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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.


7.1. The basic principle of the creative work of new product development

The main objectives of the current generation of ideas and the creation of the most competitive competitive products, as well as their technical and economic indicators and technological visions, are seeking to meet the needs of science and technology. When a new product is rooted, it is imperative that you crawl your way through the most reliable, more economical and more efficient functions to your minds. As a rule, expand on all types of products, regardless of whether they stink є part of the warehouse goods we are preparing goods.

Vimogs are most likely to be without obligation because of whether they are a kind of virobility - an object of viola- Berechs to respect, it’s much more important to have a vimog who lived right up to a soldier to live without goods, to find a cheruvata with vimogs of absolutely bezpeka.

Vimogi of economical docility transfer, the main parameters and construction of the system are important to ensure the highest level of efficiency and operation (vikorustaniya). Corinth effect vid vikoristannya viroba for designated purposes, with the establishment of operating regimes of demand, requiring only minimum necessary workloads, material and energy resources.

Not less then the value on the Suchasnyj etapі NAUKOVO-tehnіchnogo rozvitku svіtovogo Promyslova virobnitstva Got doderzhannya vimog povnoї vіdpovіdnostі funktsіy scho vikonuyutsya virobom, Minds dovkіllya, tobto funktsіonalnі vlastivostі virobu povinnі obov'yazkovo vіdpovіdati rіvnyu parametrіv navkolishnogo seredovischa that dіapazonu їhnіh for Change. Necessarily the same thing is due to the indisputable authorities with the parameters of a middleman, which, as a rule, remain at the forefront of dynamism and stochasticity. Zrozumіlo, but the vision of all these changes of mind is more impotent without the stress of creative creativity of all praxivnik companies.

Take the bells and whistles, the process of creative work will require an organically reconciling such stages: preparation, conception, poshuk, realization. The steps of the creative process are based on the informational, methodical and technical security. Information security including knowledge base, forecasting bank, patents, standards, supplements. Of the methodological cares, the methodology and the methodology of the guilt, standardization and optimization of standards are recommended. Prior to technical assistance, submit an allowance for calculating technology, a computer-aided design system, software and technology complexes.

In the process of creative stage of preparation for the scientific transfer of transmission наг: Awareness of the necessary vihidnih knowledge; in the future systematization of the facts at the third stage of the development of science and technology, which can be achieved; ntelektualno-I am creating preparation for specialties to making ideas. For the first time I’m thinking of engaging in unplanned unrelated problem situations and identifying problems for the offensive. With the help of the method vivchayuyu explicitly science and technology information and formulate the head of the head of the joke; z'yasovuyut central nutrition (focal point of zavdannya), which will require a rozv'yazannya; establish the necessary vimogi and suttvvi obmezhenennya; scatter the plan Particular respect is attached to the winnings of the minds of the winnings and the further development of similar tasks in the early stages of the development of science and technology.

Central in the process of creative dyalnost є stage show. The very first idea is on the stage. The most typical stages of the stage are getting involved: the generation of ideas; viznazhennya principles in rozv'yazuvannya tasks_; the manifestation of the positive and the negative effects that can be supervising the rest of the principles of understanding the tasks; analysis of the most varied of such a rozvazuvannya and vibіr naioptimalnіshih іz them.

I will complete the creative process of the stage of realization , on the basis of the following: technical design of the task of creative tasks; up to date revision and revival of technical revision with further amendments up to the necessary amendments and additions; realizatsiya rishennya that yogo offensive rosette. Thus, the central element of the creative prank є the generation of new ideas. Odnak in tsіy dіyalnostі slіd Keruvatisya principles of priority, consistency in the division. 6.