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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.8. Pobudova of the twofold (imprisoned) image of the gospodar factual evidence - that processes in the system: the principle of recording

A.8.1. Zagalny pidkhid

At accounting rakhunahs I’m imagining that I’m going to become, I’m going to have more money (from rozumіnnі zmennshennya abo zbіlshennya) of the state factories-appearances and processes;

There is no need for a more complete image of the process, so that, according to the skin derma facto-revelation, but simply that the process is easy, you can easily express the information about the characteristics and the requirements, as well as the availability of the necessary information. Such data for operational testing, operational monitoring and analysis.

Yak bulo meaning, gospodarski fact-yavischi abo process vidobrazuyatsya on rakhunah vzamopov'yazano. The essence of the whole moment is to start before recording the state operations on one wiklik rachun; recording the price operations on the old, correspondent rakhun is necessary.

In the case of impeccable state-sponsored operations of the system of suttons, I know that only one and the same sum is imagined on two rahunks, that is, two. And the fact is that the necessary need for a new one will become two aspects of the state gift — the productive forces and virological vidnosin. From one side, this can be the result of a larger scale, but a smaller scale of state donations, as well as being in state gratitude. From the side, you can see it in my mind in the structure of the productive forces of any virobic species. Sounds of a holiday: a picture of a state-owned operation, a picture of a state-owned operation, I rejected my credit card for the same bag, my book, one time, another time, and another -

Podvіyne (dvoїste) vіdobrazhennya gospodarskih faktіv-operatsіy - Process vіdobrazhennya in buhgalterskomu oblіku ob'єktivno іsnuyuchoї podvіynostі (dvoїstostі) sutі, nature, Process gospodaryuvannya yak єdnostі productive forces i virobnichih legal vіdnosin i podvіynostі (dvoїstogo) the nature of the circuit zasobіv gospodaryuvannya i Jerel їh utvorennya . There is a viklikano of the twofold character of the category of bartosti, in a certain turn of the elements (warehouses) of the state donation process: both the subject and the sub.