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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

1.2. Marketing rozumіnnya product

Naiposhirenіsh scheme viznenchennya product zdebіlshogo transfer є яв яв т т т т й::::

1. Golovna vigoda chi servant - conceive a product.

2. Power, packaging, brand, yakіst, style and design, which characterize the goods in real life.

3. Installation, ownership, credit and guarantee, warranty, servicing and servicing, so as to understand the “product protection” (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. Three goods

Three r_vnі product

The product behind the plan is the bar of the ignorant understanding of the product as a whole. The marketer's ambition is to zhasuvati shove for be-a-kind goods, consume and not sell the power of the law, ala vigod vid nogogo. Нак In addition, it seems that the first time you need to bind to the main designated goods, if necessary, as if you were satisfied. I have a wide context with a wide thought of the economical American economist T. Levita about those who know “I didn’t drill with a diameter of 10 mm, but open it with a diameter of 10 mm”. It means that the bureau of dear prices for selling is not tidy cruise, but romance, affection, the ability to be adventurous with many people, developing special purchases. Do not want to underestimate either those who want to sell not only comrades, but symbols, but people to buy words not only through civic awareness, but to demonstrate their social status and their individual status. One of the most important reasons for marketing is more precisely the designation of a product for you, so that you can buy it for you, if you look at the goods you need, rather than disregard them with a description of the technical specifications.

In theory and practice of marketing, there is an idea to start a product for an idea to name a product , because a product has a specific result up to date, fragmentation of virobility, more realistic physical powers, greater formality. The product is utilities main functional-cinnamon power, please buy some goods. Vin maє golovnі indications priznachlennya, for example, for grubuvannya, pobutu, zabechecheniya singing virobnitzstva skinny. From now on, the product is a whole set of values, so that there are more than one opportunity, sign, power and corinths, and I’m satisfied with specific needs and benefits. The product can be recalled according to the latest utilities and symbolic values;

As the product is from a real product, it’s the highest possible quality, I’m ready to pack, I’ll name it, I will need the necessary brains to save delivery. Remained in the sale of marketing call marketing product.

A product with a limited price - the price is greater than the ability to buy goods in a more efficient way in a competitive way. A handful of technological abilities of an ordinary virobnitz is available, but most of them are not competing with each other at all, they aren’t able to buy the most viral products, they can buy, they can be sold, they can be purchased, they are available for purchase and sale. P_dkrіplennya product health _ all _ obvious tools for marketing. One of the most respected rice is the marketing and marketing of the product, the value of the product, the price of the product is effective.

Naiposhirenimy way pіdkrіplennya product є nadannya buy in the line of payment, so that the actual donation of partners to the loan, the possibility of a good way to the total amount of the bank account:

Product h p_dkrіplennyam ,

de Pk - suma pіdtrimki;

Ts - purchase price;

D - termin line;

r - bankіvsky vіdsotok.

So, for example, for the brains of the need to pay for goods for 40 days, the price for bank loans is 15% and the purchase price is 500 thousand. UAH., the value pіdkrіplennya becomes

Product h p_dkrіplennyam

For the regular sale of goods (it is especially important to keep the industrial requirements) of the great importance for the supply of goods in the form of a secure supply chain, we need to get closer to the optimal purchase price of the goods. Optimal є such delivery part, as I would like to save the minimum sum of vitrati (sm. S) for dowry (sm.) And zberigannya (sm. Z) material, so far

See s = See p + See s ® min.

Vihodyachi iz zagalnov_domikh mathematical laws, the optimal value of the party product is to be identified by the formula:

optimal value of partії product

de D - rіchny obyag procіvlі specific type of product in natural virazі, od .;

F - Vitrati living for service procurement of one consignment of goods, UAH .;

r - vitrati, reagents and purchases of material resources,% of the wartosts of the available reserves;

k - price of “ex-warehouse of purchases” of single material resources, UAH.

The value of the consumer price is as high as possible for the safe consumption of goods and supplies for the accepted delivery minds, which are reserved by the postman:

Pn = ( r n + He n n) - ( r s + Oz n s),

de r s, r n - vitrati on zberigannya goods_ for the possession and witting minds;

Oz, He is a vitrati living for servants purchasing a consignment of goods for the possession and obvious minds;

n s, n n - I’ve been imprisoned and implicitly deliveries.

It is more practical to determine the value of the security of the form by the postal of the necessary quantity of supplies of products not to fix the difficulties.

So, for example, I sent a message to the post-master’s post by sending a delivery of electric products, so that I’m ready to complete the finished product, there’s six times that I’ve got a chance to get a few things. Consumption of consumer goods in electric motors becomes 1 yew. PCS. The price of “ex-warehouse of a buyer” of one electric motor - 170 UAH. Vitrati for zberigannya elektrodvigunіv - 15% of the average cost of the middle fishery reserve. Vitrati, povyazanі z rozmіschennyam and vikonannyam reminder - 100 UAH. The value pidkrіplennya dorіvnyuvatime:

The value of pіdkrіplennya

Zrozumіlo, such a result is acceptable for both sides, scraps of spry є protection of werewolf.

In total marketing, the product can be in the formulas:

Product = Product + Pіdtrimka + Іnstrumenty marketing.

Dekhto z ekonomіstіv [6] is denoted by more than four quarters and ideas of the product, while there are more goods and services (Fig. 6). Viznazhennya ієrarkhії values ​​for the purchase of maє suttєve significant for the distant position of the goods for the market. Switching to a leather new і - ень - - a whole new value. To the same potential product we can see the potential for transformation and transformation, formulate strategic approaches to come up with new ways of satisfying the needs of living, making them more popular.

The scheme of warehouses of a market position of goods for goods

Fig. 6. The scheme of warehouses of the market position of goods for the goods rivals