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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

16.7. Assessment of market position for indicators of profitability

For business partners, as well as business partners who want to have their own capital at the first place , it’s important to know the parameters of profitability . One of the most important of these parameters is that I can judge the market position, the sale profitability. Often, a part of the gain from the gross turnover of enterprises, which is an indicator, as it has already been decided, is the water hour to compete with others. Evaluation of dynamic and equal dynamics with a similar indicator of the greatest possible permissions to make the gadgets vibrate with the vibrancy of this offer as a partner or as a partner in investment. In the United States, for example, the profitability indicator of sales is published in the middle behind a galuse, but there’s a little more room for problems because of the importance of establishing a factory for the market.

For potential investors, it is important to know the region, as well as start-up and taking out guaranteed interest income on them. The step of such a premium is to be recognized for the additional interest rate for interest income for regional income (KPO) in the following way:

peratsіyny side

de OP - operating lane; D - divіnddi, I’ll get hold of business; PD - interest income; SLE - a sum of money, which should be paid to the hair holders of a regional income interest income. What is the most important factor, what is more important is the payment of interest for the regions for the flow of consumer goods. The practice of working with a company Let me leave you a courier, think for sure, if KPO is 3–4, you need to pay interest for regional interests.

For investors, it’s important to know the steps, it’s important to know the steps of the above. To judge someone else for the benefit of a certain coefficient of interest income from privileged shares (KPPA), we clean the current income of the company. This indicator is for the formula:

a clean business trip

de VFD - a clean source of business; SPA - the sum of obovyazkovyh bills for privileged promotions. In this case, a hitch, as it were, the rosary is conducted for a clean return, the fragments of dividends for these actions are paid less if you pay all the laws transferred.

For owners and potential purchasers of sound promotions, it is important to consider the indicator of higher standards (KZA):

fixed payments for preferred shares

de ФВ - fіksovіvany bills for privileged shares; KZA - the number of sound actions that are commonplace.

The skin of potential investors with the adoption of the residual solution for the type of the valued clients of the company for the insurance in the capital. About the need for such fraud can be judged from such a butt. Tolerance, scho pіdpriyemstvo let the region in the amount of 1500 yew. UAH with a guaranteed income of 8% 665 yews were gained for the results of gospodar rock. UAH profit. Sounds of sums of payment of interest to the owners of the oblast region become 120 thousand. UAH (1500 • 0.08). Foreign payments and warehouses store 300 ths. UAH Thus, Rasht a profit in the amount of 245 yew. UAH (665 - 120 - 300) can be used for the payment of dividends to the owners of ordinary shares. Yakshcho, say, income to zrosta by 10%, for those minds themselves, income to sound promotions to 66.5 thousand. UAH, but by 27% (66.5: 245), at the same time, yak dokhd vlasnikіv oblіgatsіy get lost without a glance. Ale is at times lower than the limit beyond the border between 120 yew. UAH for your purchase will be shukati koshti for the average payment of interest to the owners of the oblast.

As a rule, the part of the region and the shares is not safe for the company itself, but for potential investors in simple factories, there are a lot of opportunities for them.

Especially great is the value for evaluating the market position of income, which is the indicator of lower income income per share and that market value. The winnings are due to the same price for the same dividend. Yakshcho, for example, the price of the share becomes 150 UAH, and the dividend dividend is 18 UAH, the rate of return is 8.33. As a rule, there’s a need for dynamism, and for more information, you need to buy a deal and get enough money for the market.

The Daniyskiy exponent really can say something for such minds:

  • the price of shares for quietly dividends;
  • the price of accrual growth at a fast pace, lower dividends;
  • the price of accrual is indefinitely indebted for less dividends.

Independently for various reasons, the growing number of needs, in the number of winnings, on the one hand, and the big idea for Maybut’s business as a sub-market. Porvnyannya tsyogo indicator with a similar indicator іshih fіrm yak y dynamites, so і for the remaining rіk yes іmlivіst pіdpriєmtsyam zrobiti correct vibіr ob'kta zdііsnennya svіyh investіtsі.

Slide deign respect and at such an important moment. There is a certain amount of sound promotions, so as to be safe from the previous formulas, by the way, there are no clean bids for a minus fiscal payments for the privileged shares of one incurrence. But it doesn’t mean yet, such a value will be paid just right to the owners of these shares. Part of the reservoir is part of a trip, because it is not possible to have a private holiday by way of public holidays in May period. Schob realistically judge about the mechanism of distributing the benefit of business at the stage, recognize the amount of payment of the dividend as the result of the payment of the actual payment of the dividend on the share of the premium rate. Yakshko, say, whose indicator is to become 45%, which means that 55% of the surplus of net profit was not paid off. The image is displayed at the balance sheet and the company is in the offensive for investment, and the end of the last commercial operations.