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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.7.5. Interchange of warehouse items when prompted by the accounting department as a process for the theory of double

An accountant's region to lead only in the boundaries of a specific hairline of statehood. The cloudy process in the accounting region is considered to be the vimogs of the corridors of the accounting information (hairline, esteemed skinny) that is characterized by the cob and the edge. The period may be a calendar period (rock, quarter, month), or the state insurance period (rock, pivnichy). To that, we have the principle of accounting for є understanding поч cob ’and« kіnets ’of the regional period.

On the cob of the regional periodu can be buti:

a) the cob of dyalnosti (goal) of the company;

b) kіnets of the anterior period of dyalnostі (calendar abo state insurance period).

As a matter of fact, the gate is now zero.

At the second half of the year, the cob mill є the middle camp of the front Lord’s rozrahunkovy period, a kind of accounting by the accounting balance — having won an audited statement.

To voznachennya the cob camp, I will be able to give thanks to the Vicorists for the introduction of inventories. At the beginning of the year of inventory, it is possible to add the following ranks of cobs, however, as they say, the entry camp is the balance


The skin gospodar fact - the name of the abo process (operation) - is guilty of a lot of documentation, because of the evidence. The document is the basis of accounting records. The document is guilty of the city’s suttuvі kіlkіsnі y vartіsnі characteristics of the oblast obliku.

Accounting documents are rewritten, revised and restructured, on the back of the bookstore I will store the bookkeeping account, I’ll write the basis until the end.

Rahunki vіdkrivayut on pіdstavі accounting accounting prove - a document.

On the accounting side, write records on rachonah. When the completion of the record is closed, the turnover is signaled for the progress, vibrations, as well as the new mill, the result is a drawdown (balance) of the oblast.

Closed wickets to create a new, final (residual) balance.

I’ll ignore the scheme of the accounting region, such as the one of the warehouse elements of the regional process, method, shown in Fig. A.7.3.

Use the methodical method of folding, as a whole, after the first examination.

Zagalna scheme induce accounting region

Fig. A.7.3. The scheme behind is to incite the accounting region as a process on the basis of theory of dualities