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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

16.6. Estimation of the market position for the given balance and the capital market

Estimation of market position of health for the parameters of the development of the economy. In zarubіzhnіy i vіtchiznyanіy praktitsі vzhe vіdpratsovany mehanіzm takoї otsіnki, rozrobleno system fіnansovo-ekonomіchnih pokaznikіv for Relief yakih mozhna zrobiti visnovok about spromozhnіst pіdpriєmstva svoєchasno povertati vzyatі loans that INSHI borgovі zobov'yazannya in ustanovlenі line postavlyati comrades i splachuvati vistavlenі rahunki for oderzhanі resources . I’ll also be glad to respect you, for a number of offers I will accept the most valuable shares - shares, regional bonds, mortgages, and other benefits for the capital market. There is also potential potential investor gambling and income from the most important companies in the world, so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to invest in your purchase. Dalі has introduced a technique for razrahunku th ekonomіchny zmіst financial and economic indicators, as well as fully vikoristovuvati with an estimation of market position.

Such an assessment is ahead of time for the given balance of business. Sight, provide a detailed analysis of the platform availability on the basis of evaluations of such indicators, as the number of foreign indicators, the number of times and the number of points.

In addition, on the basis of this balance sheet, it is necessary to identify indicators of financial stability and efficiency, as well as adequately characterize the yoy position. Such indicators є: coefficient of independence (autonomy), coefficient of neglected, coefficient of financial leverage and coefficient of financial incentive.

The coefficient of independence (autonomy) is recognized by the formula:

Koefіtsієnt Independence

Daniy is an indicator of the curve, the number of units in the capital of the capital is equal to the unit of the advanced capital. It is accepted that the most critical (minimal) value of the whole factor is to become at least 0.5. In general, the assets of the company are dominated by a positive capital, and the bankruptcy risk is higher.

In addition to the fact that the number is independent, there is such an indicator , as some factors are stranded , which can be seen as follows:

some of the stumbling blocks

de PK - posichkovy capital. Vrahovuyuchi logic of the first indicator, sta zrozumilim, sho KA + KZ = 1.

For the most important rosary of such an indicator, it’s worth paying attention to, when the balance is given for the given balance, the loan cap is taken as a whole, the sum is divided in the balance: the other is the “Protection of the on-coming vitrities and payments”, the third - “Dovgost” Flowing goiters "and fifth" - Reach Maybutnyh period. " I’m the third, fourth, and fourth, distributing the passive лас by the classic warehouses of the posic’s capital, then it’s worth the other way to distribute the song of the rose.

I have a picture of money at my warehouse, which is intended to pay Maybuds to my clients, as well as to receive pension and social security insurance, but I have to pay my money at night. Madly, securing payment of the allowance is the only way to pay attention to our grandfathers, and that’s why you can take a look at the element of the payroll capital. In the first place, I’m blessing myself with the image of a retirement pension. For the benefit of the public, as a rule, the official has earned extra money from the pension fund, but as long as the public pledge is concluded, an agreement on supplementary pension insurance has been entered into. A specific storage item for another distributor є a cat for safeguarding of guaranteed goiters and yazin, as well as being reserved by means of secure maybutnit vitra for warranty repairs of sold products, repair of items for rent. Oskilki reserved koshti vibrate from circulation and not to secure Maybuttony economically vigodi, then став pidstavi ikh of them as yakobov'yazannya, and later, turn on to pozichkovy capital.

At the other time I pass on to myself, I’m imagining the same way as the financial and financial needs. Here are shown koshti, which have been removed from the budget and budgetary funds, from the physical and legal aspects for the entry of the price tag. As a matter of fact, we won the money for the most important period, and for the greater period, and more often, we took the more and more time, we constantly renewed, . For the first time, take on the form of goiters and take on the look of a warehouse of a cap capital.

Yak bachimo, for the sake of the corridor of information and the number of bargained can be butrashovanii for all the warehouses of the posichkovy capital (after the other, we distribute the balance). Special offers can be counted by the number of people, the first and foremost information and the nature of the public relations and the total financial benefits, which is generally appreciated.

In practical robots, the level of this indicator should be taken into account as long as I don’t override 50%. Yakshcho w pidpriemstvo zlivzhivaє zalechennyam pozichkovy capital, a part of the remaining in advance capital is reassigned. For the sake of internal instability of financial stability of the given enterprise, and the only possible stability for partners of the middle class. Vrakhovuchi, if you want to get more money for your money, I can help you to increase the rate of return on capital, because you should be aware of the rational part of this capital, and do not set your own money for it.

The coefficient of financial leverage is to be recognized for our methodical approach (div. Pidrozdil 14.3). Bazhano, so that you can have fewer costs, but only one * 1.

* 1: {In the okremich literary dzherelyah, given the given number of points, not all the other passives are taken into the numeral, but only less than the final funding.}

Koefitsіnt of financial mіsostnosti (stіykostі) (Kfm) viznachaetsya virazu:

Koefіtsієnt financial support

I can show Daniyskiy koofіtsіnt the show, by which kind of my way I can pay for the shawl of my own hairs in the right hand and goiter (PZ) and receive maybutnyh period (DMP), often like terminimi. The value of Kfm is less than one (one is more likely to be more than one at a time for the purchase of pre-contracted goiters and the protection of up-to-date vitra and payments, but not much). Chim less kofіtsієnt Kfm відхиляється від одініі, тім більша фінансовій іікікісті підпрімства, і напacks.

Koefіtsієnt maneuverability of high power (Km) rozrahovuetsya for the formula:

Koefіtsієnt maneuverability vlasni zasobіv

de ON - non-negotiable assets. This indicator characterizes the step of mobility of power interests. The value of this factor will be low, as in the structure of the advanced capital, to dominate the non-negotiable assets, and in advance. On a day-by-day basis (VK - ON), I shall take into account the value of the volatile working capital. For lack of mobility of power for business, it is much more important than healthy payment payments, and later, to satisfy the needs in resources, it’s necessary to maintain a separate post.

It is of additional importance for evaluating the market position and the number of indicators, as well as the number of pre-term financial ratios and the multiplicity percent. The first one to them is represented by the length of the pre-Gostyaz goiter in the capital. The win is characterized by the need for investment as an investor for fallow fallow - what is the best indicator, the time is more expensive for investors, and more.

Koefitsіnt of the multiplicity of interest is calculated for the duration of the operating income of the company for vitri payments with interest on loans. The economic profitability of this indicator is more obvious - in the temple is the value of the б svіdchenchenyam bіlsh stіykogo financial establishment of the enterprise, і navpaki. At the same time, at one and the same amount, a percentage of multiplicity of percentages can be increased and, say, lesser than second level, that’s why the business was “re-established” by the goiter. For partners and potential investors as a signal, I’ll be careful when I put them together by donating to commercial property.

In order to evaluate positivities on the capital market, a system of indicators is available, which allows investors to judge the profitability of quietly keeping the most valuable folders. To appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of the significant share of the active assets of the company, which is materially secured by the important prizes - the first and second privileges, the region. Zokrem, rozmіr assets, I’m going to get paid for protection of oblast (Ao), I mean this:

Ao = CA - NA - KZ,

de SA - successive assets of business; ON - intangible assets; KZ - short-stringed goiter'yazannya.

On the first presentation about the manifestation of Ao, the number of shares is protected by the share of the assets in the area on the total number of years. This indicator is more important for purchasers in the region. Chim winnings, lesser greetings of the most valuable folders, and more - with the highest level of investment in investment.

The level of security of the shares of the company shall be deducted for a part of the assets (Ap), which shall be made out of proportion:

An = CA - ON - BZ,

de BZ - all trade of goiters.

Chim bіlsha the amount of assets to cover the most important shares, tim bіlshhe є pіdstav check, wіth pіdprimozhestvo will be in the form of money for payment of dividends for the price of the share at the time of the necessary hi Step up the privilege of the shares to stand up for a different number of shares, to see the other assets in order to protect the view of the valuable folders until the number of privileged shares. The result of the show, skylki seizures of pure wartosti assets on one name is the action of the singing nominal.

It’s important that mothers respect you, and if you pay dividends for great promotions, you pay to stay in cherries and get paid for regional benefits and promotions;

Az = CA - NA - BZ - NVP,

de НВП - nominee warrior privilege.

A portion of assets given in such a way has been insured in such a way that, for the most part, in capital investments, you may be able to draw up shares of sound shares for the purpose of knowing the sale of active shares for prices, which were due at the date of folding the balance sheet. For this type of valuable folders, there are also several factors that cover the numbers of the indicator Az for the total number of outstanding promotions.

The structure of capitalization through the issuance of valuable folders is accountable for the balance. A visoka of a pitoma of a vagina of assets, which is assigned to sound shares, and a portion of the regional and private shares, is due to the balance of the cost of capital. It’s more and more often a part of the region, for a large percentage of the fee, and for the necessary wickups, you’ll need to pay more attention to the property, lower the rating of the company in the eyes of potential investors, and their contribution Winnings of serious economic storage, incurred bankruptcy for thinking of lowering the foreign business market because of the singing reasons for the internal treasury (pro-girls in management, good staff). Figure 16.3. the scale of percherocity is shown in the complained claim of the most valuable windows, the price is inspired by the principle of lower prices and guarantee bills.

So, pay interest on the region, it is irrelevant to see that the company has taken a profit, and the percentage of the interest is guaranteed less than the time of the robot for such a special purpose. As soon as simple accusations are in place, then dividends on them are higher than those paid for, as long as there is a small increase in income.

The preoccupation with the complaint is the claim to the release of the most valuable folders.

Fig. 16.3. The preoccupation with the complaint is the claim to the release of the most valuable folders.

In the back-end companies, it was taken into account that the structure of capitalized expenses, the contribution of the main share, the large balance was balanced, in the first place there are 70–80%, 15% —10—10%, 15% —10—10%.