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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

19.4. Efficiency of congestion of chemical preoccupations with zhismu roslin i tvarin

Vidomo, what are the best ideas for culture and culture of the world, creatures scream about 8000 winter comas, clies, grizzlies, fungal, foreign, bacterial and nematic diseases. It’s stinky to reduce crop yields and productiveness of creatures, to extinguish the yields of products, and to bring them up to a second without any necessary visits. Allow you to present yourself for a new year’s celebration, which is why you need to look at one of the most negative factors, a certain amount of money for the financial camp of agricultural enterprises and their nature.

Science and practice, virobili kіlka, direct and indirect wrestling, and middle-aged schoolchildren, middle of those who stayed for ten days thought they needed to take care of rostin and tvarin. First, take the rumor about the vibe of singing straightforward, the agrarian commitment of the mother, the information about the efficiency of the activities and the ways to deal with the people, and I’m very clear about their nature. раж ен ен:: еп еп еп еп еп: epidemiologic chi nonepidemiologicheskie, could be able to double such an urge skinny)

From an economic point of view, struggling with schoolchildren and twigs and associates for understanding, first and foremost, if you are a deputy to viral products, you should be able to do this without any delay; in a different way, if vitrati to fight with schoolchildren and twigs for too much wringing at the vartіstyu sparingly shave; in the third place, if one doesn’t live up to preventive and direct methods, one has to go through hundreds of pennies, see the reduction in productivity (productivity) and the most frequent production cycle.

For the fate of the crisis of agricultural production, we have quickly passed the scale of the concession of the chemical wages and the need for the supply of pesticides for the import of imported goods. In 2000 p. virobnitstvo khimichnogo zasob_v zahistu roslin at 100% enumerated for the second day became less than 1.1 thousand. t, but 26.8% before 1995 p.

At 2000 p. In the structure of living outbursts, the portion of national virobnosis decreased far beyond the critical range and became less than 2%. There was an impudent demand for the organization of the viral virobnosis of the greatest generations. Persh to finish wagami croki to the full extent already already zroblenі in 2001 p. Zokrem, at the Cherkasy plant himreaktiviv steel viroblyat іnsecticidi "Cyclone" and "Ditoks." Until Kintsya 2002 p. virobnitty of the most powerful people is planned to be 2–2.5 times higher and bring a portion of the viral virality to 40–42%.

In case of chronic illnesses, it is necessary to deal with the need to economically save money. Pid him rozumіyut taku mіnіmalnuyu the strength of the popular schoolchildren, for such vitrati to fight with them pay off at the cost of saving the innocent. By scientific installations, different economic thresholds for winter holidays and winter holidays for the critical fields in the fields. I recommend that you give these recommendations to give the zmogu, on one side, to unjustifiably draw up vitamins for taking pesticides, as long as they didn’t overstep the marked threshold, but I didn’t have to go through this way If you can reach it all, you need to be sure to do it right and the way to find out what to do, to get the results of some alternative solutions.

It is economically efficient to conquer the chemical preoccupations with the roslin and the creature to become known for such a very methodology, which is for the use of mineral supplements. Yak reconcile more recent practice, payback vitrats for the acquisition of pesticides to milk the lap and dossa for more than 200–600% of crops, and in large-scale vipads — more.

Protect on practical taka ekonomіchna efektivnіst do not wait to reach. One of the most common reasons for this is the low culture of stagnation, ziberigany and transport of pesticides. Zokrema, it is not often visible lines and norms introduced, the frequency of processing of samples is broken, it is allowed to get out of the box when there is a slight increase in temperature, so that I can not be seen at all. In bagatokh state thanks to the special day-care monasteries and the necessary hardships for the preparation of pesticides. A whole system in the country does not have a system for transporting them. Often chemical preparations are delivered in great capacities, but it will be necessary to expedite the collection process and transportation to the state thanks and the extra hours will be washed for the emergency staff for the service staff. Therefore, it is important to keep the packaging of pesticides low, so that you can work in the most distant lands, if you have to let them go in the small containers in two-liter containers.

We are important in direct development of NTP in the case of galactic congestion of pesticides є supplementary treatment of drugs. Nineties in the world intensively scatter and in some countries in practice, the fifth generation pesticides are practically victorious, the rate of introduction of which is becoming less than 15-20 g / ha. All the more concentrated, highly viscous preparation, with distinctive qualification. It’s necessary to switch to the launch of granulation, microcapsulation, with the direction of electric charge of pesticides, as well as to significantly reduce the difficulty of a random medium and is significantly unprotected for people.

There is a need for intensive development of science and technology progress in direct development and development of new technological processing by using pesticides, as well as filling out new generation machines, I need to form 80 times. In practice, such machines are more likely to be used - because of the small amount of ultramoob’s that have been taken into account, they can help reduce the dosage of pesticides by 25-50%. Through the lack of technical techniques, it’s easy to introduce unevenly, significantly lowering the effectiveness of their production, and to improve their productivity. In more and more countries, independent of the large scale of the prevalence of pesticides, and in the case of kharch products, they shyly change, but ahead of the rest of the country, new technologies and technologies have been introduced.

In Ukraine, to arrange a guest there is a problem of frames, so that they would be good to competently, with the right amount of time to get the most of the necessary chemical preparations. In the baggage of rozvinenih countries adopted national programs for the protection of pesticides, in which there is a special respect for the preparation of personnel. For example, a Danish farmer is guilty of completing a 200-year advanced training course. If he / she needs a diploma, without a bank, the bank will not give credit to the whole farmer. As a rule, in Ukraine, in the period of functionality, there are more than two types of needs - the problems and the problems - the problem of special services, the fact that they have less time for training, the more private, the more and more Vinikaє is impudent demand in preparation for the future, as well as membership in robotics for work with these products. In addition to meeting the requirements for a number of times, you can go to virobnikov pesticides, add them, do not worry about the necessary professional training, and you can seriously violate the rules for introducing them. Yakі negative neglidki can be buti, it is not important to transfer. That is why it is necessary to organize a permanent training course for the preparation of farmers, to improve the availability of private private facilities with the necessary binding for the skin, even if it is necessary to independently grant the state land.

Slad mean, scho zasosuvannya pesticides at the same time but vraje protect. Їx vikoristannya virpravdane less than todi, if іnshі methods to fight with schoolchildren and twigs do not give the necessary effect. Such pidkhid to prompt the system to clean roslin and tvarin є zhittvo is necessary, osklki khimichnі preparations strongly obnudyte navolichnn є middleware, seriously shkody to health of people. Vіdomo scho at nedoskonalіy tehnіtsі, yak nerіdko vikoristovuєtsya ninі in Gospodarstwa, blizko 97% іnsektitsidіv i fungіtsidіv that 60-90% gerbіtsidіv not dosyagayut ob'єktіv prignіchennya and potraplyayut at ґrunt, povіtrya, water minutes urazhayut korisnu flora prignіchuyut bіologіchnu aktivnіst ґruntu , faltering nature’s vnovnovlennya yogo family. Particularly threatening is the fact that in the bagato species the coma of the wicked tree is up to the maximum, and all the higher doses are introduced, it is necessary to bring the highest rate to the highest level. For secondary students, already 500 types of lumps have become standard until the age of children and more than 10-30 generations of pesticides have been eliminated. Zrozumіlo, what is the shortest cycle of winter generations, and so on, shkidshi shk_dniks should be stuck to singing ру то х м і з з з ус ус ус ус в ип в ип в в ип в негатив негатив негатив negative neglect.

More and more foreign students have been informed that pesticides are mutagenically active, because there is no need for uncontrolled, direct decline. To stink, you can cause the masov to appear mutation, which will destroy the genetic purity of the varieties. A few pesticides can vary during the growth of the macro- and microelements and in the production of products.

To that, in the agrarian skin sector, the guilty party has been requested to integrate the roslin clean system;