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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

1.3. Головні Rinkovі characteristics of the goods

The leather goods are of small power of authority. It’s okay to smell like something that’s really good for you, as well as appearing in the process of selling and buying goods, and you’ll see the rest of the buying time for the rest. On vibrazh spozhivacha vyplyayut pretentious people attitudes, sounds, ways of understanding, material good. As for the best characteristics of the goods for the minds of the non-interconnected productiveness and the obviousness of the productiveness of the independent representatives, they respect the assortment , price, availability , image, popularity and competitiveness.

The assortment is called the product assortment by name, which means that the product is a virobnik for the market. Form the assortment innocently bring to the so-called merchandise kanibalizmu, if the company raped me up a quick product, a kind of shishko “vishtovuє” from the market of old comrades of self-owned companies, which secured a significant part of the business (Fig. 7).

Graphical interpretation of “commodity canalism”

Fig. 7. Graphical interpretation of “commodity canalism”

To this form of assortment and management by one of the most important warehouses of commodity policy of the company. Zdebilshogo commodity assortment vivchatsya that form for such straights: okremі comrade; gray goods; new assortment of goods

The marketing department has the price tag for the most expensive bag of pennies, as long as you are ready to pay for the goods. Set policy prices were taken for the most valuable warehouse complex marketing. Ninіshіst marketing specialists іn respect, whо price іѕ less thаn zasіb, for whісh hіght уου саn absorb goods οn turnover. Because of the help of the very low prices for ordinary minds, it was impotent to reach the trivial overrun over competitors. If you look at the price as a monetary product, you can earn such a bag: the virobnik can be protected to the maximum possible price, the goods for living are worthy of payment, and the price of the goods is necessary. In addition, it seems, more importantly, to find the right way to re-create the larger part of the property for the benefit of business. Zrozumіlo, such a pіdkhіd maє as well as transmission and availability for the buyer (Fig. 8).

Spіvvіdnoshennya price virobnika і spozhivchії іnnostі product

Fig. 8. Spіvvіdnoshennya prіni virobnika і spozhivchії prіnnostі product

Zagaln principle, how to confuse pidprimstvo set the price of comrade, it is important to renegotiate one of the most important policy. Valuing orderable: 1) on vitrati; 2) for a drink (most often for a fixed price for a comrade of a wide income); 3) for competition. Of the remaining principle, it’s important to reach the middle and middle enterprises with a small range of prices. By the most respectable officials, I’ll pour an order of value into the order, є: market drink, virobi and zbutovі vitrati, competition and corporate corporate fіrmi. Officials are pretending to be such as to identify strategic strategies. However, for the very reasons of singing non-distribution, part of them is the price to get involved in the naming with the integrated marketing element.

See the previous marketing notice until the sale of the classic product, which is based on the rational calculation of all vitro virology. Marketing pidkhid transfer є posting price я yak optimal ı market characteristics of commodity proponuvannya. With all due respect, officials of the unimportant market middleware will be taken to respect, I will become competitive and commercially viable. In addition, it seems, the decision is often taken for the brains of the inferior informational care. However, it is possible that you can significantly change the order of the optimal solutions in order to balance the interests of the competitors, the competitors and the competitors (Fig. 9).

Scheme of optimization of price policy of enterprise

Fig. 9. Scheme of optimization of price policy of enterprise

There are different types of marketable goods that are satisfying for their own consumption, vibrating and buying and selling goods that are not needed. As a rule, the basis for vibration is the concrete product that is laid down on the principle of the value of that material good. I need your help, like a matime spozhivach, kupuyuchi y vikoristovuyu product, and with vitrates on yogo pribdannya become a good price goods. Seamlessly wrinkle, yaku spozhivach mah іd product chi service, most often ototozhnyuєsya z yogo yakіstu. From now on, it’s possible to discern the exact nature of the power of a product and its satisfaction with the enumeration of consumer goods. With a positive marketing experience, there is a good satisfaction, a clear need for a good and good value (Fig. 10).

For the virobnik products without defects, to accelerate the sale of real estate, as well as the most valuable. Navpaki, for the sake of good faith may have less power and power products, as a rule, I must say that.

Spіvvіdnoshennya іnnostі і vartostі goods for the virobnik і spozhivacha

Fig. 10. Spіvvіdoshennya іnnostі і vartostі goods for the virobnik і spozhivacha

At the present time, there’s a headache in the product quality - the price is best, and not the producer-producer. It is a kind of commodity of small cinnamon functional functionalities, but for those who live in virshalnymi є less than a part of them (Fig. 11).

Rozumіnnya yakostі goods virobnik i spozhivachem

Fig. 11. Rozumіnnya yakostі goods virobnik i spozhivachem

A - the buy-in of power, which means you have the right product for the look of the product (technical efficiency, reliability, standardization, standardization and uncommon resources of the law), patent; C - the accuracy of the characteristics depending on the experience (functional efficiency, reliability in relation to nature, naturalness and naturalness, environmental resources in environmental terms, environmental safety); B1 - good authorities, which is just the right product.

Fig. 11 to say that a product can, due to its technical characteristics, provide its own products, but not an active mother to a specific market. From now on, there are two understandable meanings: “solidity” (for the sake of technical minds) and “good living”. Zrozumіlo, but to each other it’s much wider than the first, you won’t be able to see how much is needed for technical minds. Vin otsіnyuє specific virib, more and more competitors. For the assessment of the high level of lack of power, it is necessary to establish the technical minds. There is a need for information about putting people up to the law, about how much power is needed. From now on, in order to buy high-quality goods at once and compete with them, they’ll be able to meet criteria and requirements for a particular market at a particular time. The clerk is more important than an hour ago, what are some of the things that need to be good for the year, we may not want to wait tomorrow at the first call for a better product.

Coming to market - form ііmіdzh іkakostі for іzіchnyh residents and those іznichі rinkіv zbutu. Ninets are especially relevant, therefore, we’ll be the main criteria for living for those who want to buy technology, so that’s the name of the wiki cycle . There’s a sign that you’ll have to rely on the best prices for technical equipment and the need for operating, bringing to a smart rock hour urahuvannyam official. For this reason, the most economic criteria for the competitiveness of machines and their possession are the same as the number of operating cabins for a single robot, which is unique to the standard standard of brilliance.

Zrozumіlo, since if we are going to talk about the competitiveness of technology, then I need to take my brother to the point of respecting the particular market for zbutu. Naichastishe competitiveness to secure small and small petals for exploitation.

Kіlkіsne otsіnuyuvannya competitiveness of technology in the country of a divided market economy can be reached with the help of the Vicenza іndeksovuvolneniyu sovyzhivachіv (CSI). Proteins of competitiveness for such a methodology can give you the benefit of a lower margin, I want to get an instant market before the competitive price is significantly higher. Understanding “competitiveness” itself, we’ll talk about those products that aren’t only able to compete, but can be sold at the same price.

An active statement about the competitiveness level is possible in addition to the frequent use of frequently sold products for a specific market. For example, the most important corporations of the Japanese business are constantly controlling the sale of healthy products on healthy markets, as well as the most visible indicator of success and failure. Vihodichi zshogo with the most effective solutions for the meeting of the needs of the competition and the competitive products of respect for those who are able to transfer the number of items by repeating the need for re-compilation. Given the main memory, the competitive competitiveness of products is the same as that of technical engineering, technological possession, victorious materials, professional production, and also product image. In addition, it seems that the competitiveness of the competitive products is visible through the license (with the active participation of the state) of the most promising views. The Innovation Algorithm for Promoting Ukraine's Promotional Significant World was established by the establishment of the Sovereign International Innovation Fund before the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 2 birch 1998 p. 243. Same number on derzhavnі іnstitutsії pokladaєtsya zavdannya zabezpechiti realіzatsіyu State polіtiki stosovno іnnovatsіynoї dіyalnostі through zdіysnennya fіnansovoї, іnvestitsіynoї that materіalno-tehnіchnoї pіdtrimki zahodіv, spryamovanih on vprovadzhennya in virobnitstvo Suchasnyj NAUKOVO-tehnіchnih rozroblen i novih tehnologіy, osvoєnnya Key infrastructure novih vidіv produktsії. It is possible to reach the international organization of innovative projects and technical projects.

Not less complicated due to the lack of theoretically fragmented ож as well as the supply of innovation and service and service. To clarify this, there’s a great deal of firmity on the current market, so I can give you an analogy for a servant and practically the same for a service servant. Competition is necessary to set the viral support before the necessary transition of the «sale for be-yak price’ policy to the satisfaction of the quietest calls, most of which can be served by the following corridors. The creation of the Vlasnoy klіnturi, which guarantees the firm stability and success, is more impotent without additional indications, which means to signify the servants. Such indicators are instituted in respect: read the letter to the servant of the servant; Namaganny servіnnyh pіdprimerstva nadat yakomoga more than servants are often negatively tempted to хhiny кkіst, oskіlki spozhivachevі importantly deny tіlki one necessary service, ale vikonanu on yakіnnomu rivnі, adequate to the price. Development of market links in Ukraine, in order to find the best time to receive companies that offer the services of an innovative competition, which is analogous to the competition. The water hour of the voucher of “firm servants” will require a good knowledge of the market and wine market. Respectful, the essence of servitude can be reduced to the following formula: Rob everything good once and for all, straighten up the pardon - tolki Todi you will be able to please the vimogs so that you can be so nice to your company. This means that, as a result of the service, call for help from the top authorities, as well as to satisfy the needs of the highest demand and consumption. It’s possible, however, to mean that you can reach the bazhene rynnia of strength and services can be better than that, if you have the power of bakery and love, you can become the most important element of the foreign strategic company. For the whole need to standardize the standards, from the appointed normative guidelines to the skin stage, the above services. One has such a way on the first plan to enter a nutrition about the theoretical serpent of the understanding of “servants”. In the economic literature, it is understandable to introduce up to two objects: technical annexes (technical service of an automobile, an automatic folding collapsible) and an indefinitely closed person Otzhe, servants - all the right things to do for you to choose the right minds and good servants for the first time. Reminder, registration, consecration and reprieve. Zrozumіlo, scho understanding of “the availability of servants” є bagatogranim and including such warehouses:

  • additional content by the praxivniks of the company of moral and ethical standards at the hour of the meeting with the client (culture of servants);
  • zruchnіst, aesthetics and the last sanctuary of the Primary School, in a certain clause of health, registration, execution of the first, check of the weekend and I will deny the servant;
  • the hour of the first Vitrach’s client for the whole procedure, due to the denial of the servants;
  • advertising and information security.

It seems, moreover, servicing — that is, the buy-in of more power, as a matter of security, the satisfaction of the client with the minds set up for the mind, removal, execution, and completion of the conviction.

Varto, meanwhile, reduce the price of low salary in the sphere of services, not less than in the lower part, lower in industrial law, and can bring to catastrophic insurance for the company. For example, more French businesses in the sphere of services are welcome, but at that time, if the company’s employees are satisfied with less than 80% of the customers, they can be negatively connected to 11 banks.

The image (image) of the product , brand, company is the idea of ​​the idea of ​​asociation, kotra vinikaє being bought from a zvyazku with singing names. The main characteristic image, those who are, to the thought of French marketers [16], I’ll drown quietly, but I don’t know anything at all about the product and not the least thought about it, but it’s completely clear from the middle of the day. Imiju is a trivial “vipromyuvannya” effect, if one of the fourth warehouses (positive or negative) is to be seen very strongly, I can make sense of the situation as a whole. Pridnepriemstvo zobov'yazane vivchati tse effect. For the additional questionnaires, I’ll completely remove the information and the need for more product and company products than before, regarding the evaluation of the product “price and quality”, as well as about the product. Special advertising, come in to support the approval of a clean and comfortable new product, or to buy and sell traditional products.

With understandability, it’s better for the popularity of the product. Want to call out the spontaneously (go to the questionnaire: “Do you want to go cold and go?”) And wake up the popularity (go to the way you go): Popularity is awakened, as a rule, I will require further communication. Pridnepriemstvo ma pragnuti not only to the goal of tidying up a nice image of their goods, but to secure the maximum popularity. Remain to be explained tim, right now, wait and wait to get minded minusviruyu zusilla in the process of buying. At the boundaries of national markets and for the trends of globalization of the global market, which is constantly growing, they can be brought up before there is a small number of product brands (three-chotiri) that can make realizable product changes. Sounds are possible, but advertising can increase the popularity, people’s bits of money can already be bought in a comrade “nadіnіshі”.

In the case of a competitive competitive environment, you can see more and more carefully prior to getting into the market. Industrialized countries of the market have a constant improvement in the reach of science-and-technology progress. There’s a new view of the sirovini and the virobnitz method, the most non-traditional storing of traditional goods, the acceleration of the pace with the assortment of products with an instant boost. Zrozumіlo, shi robochnikov need to transmit the most possible in the days of competition and behavioral behavior, so as to see what time is right. The rest of the sutta є spriya є test product. Naybilshogo broader marketing and marketing have scored more products, cosmetics, cosmetic products, items for looking at the crazy. Test as already in the product, so the new comrade mod. At the first test, a test is carried out using the method of setting the delivery rate for goods, for sale: delivery time for satisfied customers with the desired product, delivery time for competitors. There are new products that can be changed or modifiable, the opportunity to get in touch with you, to have a positive attitude (want more or better), please have some good reason, more access to it. In addition, dough can help you, as a specific product is appreciated against similar products, which can compete. Отже, попереднє тестування уможливлює прийняття рішень щодо модифікування вже освоєного виробництвом продукту чи переходу на виробництво нового товару. Головні ринкові характеристики товару є засадничими, але не єдиними для визначення конкурентоспроможності фірми-продуцента. Найчастіше, аналізуючи конкурентоспроможність фірми, беруть до уваги контрольовану нею частку ринку та перспективи її утримання, відповідність властивостей продукції потребам споживачів, абсолютний прибуток на одиницю продукції, прибуток у відсотках до витрат виробництва, якість розподільної мережі та придатність для ринку фірмової програми просування товару з огляду на дії конкурентів.