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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

3.3. Economy znіst Visnochennya іvnya Yakostі products ї

For a healthy product and innovation policy, you need to be more informative, to characterize your product, you will need to have a wide range of products, which will be designed with similar analogues.

Porvnyuvannya value of indicators, in order to know about the technical details of the product (project), I am able to recognize the value of the technical product. Naukova obґruntovana th Povny іnformatsіya about mіru vіdpovіdnostі dosyagnutogo tehnіchnogo rіvnya yakostі Suchasnyj NAUKOVO-tehnіchnim dosyagnennyam that prospect rozvitku science i tehnіki neobhіdna for planuvannya, rozroblennya th osvoєnnya novih vidіv produktsії established by tsіn on virobi, zdіysnennya zahodіv of marketingovoї pіdtrimki іnnovatsії. For visualization of technical level of product, it is necessary to use the product, except for the establishment of a nomenclature of indicators and that of the most important value, select the base image. Zrozumіlo, right now, the hour of organizing robots with the designation of the technical level and the value of the correct vibration standard for the port. For the future, for the sake of metrics, it’s technically technically underconfirmed that we can bring up the actual level of virobe to the normal range of vimogs. The base value of indicators for the future is to find the best (most unlikely to be promising), increase in reach, reach one hour, and reduce the cost of reaching for the scientific and technological development. These standards can be but specific vіtchiznyany abo cordon virobi, as well as vimogs of sovereign chi international standards. Technical range of values ​​means differentiating, complex method or method. The differentiation method is based on the one-time, separate, single indicators of the maximum performance, which is the basic standard. Zavdyaki tsyomu to recognize, who reached the standard of the standard in whole, for what indicators of yogi are reached, as well as indicators to see the base. The most significant indicator of the technical level of products with the help of the differentiated method is to pay for the formulas:

index of technical range of products production , (1)

index of technical range of products production , (2)

de Pi is the value of the i- th indicator of product’s performance, which is estimated;

Pib - value of the i- th base indicator;

i = 1, 2, ..., n - the number of individual indicators in the performance of products.

Formula 1 zatosovuyut for the assessment of indicators, the numerical value of what to say about the polarity of the indicators (usefulness, productivity, resource, retention). Formula 2 is victorious for an indicator, a change in the numerical value of some kind of protection, and an increase in accuracy (material, vitality, bending errors). Differences in assessment of the image of the deposits between the authorities, which can be analyzed. In addition, it seems, be-yakіy zmіnі single indicator vіdpovіdaє proportionality zmіn vidnosnogo indicator yakostі. Zrozumіlo, it’s not possible for the other method of differentiation to engage in the ignition of the river as one single numerical indicator. As a rule, this method is corroded for a forward assessment of the singing indicators of the top living authorities of the products (for example, for example, switching on the crane, driving force).

I’ll zagalnu assessment of technical level of yakostі, scho to be characterized by one numerical indicator, to be brushed off with the help of an integrated method, a yak to be based on zasosuvannі uzagalnenih indicators. Such indicators показ the functions of individual and give the opportunity to vrahovuvati vzamozvozvyazok authorities of the products. A complex method of transmitting the last-day analysis of simple and folding power products and the need to drain skin from them to the technical ignition. For the whole, you can see the deposits as being indicators of simple authorities and their assessment and the way they can be used to determine the importance of the authorities, which form the shape. We’ll take the decision about the order of the last few assessments of the authorities, which should be analyzed. Yakshcho is obviously necessary information for identifying the functional deposits of the head indicator of the appearance of the yogis, which should be taken as the basis for all upcoming roses. For example, the leading indicator for a comprehensive assessment of the level of tires and tires is the size of the test (km), and for diesel engines - the service life (rings). The greatest effect of the comprehensive assessment of the ability to reach is, if the head indicator is stagnant, the appearance of the unique appearance of the appearance of the apparition. Itself is physically zoomed in and out, signified deposits are maintained, for example, between the values ​​of the main indicators of the products (coke) and the productivity of the blast furnace.

Functional deposit, yak is taken for the value of a complex indicator of yakostі (Ko), the maximum such a viglyad:

Ko = F ( n , mi , ki ), i = 1, 2, ..., n ,

de n - the number of indicators of yakostі, scho to fly;

mi - coefficient of vagomosti and i- th indicator of yakostі;

ki is the annual і- th indicator of yakostі.

Naichastishe for a comprehensive assessment of technical rivia к продук ик продук продук ик в в ик в ик ик серед серед серед серед серед риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф геомет геомет геомет геомет, риф,, риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф риф, так сп риф риф риф риф, риф риф риф сп сп риф риф риф and риф риф риф сп риф метод метод метод method. The complex mid-arithmetic arithmetic exponent Yakostі rozrahovuetsya for formulas:

complex indicator yakostі abo Complex mid-arithmetic indicator ,

de U - complex indicator of yakostі;

Miu is the parameter of the vagomosti of the i- th index of voidness;

Pi is the value of the i- th indicator of yakostі;

Qi - the annual i- th indicator of product performance;

n - is the number of indicators of yakostі.

For immateriality and underestimation of vikoristannya for the visualization of certain factors, the number of conditions and indicators of technical and technical specifications is determined by expert methods. It’s okay to re-introduce the history and the zagazalneniya with the help of a separate mathematical apparatus for a complete group of people and for groups of people. Obov'yazkovoi vimimoy to the members of the expert groups є: competence, interest, interest and obefficiency. The specialty of expert methods є the widespread stagnation of balneal evaluations.

If the complex method does not allow the possibility of damaging all the important power issues (for example, ergonomics, aesthetics, ecology), and the consistency of individual indicators is great, the salary is the method of assessment. Vin peredbacha spіlne vikoristannya single and complex indicators. For the whole, a part of the single indicators should be doubled in the environment group and for the cutaneous ones, they should mean the most comprehensive indicator. The most important indicators of performance are analysm okremo. Discriminate for the skin group complex, as well as recognize the single indicators until they are differentiated by the differentiated method with the most basic indicators.

The product range is identified as a technical issue (as a project), as well as a good selection of the product (as the material for the project). Estimation of the level of independence and production of health products of the actual value of the power of the authorities to the cob of operation with normative and technical documents (armchairs, technical standards). So far, most products are available, then more actual power is available before designing.

For the minds of the mass virobnitty, there are products to formulate in vain bagatokh of sub and active officials, who want to take into account the power of the authorities. The factual value is not the same as that of the same species, but the stench is of the same size. For the most important evaluation of such a rosiuvanny zasosovyut indicators of the same products. So, with ıhnyuyu help identify the rosіyuvannya numerical values ​​indices іn designation (firmness, mіtsnіst, heatііkііst), nadіnostі, okremich ergonomіchnyh indices іn toshcho. Indicators of single-product products are estimated by their (statistical) values. For third-party stagnation, the mean square mean (d):

number of vimiryuvan vipadkovo sizes ,

de n - the number of values ​​of the size (for example, the number of values, in the same indicator of brightness);

xi - value of the vipadkova value (actually the value of the vimіryuvanny indicator of the i- th virobu);

x 0 - the average value of the vipadkov value average vipadkovo value .

Rosglyano butt. Zamіri dіametra vigotovleneny verstnyh shafts viyavili razhodzhennyya value of the whole indicator at vіdіbranih zrazkіv. For the results of deputy (table. 9), a single evaluation of one-way products was carried out.

Table 9


Number to deputy











Shaft diameter, mm











The middle-square vіdkhilennya dіametra zrazkіv dorіvnyuє:

Yandex defectiveness

x 0 = 101.3 / 10 = 10.13.

The stability of the minds of the virobnitztva, the characteristics of the vicarious materials and the same indicators are the indicators of the specific product type.

Yakіst іvnya igotovlennya produktії mean the same, more expensive and defectiveness. For the sake of it, it is necessary to lag behind in order to overcome the defects, which are possible in the process of products production, and the recognition of the vagueness. Vagovі koofіtsієnti rozrachuyut Vartіsnim anyhow by the expert method. For the first method, the number of vagomods is fixed for an additional visual assessment of the specificity of a particular defect that is strictly limited. For the expert method, the decision is taken in the way of averaging special special rates, reserved by a group of experts. The defectiveness indicator is identified by the formula:

some defects ,

de D - some defects;

Mi is the number of defects in the i- th form;

n - number of products vibriki;

Qi - a factor of the v-bridge i- th defect;

d - the number of possible types of defects.

At table 10, a butt is induced in the rosette of a number of defects in vibration from 20 automobile pumps.

Table 10


Defect code

Waga defect

Number of defects in vibration with 20 pumps

Dobutok (2? 3)

Koefіtsієnt defect [Sum of Danish z gr. 4, filed for quick vibration (20)]









600: 20 = 30

















Riven of performance in the exploitation of a product that is sold є as a result of the performance of two indicators - the technical level and the performance of products. The first hour of operating products is to assess the world of the most actual indicators of the accuracy of technical and normative documents. For the sake of understanding, I’m able to help you to solve the problem of functional and cinnamon power of the technical and technical information about the need for machines and possessions. The range of products in operation is determined by the factual and normative values ​​of the single and complex indicators of the standards of the moral and the moral age. Estimated results become the basis for economic development and marketing strategies of thoroughly creating new models, increasing the number of primary indicators of product availability, value for money, technical rules and regulations.

Yasna rich, scho rozumіnnya rіvnya yakostі goods in ekspluatatsії for the virobnik і not surviving є same. For the purchase of property, it is necessary to buy the necessary goods for sale (Vitrati for professional service, repair, energy-saving skinny). Zrozumіlo, schito vitritsa koristuvacha with a significant amount to lay down in the form of technical innovation and thorough product and good quality in the finished product in half an hour. In addition, it seems that the risk is laid down in the project, to ensure that you have thorough visualization, and to continue working hours. To this, the visibility of the market, rich in goods, is most likely not to be limited in technology, but to help people. For example, a Japanese school of care for sacrifice of honor, living with it in its entirety in the process of learning and preserving the importance of urahuvannya yogo pazanzha even at this time design and vigotovlennya virobіv. This type of implementation is realized for the additional principle of "system integration," if you need to buy integration in the cycle "design - virobnitstvo", and the most robust - in the fragmentation of company standard standards. For the whole time, I’m integrating into the foreign process of managing and becoming more part of the foreign strategic strategy. Successful implementation of the principle - ligature and competitiveness of Japanese goods. In this way, a new policy to strategically approach your company, which means that you have the best and most effective hobby for meeting your needs, as well as a lower hobby for lower standards. For Japanese companies, in order to carry out this strategy in practice, we characterize such problems and problems:

  • secure accessibility - it’s not only a technical function, but it’s important to have one quick start, and the system process, which will penetrate the entire organization of the work structure;
  • new rosumіnnyu yakostі maє vіdpovіdati has established the organization structure pіdprimstva;
  • Nutrition may not be relevant but not between the virological cycle, but in the process of fragmentation, construction, marketing and marketing of virobu service;
  • Yakіst maє buti is designed for the satisfaction of vimog sogozhivachіv, and not the producer, interested in us in front of the most effective virobnitsva;
  • polypropagation will require the acquisition of new technology, which can be repaired from the project up to the automated control of the power of the government;
  • through the creative fate of the Usa Vikonavtsіv.

From now on, the protection of the grace of the cattle by the administration of the company, for the help of one who immediately reach the power of supplying the living room, as well as the changing of the vitality compartments. There is a greater need for problems in ambushes. I am satisfied that I am better off than I can for the support of the previous organization’s organizational structures, including those for sharing, I’ve divided them into pieces. The need for a permanent conversion of vidobnitty to the maximum number of available units is based on the significant functions of marketing in the equipment management of the company and corporation, and the development of a systematic integrated approach to standardization.

Of particular importance are the problems of increasing freedom for the minds of different economies, as long as the competitiveness of the products is important and one of the most important changes is entering Ukraine into Europe. Vikonannya Decree of the President of Ukraine “On entering the territory of the Republic of Belarus” on February 23, 2001 to give us the opportunity to draft laws on the ambush of the government in the field of government. More information on how to save the country, if you need a warehouse of national self-sufficiency, is an idea of ​​daily life for the people of the world, is that you can grow up the market economy of an ordinary type.

Warehouses and other facilities of the government of the country п ї я п п я я ост ост ост ост ит

Fig. 19. Warehouses and other facilities of the government of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Belarus

The concept of the concept of transferring the upgrades of the systems to the producers and the posters of goods and services, the atmosphere of the atmosphere of the “international law” according to the norms and rules of the international standards.

The development of world civilization, the globalization of the economy is clearly not inexcusable. The role of marketing is not only for the minds of the living, but for the wealth of the living. Ludism is reckoned with the old age stereotypes of the low and the middle. In the remaining third of the twenty-th century, the loss of the process of goods and services, and the need for systemic care, led to the higher degree of organic marketing and the need for more information. There was a specific reason for the specificity of lowering the international standards of the ICO 9000, de-violated on the basis of the standard normative ideas of the right now, which is based on the right thing to do, and there’s an opportunity to change the price. On a daily basis, these components rang as far as the titles of riches, as long as the priority of the lively dominance of goods over the price for better living became insane. Kind comrades and servants, who want to meet the needs of the living, to take care of the new values ​​of relationships, to live in peace and to live in good health, will become happy. Such a way of being comrade and servant to manage, say b, material change your mind for the transition of humanity to the so-called title of civilization. For these minds, the role of marketing is the goal and the desire to live with the singers of “standard living” more to come to terms with. Характерним підтвердженням цієї тенденції може бути підвищення значення маркетингової діяльності для охорони навколишнього середовища. Нині у світі широко обговорюються ці проблеми, а передусім захист озонового шару, запобігання «парниковому ефекту», забрудненню ґрунтів, води та повітря. Сьогодні споживачі заінтересовані не просто у високоякісній продукції, а в товарах, які б відповідали основним вимогам охорони здоров'я і екологічної безпеки. Про збільшення впливу екологічного чинника на обсяги маркетингової діяльності свідчить, наприклад, спеціальне наголошування сучасної реклами на «екологічній чистоті» товару. Саме ця тенденція зумовила появу так званого екомаркетингу , коли посилання на високу екологічну чистоту продукту вважають головним чинником комерційного успіху на національному й міжнародному ринках. Інакше кажучи, маркетингова діяльність у цьому напрямку відображає посилення впливу суспільства на підприємства, вимоги якнайповнішого врахування останніми громадських інтересів. Наслідком цього стало створення міжнародних стандартів серії IСO 14000, які встановлюють вимоги до системи менеджменту та маркетингу з погляду захисту довкілля та безпечності продукції. Отже, згідно з концепцією соціально-відповідального маркетингу та його нового різновиду — екомаркетингу — суттєво посилився вплив гуманістичної складової якості. Сучасний маркетинг не просто створює стереотипи сучасного побуту, а й дає змогу по-новому, з позицій системності й комплексності переходити до створення стандартів якості життя.