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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.2.3.7. Region of share capital in cooperatives

The members of a cooperative are all physical individuals, they can be formed at once and a legal person is a cooperative.

The law on co-operation with the law, promulgation, goodwill and the best co-operative rights may be granted the right to revoke the physical principles, in some cases the co-operative may have the following major interests:

members of the cooperative do not vidpovidyut for help to the cooperative with their own lane and their earning income, income;

zg_dno with a statute, a member of a cooperative to bring in a share of yak groshima (goth_vkoy), so by mine, fallow is a statutory vimog.

Payov zobov'yazannya mayu buti vikonanі between boundaries (see the day of the registration statute).

Of the members of the co-operative’s income earned, they have the right to a portion, for example, for the resolution of foreign zorbi, you can be admitted to the statutory fund (capital), but the members of the co-operative may be seen more than halfway.

In cooperatives, you can see two restored capital:

1) statutory capital;

2) payovy capital.

The decision has been made that the methodology of the area of ​​share capital is similar to collective statutory capital.

B.2.3.8. Special features of the region of statutory capital on the sovereign (municipal) enterprises

On state enterprises, the statutory capital is adjusted at the time of the winnings for the market for the view from the state (municipal) markets.

Institutional (basic) document of the city’s data on the amount of money, visibility for the health of the client for the profile. Tsey document є the basis of the register of the statute, to the statutory capital, in the sovereign registry.

The statutory capital of the sovereign municipal government will be allowed to go beyond the decision of the authorized state body with a false reorganization into the sovereign registry.

For credit rastunka "Statutory capital" on the sovereign (communal, municipal) enterprises, I imagine:

sums, types in the distribution of funds from the sovereign (municipal, communal) funds and those registered with the organs of government;

Coshti, handed over to them;

koshti vіd zlittya kіlkokh sovereign pіdpriєmstv.

During the debit of the Statutny Capital merchandise on the state owned enterprises, there may be written down the announcement of the re-registration of the statutory capital — the singular sum of money for one of these reasons:

transfer of money to the consumer;

zlittya pіdpriymshipa with іshim pіdpriєmshestvo;

lіkvіdatsіya pіdpriimstva.

The balance of rakhunka may be more limited to credit and maximum statutory status registered with the state bodies of state registration.

The statutory capital on the sovereign (communal) enterprises is formed by the state (municipal). The main notes of the analogue are pointed at the forward points.