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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

The terminology dictionary of keys to understand those

Internal function - internal function of the object, which can be identified and realized by storage elements.

The main function is the call of the function, which is the sign of the appointment, the day and that sense of the object as a whole.

Dyysna funktsiya - call for internal function, yak is really the power of the object and the health for normative minds of the first function.

Auxiliary functions - internal functions, such as realizing basic functions.

Another row of functions is callback function, it’s not overwhelming for roboticness of the image of the first and foremost image, but I’m safe to drink it.

Functionality - the main thing is func- tionality, which allows you to come to terms with the whole and the same way that the function is less important.

Korisna funktsiya - call for internal function, as a rule to talk about the functionally necessary power of the object for the recognition of roboticness.

Nekorisna funktsiya - call for internal function, yak є zayvuyu з zbіlshu об vartіst ob'єkta, aєa є neutral neutral functions and the current authorities viroba.

The main function is the internal function, so as to ensure that the robot is in place, I need to know how to use the main function.

Potential functions - challenge, but internal function, as a rule of power, but do not stay until new minds of functional function appear.

Functional analysis - a comprehensive analysis and methodological apparatus for achieving the optimal performance and the most important functions for living with a living room.

School functions - callback internal function, yak otpribіnna і zbіlshuє vartіst ob' впkt, negatively influenced by the іnshі funktsіі іn іn іnlіng power.

Control food

1. The main criteria for economic rationality and innovation.

2. Viznachennya and voznachennya funktsionalno-vartіsnogo analysis.

3. The basic principle of this functional analysis is analysis.

4. Classification of func- tions of virobi - an object of functional-analytical analysis (FVA).

5. Zmіst robіt on the main stages of the functional-virtual analysis.

6. Corrective form of functional-analytical analysis and third-party marketing in marketing.

7. Inverse form of functional-virtual analysis.

8. Creative form of functional-analysis analysis.