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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


23.1. Concentration of virobnitstva and її is very economical

Concentration of the state-owned virobility system - due to the lack of land, the need for violated assets, the robustness of the viral products at the same quiet factories, and the possibility of zooming in on them. From now on, indicators of the rozmiru agrarian pidprimstva watertime are looked at as indicators of the concentration of the state-of-the-art virobnitz. The main indicators є:

  • area sіlskogospodarskogo ugid pіdpriєmstva, including leased land;
  • advances for capital, takes at once with a rented mine;
  • the average number of people in the equivalent of employment;
  • oath virobnitstva і sale sіlskogospodarskoї products.

For a drowned analysis of the concentration of concentration, it is possible to obtain indicators of the main and reverse working capital of the company. For thinking about the assets of business enterprises, the main indicators of the concentration of assets can be considered the amount of advance capital and the oversight of virology products.

Understanding the concentration of virology and energy, understand the intensity, but not the same. We would like to say that in both terms, it’s about the advancement (concentration) of the advanced capital on investments and about the viral products of these products. Vidnimst manifested in the fact that the concentration of virobnitsva vimiruyutsya in the upper world of the advance capital and the liabilities of virobnitstva products, and the essence of the intensity is reduced to the average advance capital on a single basis. From now on, there are two understandings to reconcile one and the same time and at once give the grave more and more detailed analysis of the formality of the effectiveness of public relations.

See the absolute and the ideal concentration of the virology. Absolutely rіven kontsentratsії harakterizuєtsya serednіm rozmіrom agrarian of companies for Pevnyi pokaznikom i Yogo dotsіlno viznachati in rozrіzі okremih tipіv those of companies: Selyanske (fermerskih) Gospodarstwa, sіlskogospodarskih tovaristv of obmezhenoyu vіdpovіdalnіstyu that іnshih vidіv tovaristv, Private agrarian of companies, virobnichih sіlskogospodarskih kooperativіv yak at tsіlomu on kraїnі , so і on okremikh administrative administrative regions. The annual level of concentration of virological activity is often seen as a great opportunity for the most important indicator in the foreign business of singing legal status.

In vuzkospetsіalіzovanih agrarian pіdpriєmstvah - ptaho- i broiler factory, tvarinnitskih hog i skotovіdgodіvelnih complexes, hothouse kombіnatah absolutely rіven kontsentratsії virobnitstva dotsіlno viznachati for pokaznikami їh potuzhnostі - rіchnim obsyagom virobnitstva produktsії abo umovno Resource pokaznikom: kіlkіstyu ptahomіsts, skotomіsts, Area Closed-ґruntu.

Concentration of virobnitstva help ustotniy vpiv on yogo efficiency. Зії ії підвищенням to grow important important economic indicators of state funded activities for the handfuls of a positive factor of the scale of the virology. Reaching, secrecy, economy on permanent vitrates (permanent vitamins, say, on a combine harvester for an area of ​​300 hectares of grain, will be doubled for a hectare of harvested area, lower for an area of ​​150 hectares), less zavdyaki tsyomu zrosta ф efectiveness ikh of vikoristannya, pіdvishchatsya productivity pratsy і pributkovіst virobnitstva.

Proteins of the concentration of virology concentrate positive energy on the economy less than the singing line, switching over the yak lead to lower efficiency. In the world’s great industrial enterprises, the process of managing the broadcasting system is accelerating, the transport of transport is increased, the control of the operation of the display is improved and the technology is completed. Protidiyuychim factor overworldly concentration є і and environmental vimogi. Especially appreciative of the great Tvarinnitsky complexes, as they celebrate the negative influx on dovkill. That is why the important problem is the achievement of the optimal level of concentration of virology, the degree of commitment in Kintsevskaya rashunka is reduced to the recognition of the rationalization of agricultural specialties of different special needs.

For the period of reforming the statehood of our country from the country 1999 p. up to 2000 p. inclusively, we characterize the bouv process of deconcentration of virobnitz, if on the basis of the number of KSPs, two, or even more, new ones, were more difficult to operate on the ambushes of private power.

The whole process has a more active character with an objective to gain positive results for the feedback box not less than the factor of private power, and the second best of the great PCBs. In Maybutneu Rivne absolute concentration of virobnitzstat zrostatime, on the other hand, for the breeze of the visual material and technical base of agricultural enterprises, in 2002 in bagatokh of them, the boole is made weak, and also the supervisors on the whole scale of virobnitstva and sale of sylskogospodarsky products. The next part of land and land are allocated, but on the one hand. Take the process to get closer to the introduction of the land market and winnings of the real possibilities of privbanny land with agricultural land from private ownership. Predvyshennya concentration is possible for those who are looking for good luck and welcome the recognition of one of the sub-grants from the present until the present.

Concentration of virobnitstva for its essence and resource concentration, fragments with the leading rank to be filled up to the average resources on the same and quiet enterprises are taken into account. In addition to resource, for the economy of the economy is characterized by economic concentration. The price of food is more detailed.