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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


19.1. The essence of scientific and technical progress and innovation. The main characteristic of direct NTP

At this moment, the whole aspect of economic growth and social reach of people is more and more associated with science-and- technology progress (NTP), which can be geared to the recognized nature and suspension of the law. NTP is very easy to understand and understand that it’s possible to understand the process of creating new and up-to-date signs and objects, as well as technology, as well as managing them.

In the agro-industrial complex, scientific and technical progress is in charge of such main strains: technical, technological, agricultural, biological and organizational-economic. I’m covering them with a wide range of specific problems, scattering some problems in front of many opportunities for a fresher and more complete sale, and taking an oath to sell more products and more products. For example, technical direct transfer of scientific and technical information, I’ll give further details to the theory of machines, automation and automation systems, computerization of agroindustrial technology, development of new and complete industrial systems of agricultural and industrial products, theories and methods of cultivating the crops of the Silkospodar culture and productivity of creatures based on new technological solutions.

Agrohіmіchny eg NTP pov'yazany of rozrobkoyu novih bezpechnіshih for people i navkolishnogo seredovischa vidіv mіneralnih Welcome i hіmіchnih zasobіv Zahist Roslyn i tvarin, doskonalіshih sposobіv їh zberіgannya Adding i, s obґruntuvannyam metodіv naypovnіshogo vikoristannya pozhivnih rechovin of mіneralnih Welcome ґruntovih zapasіv that i dosyagnennya on tsіy The basis of the most economical effect on the skin groshin unit is Vitrat, due to the need for virology. Bіologіchny eg NTP ґruntuєtsya on away rozvitku traditsіynoї selektsії, gennoї іnzhenerії, rozrobtsі novih bіotehnologіy, pov'yazanih of virobnitstvom nezamіnnih amіnokislot, novih shtammіv gribkіv, of Poshuk novih i Shirshov vikoristannyam already vіdomih entomofagіv i entomopatogenіv, vermiculture, stvorennyam printsipovo novih bіologіchnih sposobіv dіagnostiki serious zvozvoryvan creature skinny.

Of particular importance at the current stage is the organization and organization of direct scientific and technical progress . The transformation of the forms of power and the restructuring of collective social and private property and the establishment of new state property in the country has become the central bank for the rest of fate (1999-2001). In the third quarter, the problem of incidence and conduction in such cases of a fundamentally new internal economic mechanism was encountered, a kind of interest in which we were able to receive more efficient and better service. Razv'yazuvatisya tsya problem is guilty at once from the farthest gains to the rented business people in the village (main and land), as well as from the right adequate to the status of private enterprises of the second government and organizational structure.

Krіm rozglyanutih, vazhlivimi warehouses Lanka organіzatsіyno-ekonomіchnogo directly NTP Je vdoskonalennya forms organіzatsії th Pay pratsі, rozrobka bіlsh exactly metodіv planuvannya i prognozuvannya virobnitstva, obґruntuvannya ob'єktivnіshih kriterіїv otsіnki rinkovoї pozitsії of companies, marketing zabezpechennya perevag, udoskonalennya organіzatsії virobnichih protsesіv toscho.

In order to achieve the best possible efficiency, to protect the competitiveness of the products, agricultural products and the health and safety of the environment. Achievement of the scientific and technical progress, the results are called innovations, and the new products in virobnitstvo - innovations. Діяльність підпрімств од од зап зап запод зап ров ров ров с с с с с с с с с феру с од од од Д Д og Behind its character is one є one of the forms of investment. Zauvazhimo, scho in economic literature has not been violated yet one way before the interpretation of the innovative dynasty; Violate such understanding, as an innovation process, to worry about trying to get your own way to science-and-technology progress.

NTP - the whole is broader understood, lower innovation process (I call it innovation innovation). Continued rozumyut progressive, like new zmіn, scho continually vinikayut at the hour and that space. Such is the interpretation of the innovation process, on a daily basis, not being understood by the NTP. Getting started to take a look at the Innovation Process (Innovation Development) is important for the warehouse of scientific and technical progress. The result of this process of innovation, incorporation in radically new and completely new products, technology, social services, organizational and economic solutions * 1, is that they bring up to date any additional costs.

* 1: {Innovation and marketing are not interpreted as the result of an innovative process, but as a result of a wider range of suspenseful activities, but not necessarily the following: .: Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, 2000. - P. 5).}

The particularity of the innovative process is that those who have a warehouse for scientific and technical research for the most important ones, do not manage to innovate, save fundamental and applied, develop and develop new products, as well as have new products. Yak bachimo, the essence of the innovation process is to be reduced to the goal of innovation and bringing it to the camp, an appendage of practical vikoristan.

Ozhe, Інnovatsії - Це obov'yazkovo news, but, as a rule, not all news є іннінатііми. And even the result of scientific and technical progress is not much less than new, which can lead to significant changes in the sphere of social and social spheres of innovation, ale th and last, which will help to reduce the impact on the main results of practice. Also, call the new local. Say, a rationalized proposition is the result of scientific and technical progress, but it’s impossible to discern how innovative it is, how much stink is not in the winter.

To local news to introduce, for example, polryshny okremich technical and operational parameters, frequent progressive technology in the technology, and the organization of viral technology is very thin. Stink of zooming in on the evolvement of dyalnostі pіdpriєmstv.

For the efficient function of economy, it’s necessary, most likely, for new products to be bought on the macro side by the way of progressive middle-aged structural losses and the highest quality of the productive forces. On mіkrorіvnі zavdyaki innovations pіdpriєmstva for neobhіdnostі іstotno zbіlshuyut virobnitstvo produktsії, polіpshuyut її yakіst, dosyagayut neobhіdnoї stabіlnostі in rezultatі pom'yakshennya vplivu nespriyatlivih natural minds іstotno pіdvischuyut produktivnіst pratsі, zabezpechuyut ekonomіyu resursіv i, nasampered, energonosіїv and takozh ohoronyayut dovkіllya, uspіshno virіshuyut social nourishment, engagement with a subordinate winter of minds, living and wandering people in the village.

In the minds of the market economy, there are a lot of opportunities to produce new ideas by themselves, immediately by the rush force of the scientific and technical progress and sub-project to bring this idea to the stage of practical testing. As a rule, there are such enterprises as є know-how ’hairdoers who, as a rule, reach out to the main camp on the market.