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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

The terminology dictionary of keys to understand those

Імідж - formed postіnno pіdtrimuvane stіyke ustavlennya kuptsіv about the prestige of goods, trademarks, companies and firms ії керівництва.

Competitiveness - the ability to successfully sell goods to a particular market at a particular hour; the health of the product is but not limited to those of consumers with higher competitive offers.

Marketing - the process of planning and managing the fragmentation, the price policy, the purchase and the delivery of goods and the service to the purchasers with the help of such benefits, the way I was able to satisfy the needs of the customers.

The servant - come on abo corysnig whig; di, what one of them is one side of a good address; about sale at viglyad singing performances, chi vigod.

Adherence to the brand - svіdoma chi pіdsvіdom rishhennya pokuptsya about re-adding to the goods of the singing brand, as if bending in the name of chi in dії.

Rating - the world will overpower one model of the virobi over the goods that are practical for the wisdom of the past, we will survive.

The goods - must be those that are satisfied with the bazha’s chi, I will need and will have a chance to enjoy the market with the help of respect, pribannya, and vikoristannya anyway.

The goods of the short-term victoria are material virobi, which are more likely to be victorious by the extension of one or the other cycle.

The goods of the trivial vikoristannya are the material virobi, which are able to display the bagatorovaz of the vikoristan.

Ціна - a penny viraz vartostі product; the sum of pennies, so that you can and are ready to pay back for your dowry.

Firma (business. Firma - signature) - state organization of authority, whether it is a form of power, a need for more technology, design and development robots, and functionally available technology.

Functions for marketing - the main thing is to see the marketplace, but the complex is more than necessary, so as to satisfy the needs of the goods and services.

Control food

1. Viznachennya and klasifіkatsіynі znaki signs of goods and services.

2. Peculiarities of the marketing of goods for virological purposes.

3. Marketing rozumіnnya bagator_vnevost_ goods.

4. Zmіst і warehouses and marketing their product to the product and product to the product.

5. The main market characteristics of the product.

6. Price, availability, competitiveness and competitiveness of goods.

7. I mіdzh that popular goods.

8. Sutnist is that designated test product.