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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

23.2. Economic concentration and economic competitiveness

For market economy, except for resource-based, concentrated economy , and for certain kind of reality, there is a real possibility for a wide range of legal services and legal guarantees.

It is economical to concentrate sub'ktivs of state grants that can be met with such hats:

  • without interruption, but in the intervening order of chi nabutty, there are often a lot of shares (shares), but I would like to save you an extra remuneration of 25 and 50% of the votes of the other government department of the state donation;
  • non-interchangeable interconnection of intercessions and property rights for the last sub-branches of the state donation of a major main complex of any structural interest;
  • ownership, rental, leasing, concession, and concession to the foremost rights of assets by the asset of the main lane complex as well as structural confirmation of the state donation;
  • to the home’s home, if it’s more sub, state donations, the new sub state donations, a trivial hour of self-preservation, state control and supervision;
  • to the guards, but to the priznachennyam for the landing of a cairn, the intercessor of the cairn, for the sake of sake, rightfully, the first queen of the supervisory authority of the subunit of the state donation of the individual, as well as one of the names of the subordinates of the village of Ivanovo;
  • to the governing parties of such a management policy, for a large half half of the members are for their sake, right, right, looking at the best of the organs of the guards, more than two, more than one state, one at a time;
  • The goal is to give state grants, which can be reduced to anticompetitive Uzjuvial dui.

The Law of Ukraine “On the Prevention of Economic Competition ” (since 2001) has transferred more control over the concentration of subcontracts of state donations, a good form, more important values ​​of state concentration, and a third party Yak bachimo, here the concentration is interpreted in a broader plan, and now we take a look at the resource concentration and the economic concentration.

For its essence, it is a resource-economical concentration, a functional function of a certain pole in the aforementioned sub-sectors of the state donation, and it will occupy a monopoly (dominant) market place. Vidovidno to the extent stipulated by the law by the state grant, granting a monopoly (dominant) place to the market, to recognize such a sub-project, to a certain market of a non-competitive competitor, there is no unrecognized significant competitiveness . As a result, a healthy resource-concentration of environment and submission of state gifts, you can take a significant part in the market for singing goods. For the whole time, through the sweep of an economically competitive monopoly, the stavische and such a subdivision of the state donation are invaded, I often re-export 35% of goods (remember, I won’t bring any significant competition). Subject of state donation, we can improve the situation in such a way that we will take a monopoly (home) in the market for goods, if we have to buy goods in the market 35 times less, but in general there is no significant competition because of considerable competition compete.

A monopoly (dominant) stavka on the market can be sold all over the place and on the skin on December, thank you for giving a chance that there is a good supply for the market not more than three of them will be sold at most 50% goods for the Іх Індівідуальной often. All the same, I get a hitch, as long as I don’t lose a lot of time to the market, I don’t need to transfer more than 70% if I don’t bring any competition, I won’t compete with them.

Against the subject of state donations, they’ll occupy the monopoly (dominuyuchi) stavka on the market, will fall down on the right about the incomplete legislation on the seizure of economic competition. Following the results of the review by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, there may be taken a decision about primitive filing of such a submission of the state grant, imposing fines, and blocking the valuable folders in total. There is also a need for memory, for the singing arrangements of the sub-state state grant, the goiter and brother have reached the Antimonopoly Committee for a healthy resource-concentration center. Secrecy, all the time there is a fall, as long as there is a good amount of activity, but the big amount of realizatsii goods are participants in the concentration for the remaining financial periods, of which there are more than a second, the amount is more than the amount the numbers behind the cordon, no less than two of the participants in the concentration of re-distributing the sum, equivalent to 1 million euros. All the same, there is a problem if there is a variety of assets, but the liabilities of realizing goods in Ukraine, if I want one participant in a concentration, I will transfer a bag, equivalent to 1 million euros, signaled for the course of the National Bank of Ukraine today.

In addition to concentration, a significant interest for enterprises is the concentration of commodity markets from the point of view of monopolization. What is better wine, more important than virobnikov to go to Denmark with the most valuable goods, more than that, the most important policy, and more.

At the practical level of concentration of a distinct commodity market, the following indicators are indicated for the decile: indicators of concentration, number of Herfindel-Hirschman, factors of Genie Rosenblut. Naybilsh accessible for razrahunku middle of them є a number of concentration and Herfindel-Hirschman. The first one characterizes a portion of the total sales of singing goods, which can be attributed to 4, 8, 20, 50 p_dpriemstvo-leder. I understand the same recommendations, so that such a part of the visit to the last post, for example 3.6, 10 etc.

The Herfindel-Hirschman (KXX) koefіtsіn be appointed for the formula:

Herfіndel-Khіrshman's koefіtsіnt

de S2ai - a part of the market of the i-th sub'єkt gospodaruvannya; n - number of sub'єktіv state gifts.

For the minds of purely monopolistic denominations, there are 1, but ten thousand, as long as the frequency is indicated, take it from the bank. Chim more absolute value of this factor, Tim monopolized rinok, and Navpaki. In the minds of the minimum concentration, the number of factors should become 1 / p, or 10000 / p.

From the methodology for the identification of Herfindel-Hirschman’s whiplaw, which means that I’m imagining the opportunity to sell goods, as well as the fact that I’m on their own. I can help you to analyze the dynamics of concentration of the product, see the trends and the robustness of the prospects for the prospect of taking advantage of this market.