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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

17.4. Methods for visualizing the value of the history of analysis for analyzing viral and economic parameters in the field of consumer goods

First agreement of the main market prices for acquisitions by the agrarian methods of singing methods for determining the level of interest in the economy of the world. To talk about the price of wholesale business , I can ask you what kind of offer, how much you can get at negotiations with potential purchasers when placed with them, you can buy and sell real estate. When I have a great memory, I have time to reach them and the products, products can be put on the market at home, at home and at an agreed time for purchases.

In the practice of marketing activities, there is a decile of methods for setting the price proposition:

  • From the price of the competitive price to the analogous products of the competitors;
  • for an additional test sale in the winter segments of the market;
  • at the final result, closed bargains with the method of gaining a substitution for the viral performance of singing products and products.

The main method for the acquisition of wholesale prices is the “average vitrati plus profit” method. You can use the method of transferring the latest products and services (including products and services plus product sales) from the list of articles, as well as from the optimal margin of profit, normally. With the full benefit of price-fixing and payment of subsidies from overseas funds. Todin price proposition (Cp) can be denoted by the formula:


de Cr - odds, I will preserve the optimal profitability of galuz . Pripustimo, economic managers have established that the optimal level of profitability should be 35%, while the cost of ownership is 1.35; Kpf is a factor that characterizes the apparent value of the budget for overseas funds. Yakshcho, say, the right to health in the Innovation Fund at the Rosemary 1% of the acquired penniless virus, then the number of quotes becomes 1: 100 = 0.01.

Slide mean, the method of method is a series of modifications. For example, as a rule, take care of the vitrati for the delivery of products to the point of the final designation, then the cost of the delivery of the goods is covered in the warehouse for the delivery of goods (the method of setting the price for the delivery of the goods). But, having signified the price of the proposition, you can set up a songbook (method of fixing the price with books).

Viznazhennya price of proposition (wholesale price of business) є basic, but not one element of the price of strategic business. For the sake of a third-party middleware (the market situation, the adoption of the most powerful regulatory acts), the guilty parties must introduce the necessary corrections into the mechanism of competitiveness, as well as the need for competitiveness.

The price is an important tool for analyzing virological and economic parameters. So, for the help of Russia, you can signify such a yield of crops and productivity of creatures, for which you can get free from viruses. The instructions of the rozrakhunok are to be observed at this time the folding of the virological programs and the designation of the planned virological vitrats per unit area for one head of creature. If only the crop of such crops and the productivity of the creatures is determined through Uh, and the higher vitriety (permanent and permanent) - through the CB, then the formula for the value of the specified parameter for viewing the image:

Yx = CB: cp,

de Cp - the price is predicted for 1 centner of products.

In addition, plans for 1 hectare for 1 hectare of winter wheat to become 730 UAH, and the price is forecasted - for 1 centner of grain - 52 UAH, including a bezbit-free flow rate of 14 centners per 1 hectare (730: 52). Vitrati per 1 hectare in the amount of 730 UAH was sold, while the expected yield was 30.0 kg per 1 hectare. Otzhe, let’s make a difference for 30 centimeters, we’ve got an affair for a little bit, so long as we don’t go down to the 14 cent. Beyond the boundaries of the whole region of grain, grain will be zbitkim. Discriminate the results of such an analysis лив with important implications for giving the judge the opportunity to judge the degree of product appearance of a specific type of product. In our application, it’s low, moreover, having the right to possess a profit for underestimated yield is up to 53.4% ​​[(1 - 14:30) • 100].

The water hour of the managers of the enterprise may have a chance to see the steps of increasing the availability of deposits for the market (in our application, the market for grain). For the whole, it’s necessary to know the minimum price for realizatsii, the MC for such an opportunity to reach a bitlessness of virobnitz. Such a value, as we have seen, is due to the center of production. In our application, won the door:

MC = CB: Uz,

de Uz - the planned crop yield (productivity of one creature’s head). Згідно with our tribute to MC = 24.33 UAH (730: 30). Yak bachimo, the rizovanosti virobnitsva grains and for the parameter price is low for food, the fragments are very clear margin for lower prices to the margin of 53.2% [(1 - 24.33: 52) • 100] for the increase in holding plan.

There is a big problem for winners of the issue, which means that they need to completely sell their songs in order to live right away for the better, as a rule, I have to fix this, as a rule. For example, realizing cartography I turn on stream rock in the offensive rostry vimagєid pidprimstva dodatogo vitrata in зї zberiganny and immediately vra-khuvannya rubbing cartography in the process of such zerigannya. All the same type of products. Preoccupation of an early harvest of vegetables as well as vimaga vid pidprimstv dodatogo vitrats, scho pidvishchu ikh of sobvartіst. Selling chickpeas to beetroots from 1 to 15 veresnya for a little price I want to see my interest for the rakhunok lower rivnya ryh vrozhinostі at the indicated sentry.

From now on, it’s necessary to notice the border between the development of the product center, for which the profitability of the profitability of the company is already reached. For the whole, we write down the formula for the value of profitability:

(C1 - Cx): Cx = Po,

de Ts1 - the price for 1 cent of products was sold for sales of real estate in a string for sales; Cx - the boundary of the growth of individual products, for a clear reach of the profitability of the profitability (Ro), some.

Here are the necessary mathematical formulas given:

Cx • Po = Ts1 - Cx;

Cx • Po + Cx = Ts1;

Cx • (Po + 1) = Ts1.


Here are the necessary mathematical formulas given

In addition to the significant number of indicators for the actual design, we can actually increase the number of products, we need to implement the actual prices for the right line, and I can make sure that the prices are correct and economical. Zrozumіlo, thanks to the government, whereby we can realize such sales for the mind, actually, more effectively, less than the marked boundary rivie її, and navpaki. It is important when tsuzh to vrahuvati and zmіnu masi a little extra for a single area (the head of the creature).

With the linking of market links in Ukraine, it is obvious that you have to check out new wines for comrade and friendliness, commensurate with the level of linking with the international market.