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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.2.3.6. Obl_k formuvannya statutory capital від під hour of action of privatized privatization

The first hour the AT was established on the basis of the sovereign municipal government statutory capital was formed on the basis of the act of appraisal of the wartosta mine, which could be stored on the basis of the inventory.

Mainly evaluate the balance sheet wart. The main hardships (secrecy and recognition in the pre-gostrokova rental with the right wikup) are to take care of the updated wartition and the re-establishment of the order.

Failure to pay surplus of material values, which is reflected in the inventory hour, as well as the revision of the inventory, is reflected in the financial results of the effective period.

As long as the estimated May li of business, the statutory capital is up to the mark, what is the right of sale? The most important thing is the statutory document.

Pislya tsogo for the results otsіnyuvannya lane stockpiled closing balance. As a rule, from the moment the final balance sheet is accumulated to the moment of the restoration of the right to enter the current lane, then the return of the open lane is completed. From the moment of registration At the activity that pass the shares, privatize, take part in the rozmіrі, marked in the final balance sheet.

After registration of the AT commission with privatization (whose committee is powered by mine), check the subscription for the share. To pay the statutory capital, - spent on the debit of the “Non-payment of capital” and the credit of the “Statutory capital”.

At times sale of private property, which is to be privatized, at auction for a competition with the registration of a legal entity as a part of the statutory capital of the privatized private property is signaled to fall asleep. When the purchase price is changed over the estimated (on the cob) part, the shareholder is reimbursed for the privatized loan for the debit of the “Non-material assets” warehouse in the warehouse for the most part From the “Non-material activity” slogan, you’ll be transferred to the Vitrati Virobnitzva with a length of 20 rokiv (ale no more low lines of entertainment).

Pridprinimstvo, which generally means that I bought an auction for an auction, Urakhov’s sum has been paid up to a statutory amount of a dowry (often a dowry), a debit of a bank account, a credit of the bank account,

As a rule, the frequency of sold sales is less than the purchase price, while the privatized costs of mining may be low for the value of the sale. The second half of the purchase and the price of the apartment for the owner-hairman is shown on the same sub-screen of the rachunka “Revenge Maybutnich period” and the deduction on the monthly basis in the amount of money (debit of the weekly period “Revenues and periodicals”).

At the time of privatization of the privatized lane, the balance on the basis of the purchase-and-purchase of mine may be attributed for a new offer in correspondence with the partners, and the price for the purchase is the same.