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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.


2.1. Commodity assortment and indicators

There is a wide range of products that need to be prepared in the near future, to be registered with the other indicators in the assortment.

Commodity nomenclature is based on systematization of the range of assortment of assortment groups of goods and commodity units, which can be used for sale. The main indicators of the nomenclature of products of the direct food industry are latitude , number , glybine and harmony (sum) . The indicator of latitude is given to the assessment of the productivity of products. Vin іvchitch, skіlki okremich (for the purposes of the appointment or the highest authorities) view of the products of the business. The nomenclature of the goods allows me to make the most of the goods, which can be stored. The amount of skin impairment is limited to the appearance of the product in terms of the glybin of the product range. The number of goods needed in the various assortment groups for appropriations, technology, organization, turnover is estimated from the additional indicator of harmony. At the boundaries of the nomenclature, formed on ambushes of harmony, there is a greater oath of realization, which can be identified by this formula:

zbіlshennya sumarno realizatsії ,

de v - zbіlshennya sumnaro і realizatsії sumіsnyh goods іv iznyh assortment groups;

vl , vs - the oaths of realizatsii goods from the different assortment groups, which I take a look at;

pl , ps - a part of the oath of realizatsії, removed from the list of leather and assortment groups of clothes, as a matter of necessity for the purchase of products of this nomenclature;

I - a lot of exchange for purchases between goods of different assortment groups (more than one hundred buyers, so that you can offend someone).

Rosglyano butt. On the basis of weekly materials, like buying and selling, I’ll look at the availability of additional products and nomenclature. The first version of the transfer of virobnitstvo bituminous tiles and vihid on the market of pitched roofs. Another - virobnitstvo of polymeric-bituminous protection.

The first variant. Marketing reports showed that for the realization of 20 million m2, the price for the rent is 2 UAH / m2, you can cover the total cost of the real tile 5 million UAH.

If I redeem the price tag for the purchase, I would like to buy the skin care product, 10% of the cost of realizing the roof and 50% of the cost of shingles are safe.

A significant increase in purchases of roofers and roof tiles (for forecasts) is 20% more expensive.

In this way, parallel sales of roofing and shingles to protect the access to the foreign undertaking to sell products in the amount of UAH 45 million, including the sum of goods rakhunok sumіsnostі goods_v million UAH

Another option. Marketing reports showed that for the realization of 20 million m2, the rent for a price of 2 UAH / m2, it is possible to cover the obligation to realize the polymeric-bituminous coverage of 20 million UAH.

If I rely on the price tag for recession, I want to buy the skin care product, I would like to save 1% of the realizable ruble and 10% of the realizable half-price.

There is a significant increase in purchases of roofers and polymeric-bituminous cover (for forecasts) of 3%.

Thus, the parallel sales of polymeric and bituminous cover and ruble ride to ensure that you take care of the rest of the obligation to sell the product in the amount of 60 million UAH, including the sum of goods rakhunok sumіsnostі goods_vrakhunok sumіsnostі goods_v million UAH

For the results of the razrahunkіv, you can sneak a gadget about the quietest number of goods between the Maybutnoy item in the first variant.

The level of harmonious nomenclature (for example, on goods A and B) is the same as the value of the elastical nourishment for the price - k ep:

Harmony of nomenclature ,

de k e.p - a number of extraordinary elastities;

Ka0 - basic ryven drink for goods A;

DКа - winter meal for goods A;

Rv0 - the basic price of goods B;

DРв - зміна price for goods B.

So, as a rule, the price of the bakery complex and the new modifikatsii, like a stretch of two rockets for food and drink, grew up by 100%, and the liabilities of the real groceries increased by 50%, then some

The main indicators of the nomenclature give an estimate of the capabilities of enterprises adapt to the current and uncontrolled officials of the market. Glibshu and Yakisnіshu otsіnku estimation of commodity proponuvannya can be matched for a special assortment of products pidprimstva, so that a set (pidbor) of the same products (service), specified for names, types, names, artworks. Such a group of goods is tied to a similarity of functional-cinnamon authorities, peculiarities of buying and selling, turnover and residing within the same range of prices. Among the commodity nomenclature and assortment is the small number of complete and private ones. Zmіst tsyogo zv'yazku i spivvіdnoshennya on the application of a fragment of the nomenclature of products kharchovo industrial words is depicted in Fig. 12.

For the most extensive evaluation of the assortment of goods, the indicator system is victorious, the food is discerned.

Naichastishe indicators of the width and the depth of the range of goods should be taken to respect, if you accept the decision about the best version of the order, I can give you the names of the brands of products, and even if you measure the range of the assortment as a whole. So rіshhennya lay down in the form of furniture, they were stored, and also in the case of foreign strategic marketing, the wide assortment of shafts will make it possible to diversify proponuvannya. Rarity of products and services may be subject to change on the basis of the availability and incentive of healthy purchases in one place, but only the need for additional resources and the acquisition of significant values. The available assortment of doors is є для для для для зад зад зад зад потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб покуп покуп р р,, and

A fragment of the structure of the assortment of kharchovo products

Fig. 12. A fragment of the structure of the assortment of kharchovo products

1 - nomenclature has been established ( M 1 - syrovine for food industry; M 2 - kharchova products; M 3 - medical products; M 4 - technical products); 2 - nomenclature of grubby industry ( M 2.1 - meat; M 2.2 - meat and vegetable; M 2.3 - cowboys; M 2.4 - canned food; M 2.5 - grub; M 2.6 - offal); 3 - a group assortment of cooked virobiwas ( M 2.3.1 - smoked sausages; M 2.3.2 - cooked smoked sausages; M 2.3.3 - cooked sausages; M 2.3.4 - sausages and sausages; M 2.3.5 - smoked sausages; M 2.3.6 - інші ковбасні вироби); 4 - a detailed assortment of cowboys virobіv.

as well for the intensive shopping market, carried out effective price policy. There is a need to compete with the product and to secure a supplementary zisku. You can choose to sell the assortment in the wholesale and retail range of goods for sale and purchase of necessary goods and to compete in terms of the wide range of goods. Zdolati ts difficult work is possible only good, having optimized the warehouse of goods in the different assortment groups for the most important assignments, distribution channels, and the total amount of goods.

I also have the honor of a nobleman, a senior official, to help you with the assortment policy of the company. To lay them:

  • water science-to-science and pre-engineering design fragmentation;
  • snakes in the product range of competitors;
  • Necessity zbіlshennya zbutu;
  • the presence of greater virological needs;
  • Necessity vikoristannya by-product products in virobnitstva.

For an estimation and management of the commodity assortment, the indicators of the structure, the main and additional, divided and ordered assortment are also displayed victoriously. P_d structure assortment rozumіyut warehouse of the same type vіrobіv. The main assortment is the whole head of the warehouse, as long as I’m able to transfer part of the way. The pre-assortment is additionally basic in the form of non-traditional servants; As a rule, the pre-assortment assortment is sold only to those comrades and servants, who will guarantee a binding visit. Naichastishe tse dashagatsya Todi, if you don’t know exactly what kind of goods are for sale (welcome surprise, unsuccessful). Extension to the assortment of transmission є virobnitsto pre-date types of products, goods and group goods. Efficiency of such diversification is better to be assimilated to the assortment, as long as there is a wider range of options, please pay attention to the brand-new, special goods, and the most common goods and services. For the most part, give the message to buyers of singing forms or types of products in the latest versions. Obmezhdenya assortment zdіysnyuєtsya for shy virobichichnyh and financial abilities, scho have become a heir to kolivan иту сп иту і ад ад ад кон кон 'к к к к. For the most part, I will indulge in a quick assortment and concentration of accessories for the most competitive products.

The leather producer is guilty of systematically revising the assortment for the need for ordering. Special books for those who benefit from the sale of unprofitable parts to the assortment.

The main indicator of the effectiveness of the warehouse is to assimilate the assortment indicators with the stock. It’s possible to stink at these products that can be included in the software. Due to the method of stasis of special analysis, a variant of the so - called ABC- analysis ranks [17]. Three products are required for it in three classes for one of three criteria: zbut, bi-directional, vidshkoduvannya vitrat. Prior to the category “A”, to bring part to the assortment, for which a great (up to 50%) contribution from the zagut zabut is entrusted; to the category “V” - the product is sold out of the corner of the oath the sale is not less than 25%, and to the category “C” - the price is 25% and less. To graphically distribute products for ABC analysis є Pareto diagram, as I can read the prioritized priorities for investment and the range of products in the range of products.

Buttock Pareto Diagrams (based on Danish Table 4) is presented in Fig. thirteen.

Table 4



The share of okremich virobіv at the zagalnoy obzalі realizatsіі pіdprimentstva,%

The part of the private residence okremich virobiv at the front vitrates of the household,%










At once



Diagram Pareto

Fig. 13. The Pareto Diagram

Taka diagram on the same coordinate field:

  • the commodity structure is an oath of realizatsії products of food production (the order of the reduction is often okremich goods_v);
  • the structure of vitrines of consumer goods, which is the image of the reward of a shameful foreign oath for the commodity box in the warehouse, at the warehouse for the assortment of products for consumer goods.

The analysis with diagrams is in order to read the structure for the winter, as well as the front bays for the opportunity to use the software for the products. However, there is a residual solution that is required to comply with the assortment of goods for the assortment of goods that must be appreciated in the first part of the leather and grocery grocery warehouse in the front and rear windows. Zbut is the simplest and most reliable indicator of the economy. Until then, it’s easy to visually recognize a competitive competitor.