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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.3.3.2. Region of operations with valuable folders

The area of ​​operations, as well as in case of the registration forms of the official folders. Vigotovlenі forms of valuable folders are limited to off-balance rakhunku (with the right to serve the most important documents and documents). To write off the forms from the whole rakhunka, the watermark will be spent for the whole time on record about the realization of valuable folders. The price of the area is limited by species and the number of people with special features, which is described in the “Procedure for the conduct of operations”.

At all prizes, I store the inventory, denoting the type, number, serie, nomalny card (price), the lines are extinguished. When redeemed, it’s possible to work out a sign about the document, on the record there’s a zeroth record, the tip is thin for the bank.

Region Akcijas Vlasnoemisії. A VIP start-up by a joint-stock partnership is welcome at the Rosemary Statutory Capital. A pre-paid issue of shares is less than that, as long as all of the outstanding shares are paid for the wartime, not lower than the nominal rate.

The area of ​​sale of shares of public interest is divided into two stages: up to the registration statute and the registration of the registration. A stream of advance advances outside should be led to the shingle “Rozrahunki iz zasnovnikami”.

As a payment for the shareholder’s shares, they can transfer whether they’re active or twice as long as the transferred asset, the records for the debit of the transaction are payable: pennies to cash, the transfer to the main transfers, and the currency to the bank - credit rahunka "Non-payments capital".

On the day of the registration statute, it’s necessary to earn a record for a loan from the Statutny Capital fundraiser for the entire sum, and for the debit of the Non-Payments Capital banknote to the whole sum.

This means that the balance of “Non-payment of capital” will be cleared, so that the balance is cleared, so as to inform about the bargaining of shareholders to “Statutory capital”.

The deed paid to the borg in front of the statutory capital is to be likened to a well-guarded one.

On the insured bag of dividends, the racket “Unsubstitution of income” and credit rachunka for the awarded: “Razrakhunki with participants” will be debited

- for a bag, insured for shareholders, as a precedent for payment;

- for a bag insured for shareholder-founders who don’t prac-

- for the sum insured by the majority of shareholders.

AT can buy shares in shares. Vikup aktiviyobrazhaetsya records: debit rahunka "Vilucheniy kapital", credit rakhunkіv, with some sumi boules transferred to shareholders: "Casa" skinny.

Vikuplenі aktsії may buti anulovanі (znishchenі). Todi the entry will be as follows: debit of the Statutny Kapital rakhunka, credit of the Vilucheniyy kapital rakhunka.

Resale of the action of regional sales for the scheme introduced by B.2.5.6.

As a matter of fact, you’ll be sold for price, as a result of your nominee wartime;

Aktsіonerne tovaristvo Got right pіdvischuvati abo znizhuvati nomіnalnu vartіst aktsіy vlasnoї emіsії. Such a skin lesion is superconducted by the re-registration of statutory capital. Pidvishchennya nomalu vartostі akcіy v_dobrazuyayut at the accounting region similar to the sale (realizatsії), is clearly described.

The main reason for the lower number of wartosts is that they are unprotected, and therefore, if they are to re-register the underestimated amount, they should be directed to unprotected zbitkiv (debit of the “Unprotected zbitki” box).

In okrimich vipadok, schuvu budu р ко ко ко ко,, ко,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт ост ост ост,,, ост,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, з жен з є ко ко ко,,,,,,,,,,,, ко ни є з з ко ко ко ках ках реми реми реми реми, реми,,. In these vipads, the sum is lower than before and is limited to the shingle “Rozrahunki iz zasnikami”. And they gave me the opportunity to pay for the “Kasa” rakhunka or the “Rosrakhunkovaya rakhunka in a jar”.

Region of regional government. The area of ​​the acquired cost, gained from the result of the regional registration, lead to the shingle "Dovgostrokov zobov'yazannya by region".

Three new subraunks have been seen before, on some areas:

- goiter'yazannya by region;

- premiums on the old regions;

- discount on the old regions.

In the case of an analitical region on the mahogany “Dovgostrokovі zobov'yazannya oblagatsіyah”, the following is a view of the appearance of the old folders, the rows are redeemed.

At the time of winning the money, I have to wait for the most detailed entries in the debit of the meeting: “Casa”, “Roserachunny rakhunok”, “Roserachunas for payment of fees” and that, and also on credit the rakhunka on the region.

I’ll like to show interest by region in the form of records: debit of “Financials Vitrati” rachunka and “Razrakhunki z pratsyuyuchim” rahunka loan for the amount, timovy amount, and pratychimi prachumi borrowed money for the loan, but the loan for the Razrahamny loan is extended.

When redeemed, posy will be able to write entries in the debit of the racket “Dovgostrokovі zobov'yazannya oblagatsіyah”, as well as on credit rakhunkіv “Kasa”, “Rozrakhunkovy rakhunok”, “Rozrakhunki for paying pracі” that ін.