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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

22.2. Regional agroindustrial form

In the midst of regional agroindustrial formations, the most significant increase in their time in the minds of planned and centralized economies was the agroindustrial combination, and there was a considerable significant number of adaptive structures. Proteins of agroindustrial formations, which were built on the basis of 34 administrative districts, were not able to adapt to new brains of state donations and pinned their desires.

In the 90s, there was a wide range of such regional organisation form of agroindustrial integration, as agroindustrial assortment of virology, processing and sale of milk and milk. So, in 2001 p. funktsionovalo 62 associations in the dairy industry and 30 at the meat. To the warehouse you must enter, except for the head office - to the dairy Chi Myasokombinatu - goods and food stores and trade organizations.

Agro-industrial associations with voluntary acquisitions on the basis of the head undertaking - the meat factory and the dairy (creamery), for which the state independence is vested in law. Meta-development of associations - the latest interests of agrarian and agricultural interests on the basis of the best meat and meat products, milk and milk products received

Asotsіatsії - tse yuridichnі individuals, mostly funktsіyami yakih Je koordinatsіya dіyalnostі uchasnikіv in virobnitstvі, pererobtsі i realіzatsії kіntsevoї produktsії, organіzatsіya fіrmovih of companies torgіvlі, stvorennya ekonomіchnih minds for vzaєmovigіdnogo ob'єdnannya zusil at virobnitstvі, pererobtsі th zberіgannі that realіzatsії gotovoї produktsії on vnutrіshnomu i zovnіshnomu markets, cooperation of financial and viral resources with the method of satisfying the needs of state sponsors-participants.

The governing body of the administration is the following: to collect the most recently appointed representatives, and during the next few months to pay the most important functions, they shall be paid to the Rada, at least once a quarter. The viconious body of the association is the directorate, as if it were being formed by the Radha. Direction to the Director, Appointments by the Rada of Asociation. Entering into association, the participants re-insurance of contributions to the public relations at the Statutory and International Funds. Розx rozmіri iznachayutsya necessary vitrates on the activity of the community in the interests of the participants.

The range of functions that can be delegated by agricultural enterprises, as well as better ones. For example, thanks to the government - syrovini violators, who are required to enter as many associations as possible, delegate functions, as well as pay attention, pay attention, pay attention, and change the order. the creation of funds for the state donation of funds, which may require time and financial difficulties. The functions and functions of the delegation and the association. In addition, the delegation of the associates and such a function is the same as the period of profitability in case of the realization of real estate.

Participants - participants in the association to establish agreements on thinness, walking with economic minds, and systematically revising them for the rest. The main factor in the economic mutual relations of the members of the agroindustrial associations is that they are guilty of both materially interested in goods and services, and they have not only been able to provide more goods and services, but also With a total of 50% of such a move, go to myasokombinatu (ptahokombinatu) and 50% to state governments - the post-goers of syrovini.

Zavdyaki takіy іntegratsії sіlskogospodarskogo i agropromislovogo virobnitstva deyakі asotsіatsії dosyagli vischih rezultatіv virobnicho-fіnansovoї dіyalnostі porіvnyano of іnshimi m'yasokombіnatami th oblasne organіzatsіynimi structures m'yasnoї chi molochnoї promislovostі - vіdkritimi aktsіonernimi tovaristvami, asotsіatsіyami aktsіonernih tovaristv oblasnogo rіvnya abo іnshimi oblasne structures. The butt of the can of agro-industrial association “Chervony Promin”, was developed on the basis of Chervonopromeny meat and meat factory of the Lugansk region in 1992, “Berdychivsky dairy plant”, AT “Rhythm” (metro Chernivstv. Asotsiatsia nadaє I will help the Sіlskogospodarsky enterprises - participants in the community in the dribblennyh and materielnyh materials, spare parts, alarm materials, and so on.

Proteus as a whole, the effectiveness of robots that aim asocial to finish low. All this should be explained no less than crisis in the national statehood of Ukraine, including in the agricultural sector, and the incomplete economic mechanism of functional organization is incomplete. The main shortcoming given to the mechanics of the pole lies in the fact that it’s necessary to set the camp of the village of Malyaso and Ptakhokombinati at a privilege. Obviously, how much of recapitulation will be “weatherproof” because of such a profitability margin, for gaining a margin of income, it would be important, but it was impotent. To the end of the trial for these brains, the normative-planned level of profitability was clearly visible, fragments could not be reached, the whole profit would be lost in the ordering of such business.

In the other half of the 90s, the winery has such a new direct agricultural industry integrating more than the rest of the rivers (2000–2002), as well as renting agricultural and industrial products for the most part. Up ahead at the great rozmirah becoming renting land Salivonkivsky Tsukrovy plant. With the help of agroindustrial and industrial integration є Kam'yanets-Podilsky fruit and vegetable preservation factory BAT “Adams” 80 times a can of food, some land is rented, and there are also a lot of foodstuffs, otrutokhіmіkatami. Zdіysnyuє zbirannya plant I’m inviting in Vlasnuyu technology, so I have to offer a set of technical and technological services for the high-tech products needed.

By the new form of agro-industrial integration, she began to develop in 2000-2001, нич virobnichi structures, as well as pick up rice holding. So, agrofirm “Svitanok” of the Vasilkivskyi district bought 59.2% of the Salivonkivsky Tsukrovsky plant. She won the ability to immediately absorb the opportunity to take advantage of the cucumber plant with the opportunity to gain the most economically efficient vigodi. Having completed the “single technological cycle of virobnosis of cerebral beetles and that of conversion.” At 2000 p. agrofirm delivered 120 yew to the plant. tons of cereal beet, which became 49.4% of the total number of outbreaks of beet. In addition, the plant on leased lands virostiv 90 yew. t cієї sirovini abo 37% of the oath of reprobation for regular work (54%). Zavdyaki takіy integratsіі plant becoming praciuvati significantly effective. Yakshko s 1996 to 1999 p. Vin pratsyuvav zbitkovo, then at 2000 p. having gained 2,409 yew UAH profit. It is noteworthy that the singing positive role here was played and the situation on the market for cucumbers was favorable, and integration became the main factor in profitability.

Described on the application of agricultural enterprises "Svitanok" the form of agro-industrial integration is not a vignette. By the camp on November 1, 2001 TOV SGP Tsukrov Volodilo 64.2% of the shares of Tsukrov plant. Surround the agricultural industry, I want not to have a controlling stake in the shares of the plants, as well as in the share in the share capital of these enterprises, there is a great deal of opportunity for them to have a great opportunity to get a good deal. Say, Agrofirm “Anbuko” Volodya 43.5% of the shares of the Kirnasivsky Tsukrovny Zavod, TOV “Agrofirma Ugrodіїvska” - 35.9% of the shares of the Ugrodіgivsky Tsukrovny Zavod, PSP im. Zurupi - 24.6% of the shares of the Tsukrovsky plant Zurupi. Maє іsіce and re-supply of Volodya shares, if the plant is agrarian and agricultural, Volodya packages are one-in-one.

Agropromislov integration with rentals and rents is such a kind, for some kind of land, rent and purchase, which can not be technologically challenged due to the processing of products from the region. The butt of such an integrated integration of the agro-industrial complex of the mine is im. Fuck. Here virobnitstvo sіlskogospodarodskі products for 30 thousand. ha land. The complex consists of a poultry factory of a zvitovy zrazka, a dairy farm on a large scale for 1000 goals in a black-and-white breed is being established. In the villages I got the development of Firmov trade. The company "Artemіda" in Kirovograd at 2000 p. rented about 200 yew. hectares of land, in order to save yourself the necessary resources of the Silkospodarsky Campaign.

Here is the meaning of the agro-industrial integration with the latest business and social benefits and the local importance and not the most agro-industrial facilities. Funktsіyu ohoplennya іntegratsіynim Process usієї pererobnoї promislovostі Where Money Does organіchno poєdnuvalisya b ekonomіchnі Interests agrarian i agropererobnih of companies of orієntatsієyu on dosyagnennya them maximum kіntsevogo result mozhut vikonati agropromislovі asotsіatsії, ale for Minds vprovadzhennya them printsipovo new ekonomіchnogo mehanіzmu vzaєmovіdnosin mіzh uchasnikami tsogo Process. One of the most viable options for such a mechanism.