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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


18.1. Understanding the characteristics, characteristic of the Ії indicator and the value for the competitive competitiveness of products

Product selectivity is the basis of the power of the authorities, which characterizes the world of the ability of given products to satisfy the needs of consumers who are entitled to appropriated prices. I’m reconciling the development of products, the functionality of the products and the development of science and technology progress and the level of realizing the results of virobnitsvo. We want to eat more products, to satisfy them more and more, to help them live and to effectively and socially and economically solve the problems of developing suspension.

The pre-holiday period has a tendency to the last one-year output of products. Tse - an active process, obedience to the law of growing consumerism. In addition, the tendency to predict trends in the environment at one and the same time can be reliably manifested through the disclosure of a specific interchange of obligations regarding the offer of products and the availability of goods. In the minds of deficit, as long as the proposition is void, the vimogs are diminished and unstable. We have a great deal of water for the first time in the market for products, all the same time we have to go ahead and start working one of the main russia forces.

Sіlskogospodarska products є maє іzne tіlіve priznachennya. For example, there are three types of tipi: kintsevogo living, promіnu і syrovina. Prior to the product of living with Kindsev to introduce that product, like its own biological characteristics, it is always up to date for special living (fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, milk is not picked up). The products are designated for fake victorious holidays in high-school virobility in the offensive cycles, called industrial (feed, feed, feed). Silskogospodarska syrovina (syrovinny resources) is represented by these types of products, such as vikoristovyutsya for commercial processing (chukrovy beet, techno-sorted maple, a portion of the grain, lonoproducts, sonyashnik lean).

Dermatological type of products with their own indicators of yakostі. The indicator of brightness is the same kind of single power authorities of the product, who are satisfied with the singer’s consumption, living close to the total price of the vote. For the factually reached indicator of brightness to the normative (basic) value, we mean the level of brightness of products.

When you’ve got more and more indicators of specific rhivities for singing types of products, there’s a complex range of such factors:

  • vimog (bazhan) without immediate assistance: population, over-all households, agricultural enterprises, and the future industrial production;
  • real opportunities to reach the indicators of brightness for a given development of productive forces (technics, technologies, qualifications);
  • manifestations of fragmented methods, methods, methods, visibility indicators for control over their form;
  • safety of material stimulation of virobnik for attaining the best indicators and the establishment of material incentives for their reduction.

In the case of economic and literary practice, there are such indicators of performance.

Biological indicators characterize the appropriateness of products from the region before living out. It’s stinky to lay down the biological and physiological features of the roslin and the creature, while the process of virology and I see that I’m gaining a lot of products. The average of these indicators is the most significant value for the products of macro- and microelements, bilka, vitamin, zucru, starch, fat and skinny. For bagatokh types of products, more important is the importance of the visitor wiggle.

For additional biologic indicators to try out the basics about taking advantage of the different kind of products for living and securing normal life of people. It’s a little memory, which is a biological indicator of dynamic dynamism, a little time to lie down in the form of weather and cold minds, you can be polished a lot of people. For example, with all agricultural agro-technical crops, there are more wheat grains and more grains than wheat in the world, but 6% more points for the same minds.

Indicators of technological characteristics characterize such power as the high-quality products, which are necessary and the water hours are important for the effective industrial processing of the virocarbonate in the offensive cycles in the city of Kiev. For these indicators, evaluate the productivity of industrial products and the highest quality resources. For example, on the basis of grain obedience to the mother, similarity, varietal purity, vologost, do not override the border between the changes to the point.

Pokazniki tehnologіchnostі promіzhnoї produktsії spravlyayut bezposerednіy vpliv on produktivnіst sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva in Yogo the following stadіyah (Nasinnya - on rіven urozhaynostі cultures feed - at produktivnіst tvarin) and sіlskogospodarskoї sirovini - on produktivnіst i efektivnіst robot pererobnih of companies, Quantity that yakіst kіntsevoї produktsії scho them wake up.

Indicators of transportability are important for all three types of high-quality products - Kintsev residency, promozhny, syrovini, shards, characterize the stage of admission to transportation and the use of the old-fashioned rozvantuvany of industrial methods. The most important indicators of transportability are the class and size of the installation (products), the time and cost for preparing the products before transportation, the tariff and the package, the vitality for the installation and installation of robots, the transportation of goods.

Indicators of supremacy are important at all stages of the product range before living - a special chick of a fox. Stink out about the appropriateness of products to the conservation of biological and a number of technological indicators of performance in the case of organic and transport. Mostly indicators of higher prices are displayed in the row for winter products for winter methods and winter transport on the roads of the winter class.

Ecological indices give a chance to judge environmental cleanliness of products and addictions before living in people, but for a living creature from a point of view, there is no need to fill the camp of a living organism. Prior to these indicators, it is important to report on the products, radioactive materials, nitrates, nitrates, surplus pesticides and those who are not insecure for the lives of people, and they must be carefully monitored.

The safety indicators are represented by these peculiarities, as well as by the authorities of the Silkospodarsky Syrovini, which characterize the steps of the safetyless processes in the process of virological and virological victories. All indications, such as indicators of environmental, guilty, strictly controlled, are carried out through the method of official visits of overseas visits. For example, at the post-chornobilsky hour, the indicator in front of the saw is carefully controlled, and I can assert myself at the conversion of the icebreaker to the straw at the distilleries.

Economic indicators characterize the stage of economic and higher performance of goods and products of the product (goods) of the standard. The most respectful of them є: price per unit of production; a profit per unit of production; price competitiveness of products; part of the products, yakost certificate has been won for yak; the part of exported products in the obscure liability of the realizatsii.

Aesthetic indicators may be especially significant for Kintsev products, who need to live with one another, and for a wide range of goods. It’s stinky to characterize a commodity product appearance (identification of a tourist, rozmir, color, and for a wide range of products, a wider range of composition, a more detailed viral look of products, a rational form of skinny).

Patent and legal indicators for the types of products that are protected by a patent. It’s stinky that I’m describing the new winemakers, the goods that have been used, and the price. A water hour of patent legal indicators characterizes the patent purity of a product, which can be implemented without interruption in the internal and external markets.

In the minds of the market economy, the product quality is the most important role for the competitive competition. Ekonomіchne supernitstvo of companies, okremih ob'єdnan, Borotba їh for Rink zbutu zoseredzhuyutsya not tіlki on tsіnі and the second digit to mіroyu netsіnovih factors. The middle of these factors is advertising, the establishment of good minds for the realization of products, the provision of security (for the necessary) the provision of sales services, the purchase of goods, and the special offer of loans. Zrozumіlo, for the same price, I have a better product, I think I’m looking for yak. During the whole year, there are many products available, and there are more competitive products for the same competitors, and more than that, they can be sold without any other problems, but without any significant sales.

Please let me know how to understand and understand the competitiveness of products for their ability to buy power and characteristics, which are important to keep in mind that there is a similar difference in prices for similar products. Competitiveness of products for productiveness and competitiveness of productive products, as well as for their specific products, and their competitiveness. Productivity and safety. I also want to protect myself from the risk of losing money, taking into account the lack of social welfare, increasing the number of people who need to take part in a long-term relationship.

Zavdyaki polypreshennosti i rastsionalnomu vikoristannyu іnshih netsіnih new factorsіv pіdpriimstvo can not be overtaken by hours over competitors, since at a lower price, but to complement, they need to be able to significantly increase the need for