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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

2.3. Commodity policy

The essence of the marketing of product policies is determined by the appropriate and optimized product structures, which can be implemented in order to achieve more accurate and state-sponsored business offerings. Commodity transfer policy є vis-à-vis optimal inventory nomenclature of goods and posting of new renewal. Предметї subject є as well as goods, design, packaging, trademark, product, product requirements I will need. Obov'yazkovo undertake, to respect Dodatkov, to reproach, to give friends to a companion firm producer, against analogous goods, firm firm, as well as the frequency of renewal of items. Take bells and whistles, commodity policy, transferring the song straight away, and making sure that you come in handy, so you can be very careful about the strategic and operational speed of the product range. A marriage of a company with such a concept can be brought about before the decision is strictly based on the assortment's structure to take less advantage of the clutter of conventional furnishings.

With an important mental awareness of optimal marketing and product policies одерж pre-existing procedures for analysis and the adoption of residual solutions. Z tsim, as a rule, commit to such:

1) read the license plate and the encircled label, and enter into export for the future;

2) the manifestity of the strategy of virological-zbutovo dіalnostі pіdpriypriemstva;

3) knowledge of the minds of that market of vimog;

4) analysis of the power of the pre-school, science-and-technology virological, zbutovyh abilities and resources in May and May.

What is the meaning of this, in the meantime, in the meantime, bring in a product policy to re-strategize the policy - a course towards reaching the main goal of business. Zrozumіlo, scho accepting vіdpovіdalnih gospodarskikh іshenі rіshen consumer і tvіtlivatelnoy vivchenchenya entire complex of power, so as to form a commodity policy. Necessarily razv'yazati zokrema such problems:

1) to optimize the assortment (nomenclature) of products, which should be violated, with respect to the living characteristics and characteristics of the technology virobnitz;

2) the ability to accelerate the pace of product upgrades in general and for other species in the life cycle;

3) the recognition of the optimal solution of new products and the "old" goods in the virology program, as well as new ones as well as those that have already mastered the zbutu market;

4) entry into the market with fundamentally new types of products;

5) the time of entry into the market with a new product that is known for high-performance programs of ineffective products.

The central point of commodity policy is the optimal structure of the product mix. For the whole consumer, there is a professional analysis for the following criteria: first of all, better knowledge and quietness of the vibrating segments of the market, so as to secure a stable mill for the market at the current moment and in the pre-string aspect; in a different way, an estimate of the winter options for a look at the maximum profit. Victoria of the independent consultants for evaluating such options will be able to overcome the disjointment of the authorities, who want to say, say, “firm patriotism” can often be replaced by the alternative.

The great role of marketing marketing and product policy in the development of public relations has been completed in a socially-economic system. Value can be intellectually possible for three great straights: a resource resource; safeguard guarantee; mindset for zrostannya pіdprimstva. For the most important indicators of achievement of these goals, please call:

  • oath to zbutu;
  • vidshkoduvannya zmіnnikh і postіynih vitrat;
  • a bit of that lower self-sustainability;
  • zbіlshennya obyagіv virobnitstva;
  • part of the market;
  • I’ve opened the market for that robot.

In bagatokh vipadakh nadіynim zasobom to reach their indicators є diversification. With it, you will be obliged to expand the programs through the program through the new products for new markets. In addition, it seems, the strategy of diversification is a whole, for the other kind of company, you can quickly penetrate the bagato market and act in advance to have your presence on them. May there are three types of strategic diversification of commodity policies: horizontal (concentric); vertical lateral (late).

Zdіsnyuyuchi horizontal diversification, the introduction of products to the traditional nomenclature of products, which will need to be purchased from the rest of the technology itself, but it will require the marketing capabilities themselves. For example, a factory on completion of the pre-production of coarse plastic virobіv repairє virobnitstvo parts із plastic for machines and possession. If the program is expanded through the acquisition of products of the front and the front, the maximum strategy of vertical diversification. For example, the Brovary’s initiative is to violate the vibrations of the house and the dances, and then I’m seeing the vibrant cafes. Ozaknaku lateral diversification є namagannya pіdprimentstva enter into galuzi, but do not have anything else to do with the traditional tradition and marketing dyalnistu. Such diversification is associated with a great rizik, which can be reduced even more by the significant science-and-technology and technological potential of the company. At the largest marketing viglyad’s marketing and diversification strategies, they invest in the inter-special matrices shown in Fig. 14.



Applied Technology

New technologies

Applied Technology

New technologies

Realized markets

  • stable posture
  • hardened
  • pіdtrimuvannya
  • vihd rinku
  • mastering new technologies
  • the creation of new modifikatsіy ісnuyihih goods_v
  • division of new products
  • mastering new technologies
  • division of new products

New markets

  • mastering the market
  • mastering new technologies
  • wide range of products
  • View on rinok technology
  • division of new products
  • expansion of the market for new products
  • povna diversification (the development of new products and technologies, whith the new markets)

Nayavnі tovar

Nayavnі tovar

New tovar

New tovar


Fig. 14. Marketing strategies of diversification

Qya matrix, what’s the best possible way to realize the following strategies:

1) domagatsya maximum zisku vid of obvious links and goods;

2) expand the geography of the market for Maybutnich;

3) enter the technology market;

4) a wide range of products, which can be violated, but otherwise, I will diversify (new commerce for new markets).

With the help of diversified strategic diversification, one can reckon with the changes in the economic situation, the decrease in the market and the market share of consumption. For such a strategy, there are opportunities to get higher capital, as a result, additional taxes, and effectively start working hours.

Proteilnoyu є strategy of concentration of virological care, with the help of such a firm can penetrate more than one segment of the market. The main officials, who want to absorb strategic diversification and concentration, are listed in the table. 5.

Table 5


Product Description

Drive over diversification

Concentration moves

Dinamika obsyagіv sale fallow vid vitrat marketing



Tempi zrostanna sale on the skin market



Stability obsyagіv sale on the skin market



Competition at the clock



Consume adaptation products to the market



Consume Adaptation

Those same

Those same

Efficiency to scale at least



Consume control programs



Kіlkіst obmezhen



In this way, the main characteristics, how to be taken to the best of your ability to defer diversification of concentration of viral performance, price: reaction to sales for a small increment of marketing expenses; stability stability sales and the rate of growth on the skin market; ochkuvaniyu hour viperedzhannya competitors; Riven Consume adaptive products and marketing to the minds of high markets; internal and external intercourse; Varto water hours mean that the process of diversification in the baggage falls is not the only reason for optimizing the company’s commodity policy, but it’s also a direct link to the science-and-technology progress. Tsey process, as a rule, appear in this:

  • VIP-launch of fundamentally new virobіv, scho borrow vіlna in the subject іnі nіshu;
  • substitution of implicit products for new and new products (overwhelming trends);
  • zbіlshennya rіznovidіv virobіv in the ranks of virobіv, scho vigotovlyayutsya, і vіdokremlennya new rows;
  • the acceleration of the virobu of this warehouse itself;
  • yakіsnі zmіni rivnya tekhnologii, necessary for the launch of products;
  • zhorstkіshim vimogi to the input materials;
  • resource resources, especially energy and environmental sharing, as well as prior knowledge of the products and services provided by such exchanges.

Take your arms to the bottom, you can tell me about diversification of the process of new consumer demand and realization of new capabilities. Shchodo marketing tse means I will appear all new and new situations, for any necessary adequate ininnovatsiyin rishennya. The very best coordination is achieved between the coordination of the authorities of the products and the risk of securing competitive transfer and development of the company.