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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

7.3. Logic Methods

Methods ototoznochenyetsya with asotsіyuvannyam and generavanyanny іday. The method of social ideation is based on the potentialities of organisms of sensitive people (hearing, dawning, dotik) and of rozumovyh health for the formality of shukanikh ide. Thanks, hearing aloud, because it’s real that it’s real, people’s nice to see it in their own image and to understand what’s more, but in principle it’s important to learn more. It is connected with the original and the idea of ​​the idea and the victory for further optsyuvannya. For an hour, I’m sorry and formally analyze the power of the real and obvious object. On the basis of logical reasoning and direct separation of these authorities, take the necessary decisions. Yasna rich, which process of transferring є the appearance of the exact vidovidey to low specific power. Z'yasovuyutsya, secrecy, relocation and shortcomings of a constructive look for goods, the ability to buy new ones for new minds of any kind of large-scale (modified, modified) virobu. Vivchayutsya as well as possible zpіnі zovnіshnogo design, component part of the principle of the principle of virobi, substitute materials so much. Vіdpovіdі on the basis of nutrition give the grave the opportunity to take the image of the maybutnian region.

The generation method is based on a systematic way to develop a singing type of product in the past and on a logical analysis of the same data for identifying the most direct way to develop a product in May. By the widespread interruptions of generation є diagrams and matrices ’ideas, so called cerebellar attack (“ brainstorming ”method), heuristic methods.

The method of generation with the help of the igeria перед ide transfer ’ ори vikoristannya і п п граф граф граф граф граф ,,,,,,,,,,,, є є є, лий є лий є є в в станов та та та та та та того того виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду виду ген ген ген ген ген ген ген ген ген ген ген ген ген ген. Such a drama of its own on purpose to assist in the activity of creative creativity in the process of making new choices of tasks, in order to make such a task and changing one’s mind. From now on, the Diagram and Idea will be provided with more comprehensive and attenuation sign of systematization and classification of objects (Fig. 64).

Diagram of the generation of ideas for technical concerns

Fig. 64. Diagram of the generation of ideas for technical concerns

Generation method for the matrices and ideas of understanding and understanding the morphology (structure and structure) of the virobus. I think that you need to be productive, if you can give me more money, I can combine more ideas, and there are a number of alternative ones. Ostannє spriya iznachodzhenno fundamentally new solutions. Morphological analysis to run on the incentive matrix of characteristics of the object of forecasting that they are most important with the upcoming scrutiny and the most varied values. Win on the basis of encouraging the so-called morphological block, a certain bulo is propounded by the Swiss match F. Tsvіkі in the end of the 50s rock. The parameters of the object, in the front view for the first time, are for the problem of how to move, expand in the rows and in the rows of the bag of the table - morphological matrices (Fig. 65). The leather keys are matrices and varieties are available. The procedure of morphological analysis - after the last process of sorting out the most possible characteristics (for our application - physical principles and technical solutions). Zagalna kіlkіst m varіantіv the creation of a new technically folding product dor_vnyuє dobutk

The procedure for morphological analysis ,

de i = 1, 2, ..., n - number of different types of characteristics;

ri - number of characteristics of the i- th type.

Fig. 65. Morphological matrix of ideas for vibor type of transport problem

Morphological matrix of ideas for vibra type transport hitch

Prediction is predicted by the method of morphological analysis, which manifests itself in the ability to transfer the most characteristic characteristics of goods, which are unrelated, but may be manifested in Maybuty.

The brainstorming method is the best way to accept new ideas and creative ideas for organized groups of people. Re-thinking success of the group є concentrating respect пра пра ц пра ц в в в на ик ик ик ик ик ик ик ик ик ик ик є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є. Zrozumіlo, scho vnіstyu vklyuchaetsya be a kind of grip on a skin participant in a creative team. Navpaki, vomiting yourself, try to develop an idea of ​​your ideas, try to encourage one idea to help someone else, combine ideas with other people. Lіpshi results reach Todi, if the group pratsyuє in the warehouse p'yat - ten osib with a stretch of an oversized hour (one or two years). The procedure for making decisions is due to a lack of knowledge of the science of technology and technology, and the method of closure is also the same for new opportunities in new areas. Incoli the method of “brainstorming” is victorious for the manifestation of under-reporting of ti chi tih t'obactiv virobnitsva.

Apart from the brainstorming session, before the methods of a collective, intuitive joke, we introduce synectics, the method of focusing on the subject, the method of weakly dying (Fig. 66).

Zagalna klasifіkatsіya methods і collective e-learning

Fig. 66. The classification of collective and intuitive

Make sure that you don’t need to take a look at the income before the process and the tool for new knowledge. For example, the idea of ​​synectics is separated from each other in the area of ​​creative specialties in one group by the method of collective formulation and the development of specific zavdan. The “focus group” thought is collective, even if the associate is not up to the problem, but not the most informative information for the official formalization of reports.

Heuristic methods are based on associative health, intuitively minded and healthy people. Prior to such methods, introduce different rules and recommendations, which can help you to solve the problems without first assessing the results. Prior to the most extensive heuristic methods, follow the methods of analogy and inversions (Table 33).

Table 33


Ob'kti naslіduvannya

Methodi analogії

Objects of inanimate nature

Items of natural remedy

Reproduction Method

Piece Medium Items

Method of suction

Copy method

Use case method

Modification Method

Convert Method

Method of constructiveness

Reintegration Method

Pseudomorphization method

Objects of wildlife

Istoti (yak sochasnі, so і vimerі)

Method Biohim

Method of Biomechanics

Bioarchitecture Method

Paleobionics method


Method anthropomorphization

Method of Biocernetics

Method of creation of suspensions

* For: Amіrov Yu. D. Basics of construction. - M.: Type of Standards, 1991.

Methods of analogy to imagining nature of human beings before acquaintance, that is to say before fulfillment in virobi of specialties of objects, processes and manifestations of isolation, as well as rozumovyh health and physical abilities of the water body. Pragneny to the establishment of the requirements for the distribution of wildlife and human beings design and practice for all creative activities. Now, shukayut an analogy between the one and the other, the manipulator and the hand of a human being, with an additional attachment of a human brain. Take the heels of the hell out of the way, heuristic heuristic methods of analogy fallow the view of the specifics of the object for two categories: methods for the inanimate nature; Methods of finding out about wildlife (people and those who have biological information).

Method analogії maї bagato rіznovidіv. So, for example, the method of reproducing the specific features of the environment of natural objects in objects that are being designed. Presentation of the outline, form, proportionality of the particular characteristics of the creation. Such a butt can be more constructive than the most advanced televisions, the architecture of the service equipment is also thin. The method of steadily transferring a clumsy of awkward operations, and of the sake of which I will be able to hand over the natural constructs and speeches for living purposes. Tse, for example, decorative embellish, simple familiarity. Seamlessly with the creation of the method of copying . Win transfer of the standard standard adjuncts for the bagorezovoy of the same year, similar to the previous bulletin. On the whole principle, the basis of stencils, templates, models is base.

In case of practical practice and ideas, the method of precedent is widespread . Vin transfer є vikoristannya in a new product і original і effective and functional principle, schu buve stuttering in the front models. For example, vending machines, cash registers. The method of constructive determination (matrix principle ) is laid as the basis for the design of products, which are geometrical (linear, flat, or even) analogous. For example, a number of cars, which are encouraged at a special design base, a series of electric and viral cables.

To make the same choice with the creative method of reintegration (method of “thread” ), when I am trying to create a new folding product for an analogous way, I’m just forgiven. Vidomo, scho rocket dvigun F. Zander bulo scattered for an analogue with a blowtorch. To disaggregate goods that have been approved, the method of pseudomorphization is often used . Virobi is used for this method, similarly for the analogous form, and there is more functional designation. By means of such a product є creation of a khibny manifestation of a good reference function. For example, a fountain pen in a guigall, a pilot light, a radio pilot, and a radio player.

Widely zasosovyvatsya for the generation of ideas and methods, which are necessary for living objects of wildlife. For example, we take the paleobionics method for prototypes for new products, the strength of the vicarious creatures (crocodile excavator). The method of biomechanics is based on the principle of goods, which are scattered, the principle of mechanics istot (helicopter). The bioarchitecture method for new products for shaping the proportions, power for wildlife (for example, radio applications, fencing and building designs). We are designing comrades, such as piece-wise functional functions, proprietary people, and victorious method of biocernetics. Remaining an hour in practical practice, the methods of bionics are widely stagnated - science, which is in accordance with the laws of law and the principle of function of a living organism by the method of piece-work technical systems. Automated systems, self-homing, robotic attachments, customization for the development of images - this is far from having to change the scope of the fixed automation algorithms.

Before logical introducing the same method of alternative prank , based on a comprehensive set of processes in order to poke new ideas for such goods, which will approve an alternative wager from the “receive-antiprior” wiggle. For example: zb_lshennya-zmenshennya, hyperbolization-miniaturization, macro-idealization-micro-idealization.

The method of inversion (vid lat. Rearranged) also vidigra an important role in the idea of ​​new products. Win transfer б poshuk rіshen at the strands, which are protected from ignition for similar facilities. For example, the method of inverting working materials and speech transferring the traditional traditions of non-traditional ones. To save you the opportunity to buy goods of new functions, as well as the need for cinnamon. The method of inverting the form of transfer of goods to the operational authorities of the goods through the sale of traditional goods. For example, with krill, I’ll stock up on a boat with water krill. Yakshcho almost immediately take to respect the superlative vimogi to constructive materials, also the method of inversion is fixed. For example, substitution of metal parts on plastic to protect you from the traditionally protivilezhnyh authorities - mycost and lightness.

Nin_ of the great breadth, the methods of combining were accumulated, which are based on a system analysis of the main signs of virobi. Such, Zokrem, є parameters, warehouses and elements of sound between them. A systematic analysis may help me to synthesize new technological solutions in one way and the same with the product, which can be scrutinized, and that can be varied. Combination of complete visibility from the EOM and the computer aided design systems (CAD).