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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

7.4. Computer Aided Design Systems

The system of automated project management is an organisation-technical system, which will automatically automate the project project. There is a warehouse in the complex for the project, as well as for the design of the project organization. CAD structure є the maximum project design for the subsystems and the subsystems for servicing. Prior to the project, the introduction of the system, so that the project procedures are completed without any interruptions. Such, for example, є design details of a warehouse and storage units; chastin budinkіv that with equipment. The design procedures conclude with a release of texts and graphic documents on various noses (paper arches, magnetic disks, thin lines). The service subsystems are designated for the development of robotics design projects. Tse, for example, on the part of the graphical drawing of the project about the project, documentation, information about the project. The material and technical base and the CAD tool basis should become a complex of automation projects, so that they can be connected with the security system. It’s yourselves to insight into the role of the “partner” with the corridor (designer), and with the nose of the new technology project.

The main method is the development of CAD software on companies, as well as active active commodity innovation policy, technical and economic regulation and competitiveness of new products, and the change of work and job design. Victoristovuchi CAD, the designer can creatively osmisliti, apart and analyze dozens of different options for design solutions. Suttvuyu special features of the automated project ан form in the memory of EOM information, as you develop (add) one version of the design model before the introduction. Such an offensive may be possible if I want to deny information, the need for a new project project. In addition, the speed of sampling and the availability of such tributes make it possible to organize a rational organization of a project, to prepare and prepare a virology, to exclude duplication of information on traditional occasions. Moreover, at times equipped with virology verstats with a numerical program control (CNC) it is possible to ask for the most interesting project design information. The water hour is followed by the memory, the project is creative and intellectual, the formalized learning of the yak is impotent. Naybilsh "impenetrable" є ears of the stage project. The nature of such labor procedures, as well as fragmentation and presentation of textual and graphical documentation, can be more formalized. Let me explain the process of developing CAD based on the fragmented folding mathematical models and algorithms, special design projects, and adequate databases. For the best class to the main components in the CAD protection, submit:

  • Mathematical - Methods, Mathematical Models, Algorithms
  • linguistic - movi project, terminology;
  • technical - ancillary calculating and organizing technics, arouse the transmission of tribute, more and more ancillary and technical acquisitions;
  • Information - basic information on magnetic noses with a description of standard design procedures and typical design solutions, complete sets of materials, materials, as well as a large number of models, as well as additional designs;
  • methodical - documents about the warehouse, the rules for the collection and maintenance of new technology projects;
  • organization - regulations, instructions, punishments, staff lists, qualified documents and documents, mean the warehouse of the project organization and their functions, sounds.

For the implementation of CAD and пхніх підсosystem systems are confused with the following systemic principles: sumsnost, єdnostі, development. So, in order to ensure CAD, it’s necessary to ensure the safety of the manual and the automated project, so that I can reach the progressive transition to the next progressive organization. The importance and unity of the system is based on the fact that all the various types of protection are protected. CAD systems can transfer sufficient resources and balance the components and components. Especially significant is the possession of personal computers for automated workstations (AWPs) for designers. I want you to be able to save the form in the memory of the EOM design model for the entire complex of information, as well as for the need for product development, and on the basis of the basic parallel design, the fragmentation of the technology. The substitution of the traditional project is automated, we’ll solve the problem of quick and quick terminology and fragmentation of new generations of new products. The CAD system will require significant material and labor expenditures, an effective regulatory security order, their availability and functionality, as well as fundamentally new capabilities for accelerated development of a new product. As a whole, you need to get more information from the government of Ukraine, as well as get more knowledge for additional organization structures and the last weekend of working with food innovations in ambitions of reengineering. The very reengineering of the transmission of the latest revision of the virological model, the industrial revolution. The clock of Adam Smyta is the industrial paradigm is small as well as baseline: rozpodil pratsі, zaoshchadzhennya on the scale, ієrarchіchny control that іshshi attributes of the economy of early development. Reengineering is a brand new pidkhid i dії, which may be for strategic meta great cob vidriv і great move a new product to a new market. The traditional schemes for the development of commodity-driven innovative products are divided into products that are recent, which is significantly related to them. Change to the fragmentation of the cutaneous new component to lie down in the middle of the readiness of the front. For example, a projection of the camera body is planned, then the shutter, and even later, the mechanism for rewinding the filler. The parallel process of projecting the quiet storage warehouse itself will take you an hour, ale zbіlshu ресурс vitrati resources at this time to complete the new. Vidoma in our own private company “Kodak” has welcomed the reengineering of photo technology through the innovative technology of the world, and I’ve infected me with the name “computer project and virology” (CAD / CAM). The replacement of the chair tables of the company’s engineers came at the expense of computers. Pratsya with the screen, wait for the productive, lower with the papermaking noses of the information, Alena won’t noticeably quickened, if the Bula is integrated into the main database for the design of the product. Shchodnya to the integrated base of Danish came the results of the robots okremikh engineers and іхhnі іndivіdualnіy napratsyuvannya napulyalis one in one. Usi problems z'yasuvuvalis and rozv'yazuvalsya collegially, that is practically practical. Absolutely innovative technology of the collective project gave us the opportunity to help the high-level virological engineers after 10 days by identifying the closest contours of a fundamentally new photo camera to proceed to the fragmentation of the tools and possessions necessary for them. At our application, information technologies have become the most respectable constructive officials, we have secured the ability to create new products in radically new ways, lower yourself. From now on, the generation of ideas is a joke of new models of organization of the very virobnitz itself (without looking at the be-tradition), as well as the great creative collectives. Regardless of the fundamental rethinking and radical change in the order of completing grocery projects, reengineering can be achieved by maximizing the effectiveness of the first-time officials of commercial, more frequent, more frequent, more frequent, more frequent, more