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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

21.5. The procedure for the selection of competing galleys and evaluation of alternatives in the form of galuse structures

The essence of the problem posed by the pole is that if you want to take such a roslinnitsky galuzi, you can drink on the products of these people and protect them from these minds in order to find out more. For this reason, zrozumіti is the essence of such an approach, a bed for the butt of a skorist, having a simplified viral situation, if virabiotic vitrati per hectare after competing galleys are even the same. Oskilki is also a good place for mothers in the practice of agrarian food, then I can give my wholehearted analysis * 2 I will help them to get more out of the way, I will have a problem in quietly communicating more and more often. The right point is є є є position, which is due to two different competitive cultures є equally economically higher, moreover, one can replace one product with the highest possible price for these two products. Koefitsynt substitutions in this vipadaku appear for the duration of the middle actual culture of the culture, I can see how the object of the deputy, for the average culture of the deputy minister (culture, I want to have a culture).

* 2: {Surround the methodical approach to such an analysis in the agricultural agro-economic field.}

The justice of the provision laid down may be brought to such an application. It’s permissible, if you want to buy a business, like a culture that is more beautiful than viroshuvati — think peas, you should become 30 years old and 20 kg / hectare, and the price is 56 and 84 UAH per cent. Spivvoshennoshennaya chich crops (kofіtsіnіnt zamіnі) to become 1.5: 1 on the pea, and spivvodnoshenniy tsin - 1.5: 1, ala on the sorrow. As a rule, viticulture per 1 ha is based on the name of the crop, however, then ownership is equal in size and 1 ha is pea and soot (30 • 56 = 20 • 84), but it is the same, there are two different cultures: 20 so, then you will need to see 30 peas, and in bulk. From now on, the company may be able to see one of the two cultures, but at the same time, at the same time, I don’t have to pay attention to it.

At quiet vipadki, if the number of factors is greater and even less than the new season (for the understanding of the same type of vitamins per hectare of competing crops), one way of producing more income is the same. Yakbi, at our application, the agility of the community became 23 centners / ha, then the coefficient was replaced by bi 30: 23 = 1.3, because the number was lower for the number of times due. For such minds at home, there’s more than enough peas, small peas, and shards with the whole lot of possessions (30 • 56 <23 • 84). The given rule has a rule, such as the following: the area of ​​the deputy culture (that is, standing at the sign with the designated number of factors) must be expanded for the competitive number, which is more important.

At that time, if the remaining index is smaller than the previous one, you need to expand the area for culture, so that I can take a look at the place for replacement (that’s what the number is). Yakbi, say, the pea was growing 32 c / hectare, the oddity was bui bi 1.6: 1 on the basis of the culture (32:20), so that he could override the bi oddity of the new age. As a result of the large-scale boulder and viroshuvat peas, oskilki tsya galuza brought a big bang for the buck (32 • 56> 20 • 84). As a rule, for purchase of a market of 20 centners, starting minds need to take peas with 1 hectare of land and sell the crop rotations, then with a certain amount of 1.6: 1, there is a new price of 0.9.

Coley zbіlshennya abo zmenshennya ploschі posіvu odnієї of crops will only be sold to pіdvischennya abo znizhennya її vrozhaynostі abo vrozhaynostі konkuruyuchoї culture, slіd koefіtsієnti zamіni rozrahuvati for rіznih spіvvіdnoshennyah Area i urozhaynostі Tsikh cultures i on pіdstavі obsession rezultatіv viyaviti nayratsіonalnіshu kombіnatsіyu Galouzeau for yakoї dosyagaєtsya maximum pributkovіst virobnitstva.

I’m reconciling the practice, at the largest combined winery per hectare, there aren’t any competing galuses, but I’m less expensive to solve problems for the future. There is a need for guiltyness in the presence of vigilance. There are two possible ones: first, if the price per hectare is constant, the number of vitrients for competing crops is the same, and the highest is centered on the products of the same age, but the number of times is clear that it is more profitable. Remaining rozrahovuyut as a retailer at the price of realizing the center of the product and with the necessary vitrums for the total cost of production. All the main pages of the different methods of the visualization of the one-way culture are the same as the meaning of the given vipadka.

More often, it will be faster to start up, if the culture is to be seen as an oath, not less than the winter vitrates, and the first ones, especially in the vipadas, if the technology is necessary for them to be violated. For example, on the other hand, weeds and carts can be reared, moreover for them you can see technics - dumpers and a pick-up complex for the first of the names of cultures and sheds and cart-picking combines - for another. Given a given level of productivity of such crops, the total amount of vitamins in the garden for a hectare of land is inverted to the proportions of the land area of ​​the land. So, as a matter of fact, vitriates, related to special technology for viral cereals, with 180 square hectares of land, taken for 100%, then 250 hectares for land, for the test complex, for example, C 6B ABO MKK-6, the stench becomes 28 p.p. less. Therefore, the essence of the other approach is to ensure that the price for the skin option is reduced to the number of vitamins per square meter per hectare of land, and then to the center of production. To achieve the result achieved, they will complete the Viti-rati and establish with such a rank the whole oath of virabiichny Vitrats. Vidnimannyh іh іd rinkovoї prices signify a profit from the rozrahunka at the center of production, a kind of victorious substitute prices for the establishment of a number of two-way competition with competitive galleys.

Significantly, now and today, on a centner of products, the price is more expensive, if you respect the quality of crops. In the last time, the permanent vitrati is possible to hedge per hectare of land. Vidnimayuchi ikh of the penniless income of culture from the price of self-esteem, signify a way, but will be victorious for the establishment of a factor of a two-way relationship. Farther away is the designation of the one-dimensional culture of the main culture in such a way, as for the minds of some kind of cultural price.