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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B. Calculation of the virobnicheskie sobvartostі ready-made products, nadannya servant

a) Fundamentals of costing.

For correct visualization in the region of the main parameters (characteristics) of the products, it is necessary to calculate the calculation procedure, the calculation of the calculation of the actual virological information.

Actual viral business of products is to be designated for different needs: actual results of state sponsorship, value-added, efficient technological and organizational decisions, established rational costs.

Calculation - the price is the same as the cost to your account holder, so you can add one to one. For the additional calculation of regional observance. With the help of calculating the factual participation in virobnosti є collection of products. In order to calculate the actual value of the finished product, it’s necessary to have a vipus. For the visualization of their own products, the required specifications are the same as the specifications. Products can be virobom, robot, servant.

The variety of products for calculating elements - cost items. Cost statistics - can be financial and galusimi. Financial calculations have two direct costs and indirect costs. A wide є galusevium, and more precisely the virological aspect, induce self-care. The nomenclature of cost items in the wholesale business of the company and to lay down the consumer management. All nutrition will be examined in the third part of the manual.

On the basis of calculating є sobvartіst of products (virobi, servants of abo robots), ale slіd mother in respect not less than ob'єkti, and th one calculating one.

Calculation of units of ready-made products can be done in the following ways: self-propelled goods, so-called self-propelled products, yakip let out state thanks, first-aid worker (shop, team, business); compliance with the appearance of the product (virobi, naprivfikatu skinny); sobіstart kіlkіsnoї (meter, masa, bet, tons of skinny) but yakisno (dry specks, vologosti tosho) natural single vimiryuvannya.

The same time you go to the calculation process one by one. In order to deduct the benefits of the product, it’s necessary for the mother to receive the benefits of the products. It is not possible to signify the ownership of a natural single product, as long as the ownership of the product is not signaled ahead of time. Thus, the calculation of their own products is a process that can be stored in three of the latest procedures and procedures (Fig. B.4.19).

Etapa ob обєkti calculuvanny sobvartostі produkty їkh vzєєvozvozvyazok

Fig. B.4.19. Etapa ob obkti kulyuvuvannya sobvartostі produktsі їkh vzakozmozv'yazok

The water hour calculation process does not cover all the complexity of calculating in state grants;

The ability to count products for an additional okremich priimiv (methods), so as to lie down by chance, but because of the absence of factors for calculating.

b) Officials, to recognize the process of calculating the actual virological products of the products.

The main vijdnim element of any virobnitz є ready products. Water time on the basis of the production, the output of the marriage, marriage. In addition, without interruption of the technological process, the particular nature of the organizational process, it is necessary to demand that the incomplete virobility be revealed.

Vivchennya warehouse of the elements of costs as a demonstration, showing the accuracy of the characteristics of the characteristics at once, the variability of the following items: finished products, available products, marriage of products, non-paid products. From now on, for the sake of succes- sion, it is not necessary to concretely calculate the element, to reach the calculation. Ale for the whole needs of the characteristics of the name of the official.

With normative acts, ready-made products can be imported into the warehouse, they are ready to meet standard standards, technical specifications are agreed upon, taken to the warehouse, and they are issued a valid document. Natural technical and technological parameters of finished products are designated as normative documents or as a contract. There are two options for this: the finished product is small, but the parameters are large and small. Enhanced characteristics may be included in the documents for the issue, the calculation of the product and the product is immaterial.

Particularly relevant is the small product range of complex products, for one type of material, the product type is ready (metallurgical, chemical, technical and industrial). Inkoli at once with the finished product from the virological process is held on hand, and the first soup product. For example, in about an hour virobnitstva amiaku to hold carbonic acid gas, at brovarny virobnitstvuyuyu products and уг carbonic acid, at virobnitstviy caprolactam by-product є ammonium sulphate skinny.

Behind its technical and technical characteristics, its products are small and small, we can see more and more of them, as well as have the same parameters and parameters as the main products.

Analogous natural (kіlkіsnі ta yakіsnі) characteristics may be the first time the elements are viral: incomplete, marriage, incomplete virobnitstvo. Thus, the name of the most important element of the virology process is to become a part of the calculation of actual production of finished products. Їх яв яв а а а бо бо бо бо бо бо уск уск є бо бо бо сп сп (рощ рощ є є є є процедуру процедуру процедуру процедуру процедуру процедуру) calculation procedure. And on a daily basis, the method (or method) of calculation.

Come virochnitsva - ts surplus syrovini, materials, yakі assert themselves in the process of virobnitsva and often often lost the primary power. In addition, prior to introducing the same products of physical and chemical processing of syrovini, it is not possible by the method of virology (you can have one with a small vitratum).

At the same time, we’ll go through the door to go through the technological doors: a cigar, shrinking, upscaling.

In calculating processes, the important point is є assessment of income. From year to year, it’s important to evaluate the prices of realizable ones.

We have to go to the warehouse to have a good look at the warehouse and decorated with invoices.

The local government will need to control their approval and the public on the side of the accounting service.

Beat the product as the first element of the virological process is also the same as the parameter, the parameter is different. Look at solid firm or negotiated prices. Вї vartіst virakhovyut with the costs of the main virobnitzva. Alya piddіd is not possible to respect either economically or technically correct through those that are actually de facto gain of second-hand products - the price of the deduction. For example, in order to gain gas from the Vugledobuvanni, the cost of songwriting is to spend on organizing. Tom soup product vimaga special calculation.

I will not need additional vitrats for the production of products. Such products are assimilated in complex virology in parallel with the main one. For the calculation of the main products, you need to get the most out of date, as well as the other parameters of the by-product products.

Oskilki will demonstrate the products in the very technological process, which is the main one, then more beautifully calculating as a supervisor at once from the main, rather than evaluating the basic price data. If you want to learn more about the method, after all, you can set up the technical proportions and increase the vitality of the products.

Residual marriage - all the best indicator of the statehood robot. Yak vidniy element to the process of virobnitstva vin mak kіlkіsnі that yakіsnі characteristics, on the basis of yak through through an estimation of the nabuva арт vartіsnogo bend. The main food for the marriage was bored in the early days, because we spin less on quiet food, so as to calculate the cost of the main products.

At the highest galleys of virobility (chemical, gum, technical, etc.), a marriage can be completed during the next year, if you need to do this, you must complete the following procedure for marriage: that operation of marriage; the variability of rejected products is shown on the Marriage of Violations list: the remaining three times the rejected products are presented on the debit list of Virobnitsvo.

In bagatokh goluzy vrat gd marriage normal. Transmission norm rozmir vtrat at these vikhadka sl_d brothers for the value of vtrat. Mostly, at the start-up of products on the basis of accounting, the normative type of vitrates is recognized, and the actual time is recognized as a great deal. Riznitsya between actual and normative rozmir vrat will be a special kind of vidkhilennya.

Incomplete virobnstvo є the best element of the calculation process. The area of ​​incomplete virology so that I can install completeness, rhythm of viroobnitsva and product launch, control over material values ​​is very thin. In the minds of an uninterrupted virologic process, there is a bit of dumb information about the parameters of an incomplete virobility, it is practically impolite to calculate the actual output of products.

Wait for the incomplete virobnitsvo mak kіlkіsnі and yakіsnі characteristics, on the first hand, you can evaluate and familiarize yourself with the parameters. Kіlkіsnі parametres of incomplete virobnitsva to signify for the operational region, and vartisnі - accounting region.

At enterprises incomplete virobnizto become one of the two methods : first inventory, but quickly after the techie regional data . Inventory of unfinished virobniztva to fail to inventory inventories.

c) The methodology of the calculation (calculation) of the actual virological and personal products, the work of the past, the above services.

For the actual actual results of the launch of the product, the motherboard data is available, the availability and availability of the following calculation factors: the production is ready, the incomplete delivery on the ear and the final calculation, the remaining costs are available. In addition, you may need to renegotiate your marriage, which is possible. To give the zmogu of power to the main formula, the main algorithm of the calculation process (Fig. B.4.20).

Incomplete virobnizto zoom in two points in the calculation process: first - the incomplete virobnost on the cob of the calculated period next time until the final sum of vitrates of the flow period; the other is the variocity of incomplete virology, which is followed by the residual sum of vitrates, which can be overlooked after a series of procedures.


- factual compilation of usability products, as a result virobnitsvom



- incomplete virobnitstvo on the cob of calculating period



- streaming vitrati period (month, quarter, season, season)



- wartiness of zvorotnykh v_hodhod_v



- Warranty of by-product products



- Warranty of products (suputnoy) products



- Repeat technological marriage



- incomplete virobnitstvo at the end of the calculation period

Fig. B.4.20. Logical-mathematical model of incentive to the calculation process of the actual virology of the production of finished products for the minds of the manifestations of all officials of the calculation

Recruitment of virodnosti zobovlyu zumovlyu є neobhodnіst vyklyuchennya ikh their vartostі iz zagalno sumi vitrat.

The availability of daily products requires a larger amount of expenses for the sale of goods, while the identification of the costs of a product is a combination of the cost of ready-to-use products and a constant increase in their costs.

There will be no need for an official in calculating the process. I will simplify the calculation of the actual production of products. Recognizing the most important factors to be recognized by such methods, the calculation of the actual actual products:

  1. Pіdsumuvannya vitrat . This method is used for quiet vipadas, if you have to pay for the calculation period, there are such officials: spend more on expenses, spend on completing the marriage and incomplete work on the cob of the calculating period.
  2. Included costs and benefits . To collect the amount of money, if there are any officials: enter the list of products, have the same amount of products, like they’re up to date, they’re not counted out okremo, the remaining marriage (that’s the last time I’m up to date).
  3. Razmezhuvannya costs . Make a mistake if you have more accurate vitrums to keep the following factors: incomplete virology on the last calculated period, more than one product (moreover, it’s possible to calculate).
  4. Combination method . Make a decision in vipadkiv.

Translation of the method of calculating the actual output of products that are the main ones for all of the gala gifts of the state. For these methods, I will enumerate the factual participation of the product, as it was violated for the singing period (month, quarter, season, season).

For the calculation of the factual observability of the environment, the products need to be permanently updated. But if you have the right mother and don’t have to go to the first time, you’ll have to pay two hours to form the elements of the system at the cost centers for two costs, then include the actual amount of the product, but I’m able to choose the right product industrial regional complexes of the species group: through the cobblestones of overhead costs. To this, the calculation methodology of the actual cost of ownership of products is tied to the productive cost area of ​​the product. Ale analitichny oblast direct costs є More than the basis, encourage calculation of the process of calculating the actual performance of the products through the consumption of indirect consumption of vitrates. For the calculation of the actual performance of the environment, the finished products are ready to follow the methodology for distributing complex vitrates for the price.

At the same time, we need one more important method (method) for calculating the actual number of products and the number of products - the procedure for including direct vitrates. On day-to-day virobnitsvah, direct expenses should also be included in the self-promotion of products by different methods (priyoms): direct week-end vitrification on okremi see products, so the ranks of productive priyom; direct vitrati, entered to the same number of single viro vidovdno to vibrano base rozpodilu; some method rozpodilu.

Let me know on virobnitsvy the number of active visa visas - start with the Yandex.about combination method.

Calculation of personal products to complete with a drawing of the actual personal products odnits vimіryuvannya okremich views of products. Please wait until the simple arithmetic day is over: I’ll cover up the total number of products in order to extend the characteristics of the given type to the maximum.