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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

2.2. Assortment form

The form of product assortment is before the fragmentation of assortment concept. With the rest, you need to add the motivation for the optimal assortment structure of merchandising. For the basis of спї, take the best vimogs of the singing groups (market segment), as well as the need to protect the company most effectively from the highest, technological and financial resources for low-end products. A meta of assortment conceptual pole in that way, so that you can directly buy a product, as well as have a better structure for specific purchases. Otozh, assortment concept - the whole program of managing the development of virology and the sale of goods. The main part of the program is to optimize the assortment structure, and the program is to transfer the entry system to reach such a structure at the same time. More information on the assortment of pre-ordered goods and supplies based on them is based on the forecast and forecast structure of the assortment. For accelerated science and technology development of virobnitz and significant differentiation, the need for predicting the trend of development of the assortment for the future perspective is small. That is predicted to be less than head straightforward development, and to help secure a Maybut Rinkovy drink. The essence of the form is to assortment of the range in the plan for all types of activities, direct on the product list for the May one and the actual market, as well as the data on the power for the rest of the day. Zrozumіlo, generally, daily, uninterrupted process, which is like a long stretch of the life cycle of a product, repairing at the moment of conceived, I’ll conceive up to delivery of products from commodity programs.

Formulating a product assortment of food production is more impotent without a new principle of direct covenant, oath and serviceman. Nowadays, all the virobility of all kinds of things is clearly interconnected and not differentiated, so I will need to reach a compromise between the other spheres of commercial-commercial commerce. At the hometown viglyad [45], the system is formulated to the assortment of transmission є zdіysnennya such entries:

1) recognition of current and prospective consumer needs, analysis of obvious methods of production and special features of good behavior on market;

2) evaluation of goods-analogs, which will compete, with the same strains;

3) critical assessment of high-tech products and similar products with competitive position;

4) the correct assortment of the assortment of products with competitive prices of goods;

5) vivchennya propositsii shchyod ustorennya new products and that pol_pshennya authorities of viroblyuvano products, as well as new ways and areas of vikoristannya goods;

6) the fragmentation of the specifics of new products of the first and last products before the purchase;

7) vivchenenya opportunities virobnitzstva new and ao modernized products with urahuvannyam possible prices, sobvartostі, profitability;

8) the selection of special recommendations for viral companions, the packaging, packaging of the product with the results of testing the virobu;

9) evaluation of the whole assortment and the introduction of the replacement until new.

Nin є zagalnovnovanimu those who plan and manage assortment - which is important and nevid'єmna part of marketing. In addition to the process of seamlessly concurring with the field of virology, finance, financial and technical security, as well as technical and technical design. In addition to the merits of merchandise allowed by the assortment of the plan, you can’t get lost in the Maybut neutral without the need for polite zutu and the use of advertisements. The sutnist is managing the assortment of the pole at the target products, as well as selling the goods, through the method of exposing these goods at the necessary obstructions and at once. Ozhe, the plan for the assortment of goods - that is important for competitive competition. Assortment management is based on coordinated relationships for each type of activity: science and technology, design, integrated business, organization of services, advertising, advertising, and stimulation of food. Residual meta planuvannya - optimization of the assortment with urakhuvanny strategic strategic goals of enterprises. Depends on the availability of products, product features, goals and objectives, to stand in front of them, to formulate the assortment with different methods. However, managing the assortment of products is always up-to-date in order to serve marketing.
The principle decisions in the process of managing the assortment are getting involved:

  • knowing about the virology of unprofitable products, products, models of environment, standard sizes;
  • Visiting requirements and subdivision for the creation of new products and modifikuvanny tiєї, which can also be used;
  • hardened plans and programs for new product distribution;
  • nadannya financial resources for the consolidation of the closed program and plan.

Taking advantage of the assortment, to lay down the type of financial resources of the company, the wide knowledge of the market, the business, and the other way round, I will be able to compete separately. Great value is the material and technical postachanny, as well as an official for an hour. Remain explained that the commercially successful not small character, more and less due to different reasons, that’s because of the functional hour. Plan for an assortment of pov'yazane as well as a rozpod_lom virobnichnyh squeezes for the maximum vikoristannya wow market opportunities. The problem will be significantly accelerated through the sharing of resources between the resources.

In the process of planning, the assortment is traditionally developed to supply standardization and differentiation of goods. With standardization of goods, you will need to lower the number of vitriots for rent, rozpodil, zbut and servicing. Zavdyaki tsomu unifikuyutsya elementy complex marketing, accelerate the return on investment. However, the standardization is great. It is possible to bring goods to a lower market for potential potencies, a lack of a vague reaction to the market of minds, and improvement of innovation.

Differentiation of the goods of the spirits є to the newest of the potentials of the market for that okremich segment_v; I remember quietly commodity, de mute competition, but it is insignificant. The water-hour of such an assortment of strategic assortment is straightforward due to the need for modernization and the need for more work, diversification and over-reliance on the big deal, and the expanded marketing complex. The ability to meet the standard and differentiated goods is to lay down the specific minds of the producer and to evaluate the result - the oath of duty and the fact of efficiency. The meaning of the results, the best results to achieve, the strategy of transferring compromises to standardization and the unique features of the products. For example, the Coca-Cola company exported the same concentrate to the backwaters, which can produce both products and products in different parts of the country, as well as intense acidity, and traditional colors.

We are important in direct control of the assortment and respect the viluchennya (elimnuvannya) from the lack of efficient products. The product, having acquired its own marketability, is the owner of the product itself. For this reason, there is a need to read the criteria for the old goods and software programs. Criteria may be based on the information and information needed for the sale of goods, as well as on the systematic control of the stage of the life cycle.

Efficiency of managing the assortment and plan of planning to buy from them, so that you can have real potential and opportunities in such a way, when you are satisfied, you need to buy in the middle of the day. This means that “be some kind of new product, whose service will be your mother, if you have the same characteristics and characteristics, you will be able to compete with them for power, so that you can take advantage of the market. On your side, be the mother of trivals more progressive for the efficient and effective policy ”[55].

In the process of managing the commodity assortment of companies live, come on in:

  • periodically revise the assortment of assortments and take advantage of the most constructive varieties of goods and technology virobnitsva, as well as thoroughly supplement the range of goods with new virobi i viluchenny okremich goods with virobnitzva;
  • uninterruptedly control the flow of the official employees - low and low income for the ok coma on the okrimich segments of the market, the price of the goods sold by competitors, the more sophisticated technology of viola
  • healthy technical goods and processes ia their living season is the consumer of the factory for the market;
  • to provide assistance in servicing the living conditions of the organization of the open goods in the assortment and the need for assistance in the evaluation of the specific individual vimogs of the deputy;
  • to secure the necessary investment for the form of food for the hour of evaluation, the promotion and promotion of the new product and the further stimulation of food for it;
  • zdіysnyuyut prices for direct mail and new products;
  • to ensure coordination of efforts and maximum operational efficiency by stretching the process of breaking up a new product.