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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

The terminology dictionary of keys to understand those

Ergonomic indicators - indicators of brightness, which characterize the precedence of a viroba to humanity.

Estetichnі pokazniki - pokazniki scho harakterizuyut zovnіshnіy viglyad produktsії, її viraznіst, svoєrіdnіst, garmonіchnіst, tsіlіsnіst, vіdpovіdnіst seredovischu, style that modі.

Klas (ґatunok) - an indicator of the category of distribution, which is the value of the current level of cinnamon living authorities and characteristics of the goods (servants).

Indices nadіnostі - indicators , which characterize the ability to save the main parameters of the func- tion of the virobi per hour and for the vidovidnyh minds that have survived.

Indicators of purpose - indicators of characterization of purpose, scope of acquisition, productivity, transportability, constructive and specific specifications of products. Indicators are intended to characterize the cinnamon robot, which should be virobom, the universal versatility of the product, and the effectiveness of the product.

Products - materialization and materialization result of process and process.

Yakіst - the buy-in of power and characteristics of products, which is important to keep in mind the need for satisfaction, but for the transfer of consumption.

Control food

1. Yakіst product і її significance in the marketing dіyalnostі.

2. Indicators of technical performance of products.

3. Methods viznachennya technical іvnya іkostі.

4. Rіven yakostі vigotovlennya and selling goods.