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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

21.4. The methodology of the valuation of the effectiveness of the galusov structures of enterprise

The economical efficiency of the galuseian business structures is manifested through the economic efficiency of the commodity halos. The first is the low health, thoroughly establish the role and role of the head galaxy in the economy. When there’s a galaxy, you’ll see the following indicators:

  • pet carriage galus in virobiichny vitrates of food;
  • frequent labor costs galuzі in foreign labor costs pіdprimstva.

The role of the head galaxy in the economy of enterprises for such indicators:

1) frequent penniless virus products for the sale of head gallus in the main virus products;

2) by your own car rent a view of the realizable products of the galaxy in the main mass production. For your mind, let’s say that the main є zbit’s gadget is to enumerate the third part in the foreign sum of money, which is not adjusted for observance of the latest virological assets.

We look for food in a carriage of a carriage of a head galluz at the vitrats of a virology and labor costs, and at the same time we have a small loan in an economy from the position of living virological resources. Similarly, go to estimate indicators in the role of galuza in economy. For an unambiguous gadget about the value of the head galaxy in the economy of the company, it is possible to integrate the integral index of Kp for the formula:

Integral indicator (21.2)

de Suma Pet Wagi - the sum of the pet vagi of the ix kind of effect (penniless virus and a little extra) for the main headroom in the third foreign sum for the household; Suma Pet Wagi - the sum of the pet-vagi of the j-th factor (virological vitrats and labor costs) in the rest of the country due to donations.

Significance of the main gallus in the economy of zrosta for Cr> 1. As a rule, Cr <1, ​​then for those who have a head gaze, it is inefficient to develop.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the galuzev structure of the business, the whole structure of the product should be taken into account by the structure of the surplus of the business, which is not adjusted for the profit and loss of the sales. The economic reserve of the remaining indicator of the pole lies in the fact that you can permit a small number of skin lesions in the form of the head jerel of the expanded vision. As a rule, I find that I’m most likely to have a small car in a structure to a certain extent, often a lot of things in the structure of commodity products. However, the statement does not mean that these indicators (pitoma vagus galus in the structure of commodity products at the structure) are guilty of guilty for their absolute values. Zavdyaki perishable special offers for viral performances of the kind of products are reduced sobvartіst and polіshshutsya ії yakіst. Tse - zagalna zakonіrnіst, so expect to be manifested for the normal minds of the state grant within the boundaries of the rational level of concentration of virobnitz. As a result of the given factor in the supply of special cars, there are special gadgets in the structure, which are partially divided in the structure of commodity products. As a rule, they are willing to make a fool of themselves, as a result of which there is a seemingly lacking level of efficiency in the production of head products.

For the estimation of the galuzevo structure of food production, we have fully determined the indicators, such as extra charges, payback of the working vitrates by the way, weight per hectare of the land per one head, the rate of the advance payment.

For your understanding of how to fully manage your Galusov’s structure, your winery needs to be absorbed due to the influx of a whole factor on the results of virobnitz. Oskіlki strukturnі zrushennya in spіvvіdnoshennі Galuzo vplivayut on ekonomіchnu efektivnіst virobnitstva in kompleksі of dієyu on neї іnshih chinnikіv - vprovadzhennya dosyagnen NTP, udoskonalennya organіzatsіynoї structuring virobnitstva, zdіysnennya regime ekonomії toscho - vinikaє neobhіdnіst in zastosuvannі spetsіalnoї techniques, yak b gave zmogu kіlkіsno vichleniti dіyu skin zokrem factor.

The essence of the methodology of the pole in the offensive. It’s a hindrance for a skin galuzia to pay a hectare ride per hectare of a cultured culture and for one middle head a singing creature with a singing period. Potniznachyut rozrahunkoviy (smart) rіchny oath rich oath a bit of virazu:

rich oath (21.3)

de Soj - the area for the j-th culture in the base period; P1j - viid sidetrack from 1 hectare due to j-culture at the best period; Pozhi - middle age of the creature of the first species in the base period; Ж1і - vihid a gain on one middle head of the creature of the ith species in the star period; p і t - vіdpovіdno kіlkіst viroshuvany at the state thanks to commodity crops і species of creature.

As a matter of fact, the main thing for the benefit is at P1, and in the base - At, then the backward priority will be:

P = P1 - P0. (21.4)

Zvіdsi prіrіst a profit for the razkhun zmіn at galuzevіy structures virobnitstva can be denoted by the formula:

surplus (21.5)

Zalishkova part of the increase in profit margin ЗП = П - р є as a result of the polypechnal technological organization of virobnitz. Yakshcho in the previous period passed serpents in the land-cultivation of enterprises, the factor of which is known.

In order to increase the profit of a better concentration, we need to increase the gain in income from the general structure of the virology structure.

In the minds of the market economy and the saturated market, the products of the region are not guilty of vipadati from the field to the glory of agricultural enterprises. In the first place, inward and outward competition, they often have to win the market often need more rapid retrieval of one of the galleys and shortened virobnost products of the latest. Proteus for any kind of furnishings, as a rule, is a powerful alternative for vibrating galleys, and later, in the form of a galuzev structure of virobnitz. We specifically consider the problem.