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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.


9.1. The role of technical aesthetics and ergonomics in competitive competitiveness of a new product

Zrostannya vimog lived up to a harmonious renewal of the cinnamon authorities and a natural, familiar sight of the virobes with a characteristic rice development of the home market. Nine, as long as technology, a wide range of services and services in the most developed countries are approximately the same; The very same thing is straightforward science stuff є important warehouse storage, creative people, so take care of the grocery product innovation. Technical aesthetics and ergonomics to improve the special features of the “people-technics-middle” system (SLTS) by harmonious development of these components. Such a system is to have storage facilities, to interchange: people, technical interests and middle ground, in such cases people are realized. SLTS, de ludina (right, coristuvach) є one of the most functional warehouse, call ergatic system. Whether it is ergonomic and fragmented, it is necessary to analyze and forecast predicted people and transfer features of a functional ergatic system. Marketing links to reach the head of such an analysis - to identify the role of the people in connection with the newly created ergistic system. The results should be supported by formulating the outward psychophysiological characteristics of the Maybutyan, healthy ranking of ergonomic officials, and I will be able to fill in the efficiency of the system and the corpulent camp.

The technical aesthetics of social and cultural, the technical and natural problems of formulating a harmonious subject medium, which are busy with various goods, to protect the best minds of people, will be a bit of an excuse for people. From now on, the subject of technological aesthetics є vivchennya aesthetic aspects і form the middle ground of the life of people. That’s what it’s all about to become a theoretical ambush of artistic construction (design), vivchaє laws of development, the principle and method of professional creativity of an artist-designer (designer). I am interfacing with a folding product, designers have a wide range of special layouts and models, for some reason I need to know how to create a different type of warehouse, to choose the necessary color, to ensure that there are a lot of extra time. Thus, the design of the form я the goods as a matter of honor and robbing him with cinnamon, dark, beautiful. Usa design is often recognized for the comprehensive science-practical dyalnost in the form of a harmonious, aesthetically-re-created middle-house of life-giving people and the fragmentation of material culture.

The term "ergonomics" resembles the Greek words "ergos" - pracica and "nomos" - law. Ergonomics vivchaє functional mill, dyalnist people, but a group of people for the minds of ordinary virobnitsva, whip, dialing with the help of optimizing the designation of pratsi, worn goods, minds worthless. All of this applies science, which allows you to infuse material and subject matter into people, to exchange the same source for the future possessions and the free technology for safety, the lack of comfort. I see two strands of ergonomic development: the corughal and the preventive. The first thing is that it’s quick to consume modernized virobi, as well as have mastered virobi and vivedeni on the market. Another is related to the design of new products. Methodological basis of ergonomics is to become a systematic approach, so that I can concur in ergonomic terms at the same time, methodical equipment, marketing, social technology, financial technology

The main objects of the ergonomics є system are “ludina - virib - middle ground”. Prior to such be a system, at the duty of a cherish, take the fate of a human operator. For example, a large automated control system, which can equip people to be counted on that organization and technology, control systems for transport problems, systems of type "operator", systems that can transmit people. You can tell me that ergonomics vivcha є interaction between people and technology. There’s the same amount of technical error, so there are anthropological warehouses. Theoretical and practical zavdannya ergonomika rozv'yazu є in conjunction with technical aesthetics. So, the art of designing the guilt is maximally brother to respect ergonomic vimogi. Water time and ergonomics to enter from the necessary aesthetic vimog and the results of the artistic design. The reason for such an organic interconnection is the ability to reach both of the scientific directories, and the system is “lyudina - virib - middle ground”. From now on, in addition to the interplay of technical aesthetics and ergonomics, we are becoming aware of the laws of science and technology for the development of civil society, and the prospect of a new cob for catching up to speedy synthesis of technology and technology. Otherwise, they are also known in the methods and methods for obtaining an object as a whole, so there is a warehouse in the warehouse.