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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

21.3. Galuzі galuzev structure of agricultural enterprises and methods

When looking at the front food, we often got used to the term “galuz”. It’s independent of all the ignorance of the whole term, all the same, there is a need for a greater degree of Roscriticism. Galuz is a part of the city’s viral distribution, as well as the most common parts, a set of viral objects (subject and technical license), and a large number of technical resources.

Yak bachimo, understanding galuzi є to finish foldable, especially if you want to go about the state thanks. Adje on the rіvnі empire won’t look like a galaxy of national gospel. During the water hour, state thanks are such a sphere of material virobnitz, and the yak itself can be stored in a complex of galleys; In fig. 21.1 depicts the gradation of the galleys of the Sylsky statehood. On the cutaneous view of the rhivnus of the understanding of the galaxy, one looks like one, as well as one in the own singing group of lower order galuses with laced rice cooked rice.

Gradatsiya Galuzey Sіlskogo gratitude

Fig. 21.1. Gradatsiya galuzey sіlskogo gospodarstva * 1

* 1: {Behind the okremysky gallows of the 3rd Rivne, one can see the galleries of the 4th Rivne. For example, in grain crops such gallows include winter wheat, winter wheat, barley, wheat, and leguminous plants.}

Kozhne agrarian pіdpriєemstvo, cream of higher education institutions, the development of a number of galleys, which can be found at the singer’s singing (according to tradition). Falling apart from an economic role, as a rule, I’m able to play in the economy, I’m giving them a head start, an additional payment. Before the head to bring in the galaxy, form the virologic straight way, the special specialization.

All activities are required to be directed, ahead of time, to develop the necessary minds for the successful development of these very good gadgets, how much can be done to improve the efficiency of the rest of the state economy. The water hour of the skin is more suitable for the development of galoshes, as well as as a rule, it is more significant. The main function of the pole is that in order to achieve profitability, take the necessary steps to successfully develop the head gallus (special gadgets), to ensure that you have more resources and better seasons. For example, in Lysostepu’s minds, in grain and milk-milk direct dodatsky gallows, they can be buti gardening, but vegetable gardening.

W metoyu samozabezpechennya Pevnyi kinds sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії agrarnі pіdpriєmstva nerіdko rozvivayut pіdsobnі sіlskogospodarskі the Branch, scho toil Neznachny commodity value (napriklad, svinarstvo - for zabezpechennya pratsіvnikіv Gospodarstwa offspring i Gromadska harchuvannya pork ptahіvnitstvo - for zadovolennya require Gromadska harchuvannya toscho) abo zovsіm yogo not toil. Peculiar galosies can be represented by non-hostile virobnosti, on the side of miscellaneous promises, virobniztom of awesome materials. It’s possible to smell mother of merchandise and develop with the help of the rational work of the past and the last resources, gaining extra income and not much for self-care.

A lot of enterprises develop their products from the processing of products from the region. There are a lot of problems in such statehoods, who, for whatever reason, need to acquire the status of agroindustrial enterprises or agrofirm.

In agricultural enterprises, not all products are nabuvah commodity form. Chastin Ії lives in the process of viral ligation with front gates, in front of the head, in order to evaluate the galuse structure of the skin, it is necessary to show such an indicator, which is a characteristic of the bi warehouse and the main store. Such a head indicator is the structure of gross products, which can be seen in the duration of the products in fixed prices, the observable type of gadgets, and the overdue oversight of the gross production. Dodatkovі indicators of the Galois structure of food production - the structure of labor and material and groshy vitrates. The first one is to be calculated for the direct expenses of people in working years, which are incurred in the song gallus, for the upper bound for the direct labor costs of the acquisition of the previous multiple of the result obtained by 100. The other preceding indicator is slightly more obvious. .

The structure of gross product permissions is judged on the role of okremich galuzey in the vicarious virology programs of the state and the form of the commodity fund. From the list of pets to the consumer gallery in the structure of the gross product of growth is important for the economy of food production. As a result of this indicator, due to the structure of commodity products, we have information about a small number of galleys, so as not to have a significant value and products that are similar to consumer goods for merchandise. For example, at special cattle-feeding enterprises there is more significance for the function of the head-on goluz, from the same, and for the economy of the state gratitude in the whole house of feed and feed. In the structure of commodity products, we don’t have to find our own image, just like the structure of gross products in Ukraine has a slightly unstoppable share of 20% and more.

With the marked Galuseian structures of food production, it is necessary to operate with tributes for three or five years, so that I can undo the vipadkovy vidhilen in the results obtained, due to the influx of weather minds. In case of a separate evaluation of the galuzev structure of the products of the various viral companions, I will directly change the sense of respect for the exchange and distribution of commodity galleys. Thanksgiving, I’m trying to get rid of identical natural and economic minds, just want to specialize, I’m kindly asking for a set of names of gals, partitions, some kind of resources, and a number of other For that reason, for example, in pig-friendly special schools, children can be more willing to have a good drink for satisfying domestic needs, as well as in hospitals, we have to pay a fee. In cattle-dairy enterprises, cattle-breeding is not developed for dairy products, but in state donations, they must specialize in viral education and I’m sheep, for there’s a little dodatka. State donations do not develop the world of peace and prosperity of the galaxy, as well as exclude the great costs of manual pricing and in the kind of technological cycles of the viral products.