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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B. Cost Management Area

In the economic literature, understanding the “area of ​​cost reduction” is different: the area of ​​cost, the cost of cost, the area of ​​cost cost is very thin. Ale Yakshchko for the vihdnu point to take the path to the process of virobnitstva, then the cost reduction region is the third stage. The water hour is now complete. The region of resource allocation is the cost element - if productive forces, if you don’t have to pay a lot of money to class 8. At this time, you can by the way cover the sum of the cost of the song for a quarter (hour).

At first it’s necessary to spend on virobnitstvo regionally in the centers of the initial form of costs. I can help you for such a skin center, and I’ll buy the total amount of expenses: teams, workers, workshop, and skinny. Appearance of financial contributions about spending the cost of structural plenary donations of the state thanks to the possibility of winning financial contributions as a whole in the form of costs.

In state-owned countries, the cost of virobnichto is based on the centers of the primary vikoristannya (brigades, workshops, workshops, technological phases, front lines), average center forms - for viro groups, groups of types of services, types of services, types of services, the whole place is foreseen. This means that the costs are to be built yak horizontally, so vertically, behind the top of the list. Ale zazhdit vitrati for the sign of the "Element of Costs".

The technique and technology of reducing the cost of virobnitstvo lie down with some of the factors: the type of virobnost, the nature of the technology and the way of organizing the products, the number of products, organizing the incubation, and variating of the region. Remain three factors ир virіshalnymi.

To incentivize the region of reduced costs, the more important is the more correct terminology “napivfabrikati” (“napivproducts”).

The finished product (product) is the whole product of the technological phases (before, the workshop, long, brigades), it’s necessary to go through one more step of the technological phases (before and after) the samples, first and foremost, the finished product. Ale for the given stage (phase, front) win є zakinchenim.

As a matter of fact, I’m preparing a product for a given phase (transferring) є we are preparing and designations for a greater virology beyond the borders of the statehood, so that I’ll be able to realize it, I’m ready to produce it, and I don’t have to pay attention to the methodology for not introducing it. Yakshcho nap_vfabrikat (nap_vproduct) designations for the lower processing on the whole, then it’s the smallest way.

In case of a non-varied factory price reduction for the control of grain products, as well as the same amount of the finished product and I will have to leave an unlimited amount of money for work, The basis of such a region is the document of internal transferring values ​​from the technological process. At such times, accounting and control over turnaround time and regional dispatch control services of the internal transfer of goods are possible. The skin workshop has less water to spend. The availability of finished products is indicated on the basis of the share of the share of the skin workshop. This means that in an incomplete virobnitz skin workshop, you’ll have to spend more on the parts and the factory to complete the finished product.

In case of a varied factory price reduction, it is necessary to check the system area of ​​the product on the rachunks near the technological process. Transfer of goods from the workshop to the workshop or to the warehouse to be stored on the racks of yak at the shops, so at the shopkeepers. For the price of the total cost of the leather workshop, calculate the maximum cost of the costs and the costs of the processing of the front workshop. When you are ready to participate in the finished product, the last two days of our visit are shown: vitrates of the skin workshop at a technological process.

The main oznakoyu tsyogo option є vidbittya at the windows of the workshops complex vartostі nap_vfabrikatіv, as nadіshli z іshshih shops. Napryfabrikatny var ант obov'yazkovim with the organization of internal and internal Rosodarok, rent, pidryadu. For oblapu napivfabrikativ zasosovyut rachunok "Napivfabrikati vlasnogo virobnitsva". Behind the character of wine is up to the materieli.

In practice, there are six types (types) of the region where the cost of virobnost is reduced : one, one, one product; odnoperedilny, bagatovirіbny, bagatoproduktny; one-sided, one-sided, one-sided one with a clear priyomom group of costs; one-sided, one-sided, one-sided one with the last one of our nasharovuvanny vitrat; the front, the front and back, the bag and front with the factory privet, the vitrat; front-end, front-end, front-end, front-end, last-day costs of the last .

Change the tip of the cost reduction є The main arcs are often very practical. Naybilshogo broadly scored two remaining tipi. In the third part of the attack, even 80% of virobnitz.

The methodology of introducing the costs of viral care, variability of a large area is well reviewed, the report describes how, when there is a greater regional cost (greater cost of all expenses).