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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

24.3. Dosvіd of the sovereign regulation and profitability of incomes in the city of Kyiv and Ukraine, in more than one country. Sunset and the possibility of a new victory in Ukraine

The territories of the European Union (ЄС), the United States of America, Canada, the regions of Europe have pinned the great achievement of the sovereign regulation and of the national and international economy. Yogo zagagalnennya yes I can see such main lanka (important) of such regulation:

  • regulating the price of social products through the use of mechanized products by securing the goods of the normal minds of the state gifts to the fate of the market that is unpleasant for them;
  • obmezhennya obyagіv і reguluvannya structure sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva with the method of inadmissibility of overbearing products;
  • paternity regulation, hidden on stimulation of the development of agricultural enterprises with urahuvanny ikh their specialties (rozmіru, special_zalizatsії skinny);
  • widespread credit lending form of payment by way of reduction of interest and payment rates in the main borg;
  • economical farming of agricultural products, which we have spent in unpleasant, natural and climatic ways;
  • regulation of export and import operations for food and drink industry;
  • the state financial institution of the most important agro-sector development programs (struggle with water and water erosion);
  • on science and information security of goods and services and social welfare.

The most important factor of the sovereign regulation and profitability of incomes in the region is the presence of a competitive base in the economy and economy. The function of the regulator can be seen as the so-called best price . In the USA, for example, є two see such prices: price and outpost. Цільова ціна (target price) vis-à-vis the lower level of farm incomes. It doesn’t function on the market, but it doesn’t have a crush on market prices and become inclined to such a rush, so that in the minds of the unacceptable food market there’s a lower price for more products. As a rule, actual prices are lower for the whole price, farmers pay compensation for the minimum price for them at the form of direct payments to the government (Fig. 24.1). When there’s a lot of prices, middle-class ones get involved, for farmers they sold their products for the rest of the whole month.

Mechanism of market and social value

Fig. 24.1. Mechanism of market and social value

It is up to the guarantor of a minimum income to normally operating farms, but at the same time she serves as an instrument of regulation of market prices, and through her income from consumer goods. The mechanism of fixed prices is brought into action through the closed operation of the Commodity Credit Corporation (TKK) - the authority of the Ministry of the United States Government.

Farmers, very good at the market, can build their own products. For your understanding, how many farmers have succeeded and to reprimand the post office price, they can stretch them for nine months and you can take your products back and sell them to the market, because you have thrown TKK vitrats to the products. As a result, by extending the value of the product line that was not purchased, it was not taken through low market prices, it should go to the TKC authority, and farmers should pay the price to pay for the minus the cost of the sale.

TKK kind of to farmers a credit pid outpost of production, a sum of a certain amount to lay down a view of the outpost of the cost of building a pid outpost of production. A farmer of goiter’s payments is paid to a corporation with a length of 9-12 months, having turned the third position, the payroll price and payment for the production of products. As a result, the farmer does not turn poziki, the products of the old TLC.

Zavna pricelessly funktsionuє on the market. TKK pіdtrimuє rinkovі price, do not give them less than the fixed price, buying up at farmers without any problems see products, like grain, bavovna, tyutyun, peanuts. The price of milk products is to be washed through the purchase of excess oil, milk powder and sir in the bulk products.

Yak bachimo, the adoption in Ukraine of the mechanism of fixed prices for grain by a significant amount of money in the United States private health system of major transactions of the Commodity Credit Corporation.

Shchob zdіsnyuvati effective price policy, the US Ministry of Power of the United States of America constantly to keep track of these three important important parameters: Vitraty virobnitsva on sіlskogospodarskuyu products; parity; indicators of profitability of farms, okremikh goluzey i sіlskogo gospodarstva as a whole.

At the countries of the United States with the function of the price of the video, they can intervene that price. Іnterventsіna price (Intervention рісе) - the price is guaranteed by the state, the minimum price, for such a power, purchase of organisms, the need to buy more products for farmers, Buying up products for the intervening values, a power that we ourselves will ensure a better market, we will not let us lower our prices lower than the average price, and for a normal price we can’t extend them further. For the interventional prices, the power to gain more products is not within the limits of quotas for the purchase of goods. To this order for the price of the country ЄC the victory and the importance of obezhnenie oversight virobnitsva okremich vidіі ії інікікпосподіїї produktsії.

Thus, the significant price in the United States and the average price in the United States guarantee the lower price for the most prominent products, the presence and regulation, the significant role is shown In these minds, the invoked and intervening prices redefine the price of the new ones. What are the hells of such a re-education? For us, there is a change in food - a change in size, part of a purchase, an increase in product through an inability to pay for a higher price in return for a higher price. Changes in prices will result in the supply of excess products, even with the guaranteed guarantee of P1 (Fig. 24.2) agricultural enterprises are able to get more and more products than Q2.

Construction of the Lost and Silver Products

Fig. 24.2. Construction of excess silver products with installed lower level of food prices

From now on, there is a surplus of products that are more expensive than those of Q2 and Q1. The state purchases the surplus taken to the Siberia and to find the way for the fake victorian. As a result of such a power, farmers' income was paid in OPE Q (profitable, some were used by farmers at the price of Rivnovagi R) to OR1BQ2. But the water hour, as it was, was first dirtied by the authors Ekonomiks Cambell R. Maconell and Stand L. Bru, all of these powers have to bear the three times, the stinks, in the first place, will be less than the cost of living at a cost of 0 - 0%, price per unit of products. Thirdly, in the event of a whole suspension, the population is guilty of paying the surcharges for the bag, the necessary powers for the purchase of excess product coverage for the Siberian population. Proteinism has grown much more, the yakbi power hasn’t been able to sell the goods sold to the world;

The prices in the countries of the United States are established by means of the valuation of the bazhan ryvnya rinkovih prices. Zokrema, zasosovyut two signs of the price: control of the first. The control prices are set for defect-free products in the territory of the Common Market products (grain, vegetables, fruits, etc.), which are exported to the foreign countries, and are limited to the regional prices.

Orintovnі vіnі vikonuyut that very function, scho і control. It’s stinky to expand on deficit in ЄС production (meat of great horny thinness, veal skinny). Schob stimulate the oath of virobnitstvo such products, rivency of the price to become vnneshno vishim. Tsіlovі tsini to serve also as a base for the visual rivnya threshold and gateway prices. The main function of ix is ​​the collection of domestic farmers prices for low prices.

The threshold price (threshold price) is set to import the products (grain, zucor, olive olives, dairy products) by such an order that we want to protect them for the whole price. Warehouse threshold price ц в в ї их их их в ((((((ц ц (lower for the price) plus transport and trade windows to the cordon to the center for real estate. The importer for his rakhunok pokriva ryznitsyu threshold threshold and svitovoy price. Sluice gates (sluice-gate rgice) are installed on pork, poultry and eggs; Due to the sweep of our internal market for these products, the price allowances are set up to such a level that they didn’t get into the lower internal farmer prices.

For the establishment of a wrap-up shchorichnogo ryvnya nterventsіynih і tsіlovih prіn, one for the best country ЄС, they have a reserve of 60% of the budget of the farms with 17 different types of real estate in the world Urachuvannya is of these factors, as well as actual rates of inflation and dynamics in order to allow the law enforcement agencies of the country to establish such a risk of appreciation, which is more practical.

We are important in direct control of the sovereign regulation of the Syrian-Kospodarsky virobnostva in the country with a market economy and a highly agrarian sector є the regulation of the oath of the virology okremich vidil in the Sykrikhospodar products Take it straight to the point of importance, debris in the minds of a saturated market, such as lack of regulation, lack of price regulation, so that you can save a low income for farmers and re-produce products. In a number of countries, such regulation is also observed at the quota - the maximum allowable oversight of a particular type of product by a leather virobi. In okrimich vipadki zdіysnyuєtsya control over the rozmіr of the area and the number of creatures. Redistribution of the established quotas is punishable by fines, water hours as well as administrative measures, as a rule, are supervised by the farmers. So, for example, in England, for the short-term permanent grain area per hectare, the farmer appears to be in power compensation in the amount of 150-200 pounds sterling.

At the borders of the country, the Sunset is stalled and posed by the State Government on income of farmers. One of the most important strains of such a loan is a loan, generally, in such forms, a lower interest rate for a loan, a higher frequency of the loan, more loans, more time, and more. A loan can be cheapened in the following ways: if the powers of the country are compensated in advance at a compensated interest rate (for example, a part of the government is set at 60% at a 15% interest rate, the farmer will receive 6%, and the state - 9%); due to the fact that the rate of sovereign indemnification is contemplated, it is not possible to keep the interest rate on the loan (for example, the indemnity power, 9 pp of the indemnity rate, it is irreplaceable to set out 10 hours, say 20%); the advancement of fixed interest rates, which the farmer will repay, and the Rasht to be extinguished by the state.

Dosvіd krask Sunset on the basis of credit lending has improved its effectiveness, and Ukraine has become a widespread visitor to Ukraine.

In foreign economies, the podkat form of financial financial statements is widely stagnated. Small farmers' gratitude with low incomes rallying and lower taxes. The water hour є payoffs ’for great farms is equally large with the benefits of the latest gadgets — the payoff time for them is not set to be a singing bet, as a rule, 20% of the payoff is paid. You can subscribe to farms in order to take a part from the vikonannyh singing sovereign programs for your mind, so that you can get in touch with vimog’s installments during the vikonanny. In case of a collapsed farm, the farm does not have to pay less money, but the fine is fine.

At a number of countries, there is a loss of support during reinvestments (a contribution of high-income items from the development of their own property) - for a ride, you can go directly to the extension of the rental rate and expand the rate of interest. In addition, as a rule, reinvestment is straightforward on the weekend, transferred to the power of singing programs, farms are compensated for a portion of the actual vitrates for understanding, so that you can get to know about the different bindings, and specify the program.

In the wild countries of the United States, direct subsidies from the sovereign budget to farms are practiced, and we donate them to the unfriendly natural minds of state donations. Holding on to pay guilty is direct to modernization. Significant subsidies to the government are seen in the struggle against water and water erosion. In the United States, for example, the pitoma vaga vitrata power at the time of becoming 86%. In addition, here the state takes on itself the vitrati to fight against the quarantine and sylkospodar shkidnikami.

In order to achieve a high level of responsibility, the oath of efficiency and effectiveness of the budget for the budget of the sovereign budget is to finance the fundamental and applied applications in the agricultural sphere. Shvidkomu wider reach NTP additional help system of consultation points, as well as often funded for the budget of the sovereign budget.

A special indicator of the most important and the most important subsidies for the sale and sale of products to the farmers price is required to identify the state power of the farms of the state farms. In bagatokh regions there is an indication of unhappiness, as a rule, 20-40%, and in okremich - navigate up to 70%. Yak bachimo, the scale of the sovereign pіdtrimki sіlskogo gospodarstva to finish the last. I’ve become so much more comfortable that in Ukraine we can be more efficient and more competitive on our own small market for thinking that if you don’t have a galactic donor, you can keep your eyes open for public gratification. It has become so obvious that the sovereign power of the Slovskogospodarsky Virobnitsva is guilty of a mother with a little bit of a structure;

Nasamkіnets meaningly, in the region of more and more distant lands, for example, in the USA, there are differentiated programs for the change of the sovereign income from farmers' gratitude in the meantime, so that in the farthest way you will not allow over-selling. Vrakhovuchi high level of development of the city of statehood in these countries, the economy of farmers' countries and that of the material and technical potential of such experiments are more variable Protea for Ukraine is such a reward of agrarian policy є not less than acceptable, but a waste and quick look at the weak economy of agricultural enterprises, high prices and the main low cost of products.