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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

22.4. Agro-industrial enterprises and agricultural enterprises

In the historical plan, some of the first gospodarskie agroindustrial forms, wins in Ukraine, agroindustrial enterprises, the cob of nuts were laid in 1919. in the wine-making and winery virobnitstvo in the form of the Radgosp-Zavod. Most of the rainfall and colleges felt like winery is not less in the whole kind of virobnosis, but in the fruit-and-vegetable and in the viola, because there is a large amount of viral products there .

Agroindustrial enterprises are all legal entities, in which there will be a great deal of viral products due to industrial processing, processing and processing. Agrarian and industrial legislation is more functional here than in the form of internal and external relations, but do not have legal independence. Agroindustrial enterprises may have a single governing body with organisation of effective efficiency of the financial statement, a complete list for all kinds of balance, a common plan of a public bank, a separate outlet. The material stimulation of the pre-existing and out-of-the-box rest of the reach of the efficiency of the agroindustrial activity as a whole.

As a rule, agroindustrial enterprises are one of the greatest possible specialized forms with significant areas of bagatelles (but vegetable crops) and a lot of extravagant virobnosti. In such cases, the virology offers realizable products of processing at once with penny-like products of the production of syringes, which are sold in recycled views, to save a large number of other products.

* 2: {Ofitsіyno in the central part of the SRSR before the agroindustrial enterprises introduced the state formulas, in which not less than 25% of the production of one special gallery with the third specialization was changed.}

About rozmіri integrated galuzі agropromyslovyh pіdpriєmstv to make such a given. In the middle, on one vineyard and winery, pidprimstvo (radgosp plant), nearly 900 hectares of vineyards fell to the anti-alcohol campaign, including 600 hectares of fruitful plants. The average need for the plant of primary winemaking is about 6000 tons of syrovini processing per season. Nineteenthly, one sees more than one needs in the process of making an ill-conceived campaign of vineyards, which allows the unbalanced sirovinnu base to be accommodated by the viral burdens of the most important crops.

In the case of special fruitful agricultural enterprises of the garden and the garden area, the average state has 700 ha of gratitude, and the number of fruit trees includes about 400 ha. In these industrial facilities, approximately 20–25% of the gross harvest of fruits and berries is sampled. This is the part of the product that doesn’t have a drink in the living room of a visitor. The cream of many factories and workshops, the main industry is the industrial production of refrigerated fruits and vegetables. Bagato of agricultural industry, especially in the northern regions of Ukraine, specialize in processing vegetables. Promislovy pidrozdіli here represented by canneries and workshops of food production of 6 to 175 tubes. The main function of this product is the processing of non-standard productive parts of vegetables, which does not need to be found at the front of the house.

The order of agroindustry in 80-year-old rocky began to intensively develop as well as state agroindustrial form, as agrofirmi - the result of the loss of integration processes in the lower agroindustrial industry. Among agroindustrial enterprises and agricultural firms є bagato spіlnogo, ale принципов th principle іvіdmіnnostі. The point is to show that in these state formulas virobnitstvo combining will be based on the principles of non-returnability and transferring the same amount of viral products to the industrial processing. In addition, the practice of reconfiguration, the organization of agricultural enterprises and agricultural enterprises is based on the great agricultural enterprises, and it’s possible to squeeze out the necessary viral potential and qualified personnel.

Vіdmіnnіst mіzh them polyagaє nasampered in fact scho in agropromislovih pіdpriєmstvah kombіnuvannya virobnitstva obmezhuєtsya virobnitstvom produktsії, її pererobkoyu, pakuvannyam i zberіgannyam, timchasom yak agrofіrmam, krіm Names vidіv dіyalnostі, pritamanny i Taqiy vazhlivy yelement єdinogo organіzatsіyno-tehnologіchnogo complex, yak realіzatsіya sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії th Promislovy іz іz sіlskogospodarskoi syrovini through vlasna trade measure. In addition, in agricultural enterprises there is a small number of bugs and includes low rates of processing due to the processing of large-scale products - roslinnitsky products. In agricultural firms, there are several intensively diversified industrial and industrial activities and industrial production, including non-commercial processing of food products (for example, distribution of goods, supplies, and household goods).

In the case of agro-farming problems, they are based on a large number of agricultural and industrial products, as well as their own technology, they cover the entire technology cycle: the production - the processing - the processing. Behind the principles of organizing data, the type of agrofirm is an agroindustrial institution, the descendants of a certain law protect the right of a legal person and the freedom of entry into the public.

Dosvіd robots of agroindustrial enterprises and agrofirm to talk about their move over non-integrated state structures. In these agroindustrial formulations, products are more widespread per unit area, more products are reached. Productivity is significantly increased. The main results of the significant world are also the same as the organization of the integrated virobnitz. Practice and science to reconsider for a number of reasons, which is more effective for such a combination of publicly-owned galleys and industrial wineries: viticulture - winery (workshop); sadіvnitstvo - refrigerator, drying workshop, canning (juice) factory; ovochivnitstvo - cannery (workshop), refrigerator; lіkarskі culture - installation of extravagance, drying shop, fasuvalny shop; cattle-breeding - milk processing workshop, overseas workshop, refrigerating chambers, recycling workshop; ptahivnitsvo - back-up shop, refrigeration chambers, skornyatsky shop, recycling shop for secondary products. In the ranks of the state agro-industrial enterprises, the formations for the rest of the rooks began to be replenished by industrial processing and grain production, such as mechanical equipment, a drying shop, a mini-elevator, a mill, a grinder, and a feed mill (workshop).

The skin agro-industrial and agrofirm guilty buty have reached a rational concentration of viral products, but will be victorious for reprocessing. If there is an immediate change of order, it is necessary to keep up the responsibility of the viral work of the processing plant (workshop), an oversight of deliveries of the products to the fresh view of the contract, and also of the other conditions. During the water hours, there will be more trials for the period of the need for the best products with the help of the better living and seasonal conditions, as well as the rhythmic robots of the most varied activities. It is possible to reach the goal of a rational selection of species and varietal warehouse of cultures as well as bagatelnichny nasadzhen with small rows of measured products.

Overseas trending development of state agro-industrial formations on a regular basis with the creation of new and expanded channels of market infrastructure, the services of marketing services, the main trading measure. For the reasons of the agroindustrial industry, they acquire the status of agrofirm. Significant value of trends, fragments of such enterprises, amuse themselves with deposits not less than those of the majority of monopolistic enterprises, and of the type of trading monopoly structures. Tsim himself stink stvoryuyut for yourself spriyatlivіshі rinkovі peredumovi gospodaryuvannya zavdyaki vіlnomu Vibor rinkіv zbutu (spozhivachіv) hour realіzatsії produktsії, vikoristannyu for svoєї Vigoda seasonal Oscillations tsіn, bіlsh Povny vrahuvannyu factor defіtsitnostі th svoєchasnomu koriguvannyu assortment produktsії vіdpovіdno to popitu on neї on spozhivchomu market analysis. Zaznachenі peredumovi mozhut Buti realіzovanі in Povny mіru s i away rozvitkom nasichennyam food market analysis, posilennyam zavdyaki tsomu konkurentsії mіzh agropromislovimi tovarovirobnikami, formuvannyam rinkovoї іnfrastrukturi i, nasampered, commodity bіrzh, nabuttyam dosvіdu pіdpriєmlivostі, vіdpratsyuvannyam vzaєmovigіdnih virobnichih zv'yazkіv of partnerskim seredovischem, Especially in spheres of goods and capitals.

Prior to this, they emphasized respect for the positive aspects of developing state agro-industrial formations. Prote є the need to wrap up respect for the offensive. In 90 years in Ukraine, the process of agitated agrofirming, the inconsequential camp of economical acquisitions and the unlimited agitation, the limited access to and distribution of goods, and the опол ними роб роб In these minds, the recycling of resources may be more likely to be consumed by the establishment of agreed prices for syringes on your own grease. Do agrarian food, as if you don’t have to get an economical product for realizing the main products. All the merchandise and merchandise of the merchants on the market of their most comprehensive business and development of commercial trade measures. Denmark processes are positive, so negative. Positive draw on the fact that, due to the greater number of agricultural companies, they are competing in the middle, in the field of processing of high-quality products, and in the long-term industrial development, there are no Negative processes are manifested, on the one hand, in low-tech and technologically unequal processing of products in the baggage of agricultural production, scraps are prompted by them, small workshops, do not need to be secured by the use of the patient, On such virobnostva iznivnano with great imenimpriimstvom otvartіst products of food, and її ійкість are less, do not wait to be displayed at the time of the functioning functions of the most important shops of ecology. First, bear the whole and suspension in whole through the lack of cessation of the exigencies of the great recycling.

Sled to deign respect for such a problem. Restrukturizatsіya PCB scho novih suprovodzhuvalasya stvorennyam, nerіdko vіdnosno smallest in over rozmіrami organіzatsіynih forms gospodaryuvannya on selі (Selyanske-fermerskih Gospodarstwa, TOV, Private toscho of companies), zumovlyuє neobhіdnіst Poshuk novih pіdhodіv to іntegratsії sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva of tehnologіchno pov'yazanim of them for Promyslova virobnitstvom Remember, it’s not a blunder to adopt an economically acceptable mechanism for the introduction of interesting goods and agricultural products with agricultural products.

There are also small agrarian enterprises, as a rule, they are not available through the sharing of financial resources to manage the high-quality technology with advanced technology. Moreover, for the cost of things (for those who are in good or bad luck), such a crook is far from looking forward to more than justification, the fragments of reading out more information can also be small for rozmiry, and even less effective. Tom away rozvitok agropromislovoї іntegratsії in Tsikh Minds mozhlivy Shlyakhov kooperatsії, tobto dobrovіlnoї tsentralіzatsії Chastain resursіv sukupnostі of companies of agrarian metoyu budіvnitstva spіlnogo agropromislovogo pіdpriєmstva, ratsіonalnogo for rozmіrami i s Glibin pererobkoyu sirovini scho zabezpechuє virobnitstvo konkurentospromozhnoї for yakіstyu that tsіnoyu kіntsevoї produktsії. On all the hats, we thoroughly set up these agricultural facilities, such as entering the syrovine zone of agricultural processing with low efficiency and virology through the use of technology and technology.

At the prospect of agro-industrial integration, it is obvious that you want to develop your own way of agro-business at the form of agro-industrial enterprises, to the warehouse of which there may be agrarian, recyclable business, and various forms of government. Successful functioning of such agricultural enterprises is possible with the establishment of thorough economic partnerships among participants. The head in the system of this type of reporting is the mechanism of distribution in the form of total sums of money. The winners are interested in the participants of the integrated virology, as long as the income is increased in proportion to their contribution to the apartments in the apartment. At the same time, it is important that democratic rounds of democracy are more important in mind than the establishment of such agricultural enterprises, all functions: the skin person is guilty of the right to be seen in all cases, of course, the result is that