postіynі vitrati - spіlnі postііnі vitrati for і-x types of products.

Tolerance, it’s possible to rotate winter wheat, barley and oats. At the table. 16.1. Indirect violated data, required for visualization of the free-of-charge virology.

Table 16.1



See products

At once

winter wheat



The oath of virobnitstva (sale), c





Price for 1 cent, UAH





Groshova viruchka vіd realizatsії, yew. UAH





The structure of the penny viruski,%





Zmіnnі vitrati for 1 centner of products, UAH





Zmіnnі vitrati on the zagalny oath sale, yew. UAH





Postіnі vitrati, yew. UAH





Financial result: Lateral (+), Zbitok (-), yew. UAH





The goal is to make sure that you’re familiar with the new virology obligations (sale) of these products for which you can reach a free-of-charge virology. Oskilki to go about three kinds of products, in the induced region (1) є three nevidomikh. The doorway for the promotion of one, it is necessary to take the oath of realizing one of the types of products to take as the base and through the new virality of the virology (realizing) two of the last kinds of products. Yakshcho Rivnyannya (1) depict in the lid unfolded for our butt, with an instant view of the first two types of products - winter wheat and barley through the third type of product - oats, obsessively:

Rivne (2)

de neobhodniy oath virobnitstva - Necessary oath virobnitstva (sale) okremich kind of products. It’s possible to blame q3 for temples, and to transfer PV to the right part of the rivnyannya, matimemo viraz:

Rivne (3)


Rivne (4)

Necessary oath of virobnitztva (sale) okremich vidіv products, for some reason to reach without a bit, signify for the formula:

type of product (5)

de type of product - type of product, which is taken as the base.

As a rule, formula (5) represents the actual data in the table. 16.1, obsessed with 1 / q3 = 1.245. This means that the oath of the winter wheat (sale) of winter wheat should be brought up to 12,450 centners (10,000 • 1,245), barley - up to 4,980 centners (4,000 • 1,245) and winter bar - up to 2,490 centners (2000 • 1,245). With vitality, when everything becomes, it becomes 900 882 UAH, and a groshovka virus - 1 257 450 UAH. It doesn’t matter if you retell, but for such minds, there’s a chance that there will be bitrate (1 257 450 - 900 882 - - 356 568). Obviously, there is a lack of success in a given є drop as a result of a lower part of the permanent vitrates per unit of product names for the small number of viral obligations before the value for the formula (5).

Significantly, as well, the critical oath of virobnostva (sale) is the same for the structure of grain crops, which has been put into use. In the case of м з м м без без без бит бит бит мож мож мож мож мож мож мож мож мож бит бит бит без без бит без без без без з з з з з з з з без без без без без без без без бит бит бит без. It is possible to introduce a new structure, stagnant mechanics, and holdings at pidrozdіlі 21. 5.