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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.3.3.3. Region of operations with valuable folders of unclassified emails (regional investment)

Oblast actsіy and oblagatsіy, having been donated by the state thanks to the last enterprises, to keep on the racks the same finances as the deposits in addition to that, in such a way you can find them. Korotkotermіnovі (on lines up to one rock) abo dovgotermіnovі (on lines ponad one rіk), tobto on the rachukah “Short-term lines (flow-through) financial investments” abo “Dovgostrokov financial investments”. Three vidkrivayut on the remaining rahunka vidi rahunkіv:

- Investments from the parties to the party with control;

- Investment and investment by the parties;

- Investments by an independent party.

Pobudova analitichnogo region to lay down in the view of the bank of the valuable servers and enterprises, which were emailed (let down). Okremo oblivovuyutsya pennies, pererahovanі for the price of paper up to ikh their advance payment.

On attribution, I want to add a few important notes to write to the debit of the “Dovgostrokovі finansovy іinvestitsії” abo, or “Korotkotherіnovі finіnsansіі investіvіtіі”, as well as the loan from the raiser “Kasa”, “Rozhunokuniy rainy”.

As a matter of fact, paying for the cherished valuable servers is a whore of transferring material values, then recordings must lie in addition to the fact that the very same material values ​​are worth the price. When razrahunok materials, fumes, spare parts, the entries in the debit of the newly created rachunk and that credit of the Revenge rakhunka will come to a small extent.

To keep the dividend and interest, record the debit of the “Kasa” rakhunka, “The bank rakhunok”, “The razrakhunka with the debtors” and the credit of the “Financial income” rahunka.

With redeemed regional certification, certification and that. but the resale of the action chi oblasti gratuitously won the money should be left at the order of the company, and the compilation of the most important folders is deducted from the assets, so that the picture is deducted into the oblast by the account “I owe the loan”

The area of ​​a certified bank account shall be led to the subraun “Certificate of a certified bank” rakhunk_v pre-hosted (or short-term) invested.

Analytical region to lead banks, as seen certification. With proper certification, entries in the debit of the rakhunka will come to light.

At times the bank turned to write entries to the debit of the “Rosrakhunkovy rakhunok” rakhunka and on credit to the rakhunkіv pre-hosted (or short-term) financial investments.

If you donate money to the company in Aktivia, region, and abroad, you transfer the bank to the bank at the hour of zberigannya, then, in the registers of the analitical obliku, you will be sent to the bank document, which is owned by the bank. Vitrati zberigannya of valuable folders at the bank is reported on the financial results.