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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

The terminology dictionary of keys to understand those

Anthropometry (see Greek antropos - lyudina, metron - mira) is one of the main methods in anthropology, which are located at the lower parts of the people.

Variety of forms - a unique view of the design and construction of a viola, the formation of a unique design for people, and a typical type of situation in this country.

Garmonіya (od Graetz harmonia -. Phone reception, strunkіst tsіlogo, uzgodzhenіst Chastain) - spіvrozmіrnіst elementіv, skoordinovanіst FORMS virobu Chastain, uzgodzhenіst їhnіh ductility kolorovih i kompozitsіynih characteristics zagalna kompozitsіyna organіzatsіya scho zabezpechuyut dosyagnennya tsіlіsnostі virobu yak ob'єkta estetichnogo spriymannya і otsіnyuvannya.

Harmony of colors - getting colors with the best of basic characteristics: color tone, richness, shape and color of the squares, freezing in the open.

Decorative (see Latin decor - I embellish) - the power of the viroba is tied to the characteristics of the configurats form, the strength, as well as the color, textures and textures of the materials, which are necessary for the restoration of the natural and spacious medium, which I have been in.

Design is a comprehensive science-practical dyalnost with the form of a harmonious, aesthetically re-created middle-house of life-giving people and a fragmented culture of material culture; a self-contained type of artistic activity, as a result of which a project is being developed with singing aesthetic authorities.

Design marketing - designer design of virobivs, as many design specifications as possible. I look at the main official on the market.

Design marketing assessment - a type of assessment products, if design and market characteristics are considered as a complex of interdependent indicators.

Design-marketing characteristics - the power to design, which can be seen in the marketplace and in the interdependence of the current living brutes and the potential for market.

A design program is a directive address document (for all resources, holidays and terminologies) for a system project, a complex of folding possessions, and a natural organization of a viral bedding facility.

Advertising design - design for a project, hidden on the target for advertising products, form for advertising strategies.

The ergatic system is the system “ludina - technology - middleware”, in a yakіy ludina є a more functional storehouse.

Ergonomics - science, yak vivchaє dyalnost people, but a group of people for the minds of ordinary virobnitsva, whipping, dialing with the method of optimizing the name of the pricing, worn goods, brain praise.

Aesthetic value - visual identity of a surrounding subject, but of any subject medium of aesthetic manifestations of people.

Aesthetic virobu - an indicator of the merits of a product, what kind of image do I have for different types, rational form, value of composition, thoroughness of virobonic picture.

Zovnіshnіy viglyad - Visually, the virobu form is sprung. Zovnіshnіy viglyad є є One dzherel esthetically assessed virobu in the process of yogi sprynyattya.

Combinatorics is a method of form-setting that can be used on the territory of different types of spacious structures in order to achieve the necessary performance characteristics, harmoniously form a viro, which is completely divided.

Composition (in Latin lat. Compositio - I am storing, I am storing) - material and spaciousness of the solution, the process of harmonizing form, if I are to be recognized and brought to the basis of all the characteristics of the form: size, proportions, rhythm structure, texture, texture.

Komponuvannya (vid lat. Comrono - I am storing) - the process of joking for the most important part of the elements is strictly one of one.

An image (for design) is an expression of what is needed for the best people in the process of designing a designer's idea, through yak vinikaє an understanding of the artistic value of design.

The subject of design is the subject-spaciousness of the middle ground of the elemental element, which will help design.

Otsіnyuvannya design marketing - a type of otsіnyuvannya products, if її designs and those rinkovі characteristics osnazyayut a complex of interdependent indicators.

Plasticity is a characteristic of aesthetics, which signifies the beauty of mutual transitions, volume and appearance, smoothness and nullity of elements, shape, ordering of graphic and graphic elements, color, decorativeness and variety of colors.

The subject of design is the design characteristics of the design.

The rationality of the organization form - the characteristic of naturalness, as it is the sign of the world in the form and design of the products of the main head function, functional indicators, the principle of the specific features of the selection.

The middle of the life - people are interested in objects, processes, natural and technogenic officials, as well as know how to live people.

The system “ludina - technology - middle ground” is a system that can take revenge on storage, which include: ludin, technical hardship and middle ground, in such a way people are realized.

Styling - designer's fragmentation of the traditional look of the virobi, as it is not due to the winter functionality and not the technical characteristics of the operational characteristics.

Tectonicity - a characteristic of the design and the material, so as to become the material structure of the structure.

Technological aesthetics - a galaxy of scientific knowledge, such as social and cultural, technical and aesthetic problems and the formation of a harmonious substantive medium for securing the best minds of people, and that’s why I want to fix people.

Form (vid lat. Forma - form, type, way) - the space of the source for the system of material points, lines, faces, edges, tops, figures, singing ropes.

Artistic design - creating design activity , straightened out to reduce to a single system of functional and compositional sounds and complex components and environment, natural and practical features of the middle range.

Hudozhno-іnformatsіyna viraznіst - іven viyavlennya u zovnіshnіy form іnnіvіshnі days і that acknowledged virobu, vіdpovіnіst product style and modі.

The art of viraznist is the buy-in of power, as well as the giving of v_drіzniti the goods v_d bagatoch podbnih for the best form.

Reliability of composition - an indicator of brightness, which means the world of harmony in terms of consistency of such powers is large and spacious, has large scale, proportionality, tectonics, plasticity.

Control food

1. Technical aesthetics and objects of civil education.

2. The essence of the ergonomics and the society.

3. Design of goods and their role in competitiveness of goods.

4. Aesthetic vimogi to new products.

5. The rule of “golden netting”.

6. Head vimogi to a rational ergonomic design of products.