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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B. Oblast for the launch of finished products and the valuation (calculation) of the actual financial and virological reports

B. Oblip Vipusku finished products and tasks Robot (service)

Zagalny nourishment. The basis for encouraging the accounting region of finished products to become such components is:

recognition of the concept of “ready products”;

Classification of finished products;

assessment of finished products in the flow region;

documented execution of VIPs, production and sales of finished products;

system rahunkіv.

Our products are ready - all the way (at least the factory), the servant, the robot, we went through all the stages of technological processing on this basis, we meet the standards, but we accept the technical terms and conditions for the purchase, we accept the

The elements of the virologic process are syrovine, materials, yak, interchange at the highest stages of the technological process, approve incomplete virobnosis and shape the type of virobiotic stock.

Ready products can be mothers (and maybe not mothers) kіlkіsnі that yakіsnі characteristics. For example, the number of turns is maso, the length is meters, the length is ґatunkom. Ale wait for the product matime vartisnu characteristic.

Pobudova region of ready-made products is possible for winter options. Products, such as supply, availability and performance characteristics, can be stored at the warehouse, and sales are sold and sold. The water hour is the most affordable (for those who want to go to other enterprises and farmers' hospitals), if the products are ready not to be transferred to the warehouse, but they will be able to download them without delay from the vendor, and they’ll be able to remotely sell them.

The product, not the least of its characteristics, is a robot, a servant (in the middle), but a large-sized virobi - a bucket, a steam melting - it can be transmitted without a delay from a wide range of buyers (deputies).

The plan for the performance for the region of manifestation and the rukhu of ready-made products, but the characteristics are small and stored, the "Ready-made products" slider has been transmitted (Fig. B.4.15). For its characteristics, that structure is analogous to the “motherboard” rachunka and that formє is the type of stock of virologic care.

For regional prices (Schodnya)

Відхилення від облікової ціни (once per month)

Actual virobnicha sobvart_st

For regional prices (Schodnya)

Відхилення від облікової ціни

Actual virobnicha sobvart_st

First documents (today)

The calculating rose

Fig. B.4.15. Rahunok “Ready products”

The accounting department is ready to produce products for actual deduction. Alya oskilki is a factual component. More information is available for all costs and calculation of actual costs, the need for a ready-to-use range of ready-made products, and other

Depends on the view of the start-up of finished products from virobnitsva to be drawn up and presented to the region in a different way. As a matter of fact, the mother’s nature (virib), then this means that it’s necessary to transfer it to the warehouse. At this time, on the first submission of the first documents, an account will be recorded in the accounting department, filed in Fig. B.4.16.

Oblik vipusku finished products

Fig. B.4.16. Oblik vipusku finished products, what are the best specifications and specifications are available at the warehouse

As for the production of not natural parameters - the robot (repair), but the service (transport services), then to the accounting department there is a clear delivery of products to the assistant, and the fact that the start-up is presented to the accounting department (Fig. B.4.17).

Oblip Vipusku finished products, but not the least of these characteristics

Fig. B.4.17. The area for the launch of finished products, which is not the least of those characteristics and the most not to store at the warehouse

If the product is є unique (steam, booths thin), then the second issue (transfer to the assistant) will be displayed as a note, we point it at fig. B.4.18.

Oblіk vipusku finished products, yak not to be stored in a warehouse

Fig. B.4.18. Oblіk vipusku finished products, yak not to be stored in a warehouse